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What does PSO need......

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  • What does PSO need......

    Dear PSO,
    Maybe I,m wrong, but it seems alot of good players are leaving the school.... I realize that we all have lives outside of poker, it seems the tournament our getting smaller......
    What can we do as players and Pokerpages do to improve this site... This is the best poker site on the net, but we all have to work hard to keep it #1.....
    Players list your ideas please..... Poker ideas

    My idea...All chip in so we can have more broadcast.... Send $$ to Freddie and others to pay for the time....

    Best of cards.... CRAZYLEGS

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    we can all realize that poor play by other players is part of the game and deal with that fact and come to the realization that it really is a whole lot worst in the real word at both online sites and b&m poker rooms.

    man that's one long run on sentence.


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      What do we need? Here is my list:

      1. More interaction between the school members and the teachers. Question and answer sessions once a week, something fresh and imaginative.

      2. Give credence to the bankrolls. Why can a huge bankroll not be used to buy-in to the Big One II? Super Agressive players will win a lot of tourneys but have a very difficult time qualifying for the Big One by having a high average in a month, but they will have huge bankrolls.

      3. More emphasis on games other than NL. I haven't been able to play in a Omaha H/L satellite or limit satellite in months. I have been working on my 7-stud game feverishly, but I sure haven't been able to do it here. Very frustating. Maybe we need to have different leagues like a 7-stud league, a limit league or an Omaha league. I think it would drum up much interest.

      That is all I can think about right now.



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        You know what, I've been here since late may and I do not know what a 'Broadcast' is and what freddie or anyone has to do with it.

        What are/were the 'teams' about and how can a new person get on one if they would want to.

        Point: uh...sorry.

        I enjoy playing against new faces from week to week. I encourage my friends to join and some have.



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          The real world...

          Something just occurred to me as I read this thread. There are obviously people here who believe that the "average" player in the real world is really as weak as the average player at PSO.

          I only have one question that I would like to ask those of you who share that opinion. How can you not quit your jobs and move to the nearest legal venue?

          Other than that, I wonder how one could get a whole bunch of these folks to move to Texas 8)...I promise to supply free chips and dip...for life...heck, for a select few we will even send the limo to make sure they don't have trouble getting to the game on time... :lol: .

          Just kidding...

          Good Luck all...




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            Re: The real world...

            Originally posted by stevetel
            Something just occurred to me as I read this thread. There are obviously people here who believe that the "average" player in the real world is really as weak as the average player at PSO.

            I only have one question that I would like to ask those of you who share that opinion. How can you not quit your jobs and move to the nearest legal venue?
            I do believe the average player in the real world is as weak as the average PSO player, and I already live only 25 minutes from the Commerce Casino in L.A. But I'm not going to quit my job. Why, you ask? The player's that I'm talking about play in the $3-6, $6-12, and $9-18 games. I haven't ventured any higher but I suspect that the play would start to get much better as the limits go up. I have found that the $9-18 players are quite a bit better on average than the $3-6 players.

            So even at a win rate of 1 1/2 big bets per hour in the $9-18 game you would only average $27 per hour. How could one quit there job in L.A., make an un-guaranteed $27 an hour with huge fluctuations, sit a table filled with mostly jerks and assholes for 40 hours a week to make around $55,000 with absolutely no benefits? Not the life for me.

            However to play maybe 8 hours a week and pick up an extra couple hundred dollars of the A-holes money can be quite enjoyable.

            Speaking of the jerks, this is a topic that I have not seen much written about. But is it the experience of other players here at the school that about 70% of the players at B & M casinos are some of the most obnoxious, whining, grumpy ass people that you will ever come into contact with? I had thought about trying to play poker for a living many years ago before I had the big mortgage and the kids, but I couldn't get past the fact that I disliked the majority of my would be co-workers.

            I think this is what makes this school so enjoyable, the fact that the majority of the members here are truly nice people with good hearts.

            Done Rambling,

            Ricky Hard


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              It is my belief that there are some 100 million or so people in this world that play or have played poker. I can assure you that the average poker ability of those players is far lower than the average poker ability of the school members here.



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                I see a lot of poker players and I gotta agree with Mark here. The overall play here, in any game or tournament is at minimum as good as the majority of low to mid limit players, and a higher percentage are better players here, than the percentage in B&M games. It's my exp., at least where I play/deal that there is an average of 3 - 4 "players" in most low/mid limit games and small entry tournament tables, and the rest are average to below average. to "can you believe that?". I think there are far more recreational players who never give a thought to their "PSO detail" and play on a regular basis, relying primarily on luck and card distribution. In order to make your own "poker time" more's always more fun to win. You gain an edge over the majority of these players thru the benefit of the PSO games, and the forum discussions. Just remember, don't try to educate the world about poker, and part of that non-education, is taking the beats they put on you with the utmost restraint and decorum!




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                  what I would like to see...

                  I am a charter member here at Poker School and have seen a lot, and all in all I have really enjoyed it.

                  However, what I would like to see is more instruction on the technicals of poker. Odds, odds calculations, statistics, and the like.
                  Because I have no plans on getting to a B&M casino any time soon, ( other then maybe a quick vacation) I am not as intested in managing bankroll, my table image, or many of the other things discussed. While important for many, they are not important for all.
                  I think I need to know the basics first so when in the future when I can visit B&M casino's I can concentrate on the other stuff.

                  I think this could be accomplished in the hand analysis to some extent ( for example when giving a thought process, the writer could do a little digging and say " I knew the odds for flopping three of a kind were such and such" or " I knew the probabilty of my opponet holding a higher pair preflop with only four people left t the table were such and such". I can read a chart on all of this, but seeing it and hearing it applied to a real situation would be a boon for everyone in retaining the information. Obviously, lessons would be great too so I don't have to decide on what book and page to memorize.

                  Perhaps a tool could be developed along the line of the " quick pix" tool on hand identification. It could give situations such as " who has the best odds to win the hand pre-flop" ?
                  " what are player 3s odds of making three of a kind on the flop?" and then give four choices., etc. this would work better than just a test because only so many questions can be asked in a test. Wtih a tool like the quick pix, many situations could be developed, and even the same situations presented in different ways.

                  I would also like to see the instructor/student interacation with online seminars. This was promised in the beginning, and I hope it is still to come. I know it is impossible to everything at once. With so many students it would be hard to do. Maybe "tickets" to the seminars could be bought with bankroll, or earned through rankings, tournemant finishes, or as rewards for taking the tests, any numerous ways to invite members to join the seminars could be arranged to keep it manageble.

                  I look forward to another year in Poker School!

                  By the way, when my fourteen months are up ( I bought the early special of 14 months for the price of 12 ) will I be notified? I just want to make sure it won't be an automatic draft on my card as Mark may be dissapointed if I don't make sure the money is in there!

                  muck it


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                    there have been some very good thoughts expressed here, and none that I dislike. I think muck it has some good ideas, but the suggestion made by gojacketz concerning using bankrolls to enter major events, here at the school, is one which seem to have lots of merit.

                    I would call Mark's attention to that. not because I happen to have a few dollars in my bankroll, but because there would seem to be a need for a way to remove money from members bankroll, other than Mark's just taking them off the books. there is, more or less, a constant input of dollars from new members, refills, etc.

                    Perhaps there should be several ways in which dollars can be removed from circulation here in the school because of that constant input.

                    If any other members have ideas on this, i hope they will let them be known.



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