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Tampa Bay here I come

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  • Tampa Bay here I come

    Got on a plane today and woke up in Tampa. Yeah, it was the right plane, all right. But, there sure aint no poker here! Anyone have any suggestions of where I might find a game? Surely there is someone from PSO here.


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    :lol: lol :lol:

    Zipman, now here I am sitting in the UK and I have a suggestion (if not an answer) for you.

    I'm sure there are some home/club games taking place somewhere but failing that I do know that a sort of 4/5 hour gambling junket sets out from Johns Pass Boardwalk in St. Petersburg 2/3 times a week and that room is set aside for p[oker action.

    That's up by Madeira Beach and the 'phone number can be found in local tourist information centres.

    Hope it helps.

    Shoeless Joe
    Hope that helps


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      The Seminole Casino is located out I-4 about 15 minutes from downtown Tampa. I'm sorry I dont remember the exit but if you pick up a newspaper they should have an ad in the sports section.

      They dont spread much since Fla. law states that no pot can get over a certain size. They run these mini sats. that are normally a $30 buy in, you play X amount of hands and the person with the most chips at the end of the X amount of hands wins the entry fee's. When I was there the only live action was $0.25-$0.50 7-Card Stud.

      Also in the sports section are the cruises. I think there are 2 of them that offer poker so you might want to check into that as well.

      Tampa has a GREAT home game scene, only problem is getting into that scene. They are VERY protective of who they let into their games since the cruise ship companys are always putting pressure on the cops to bust up these games. When I lived there I just got lucky, one day on the golf course I got hooked up with a guy who was a regular in these home games, we got to talking and he invited me to play in a weekly 7-Card Stud game. So that is just kinda dumb luck to find a good game like that. I would just suggest you go to a local bar (Clearwater on the other side of the bay would be your bext shot since most of the good games are held there) and ask the bartender if he could help you out.

      *Please note it has been a few years since I lived down there so any of this info might have changed.


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        Forget about the Indian Casino, there a joke. Try the cruise, the one i used to go on on Ft. Myers had a nice 10-20 HE game.

        Tony D


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          Sorry to see this so late zipman. You need to go on the Suncruz at John's Pass leaves at 1130am and 7pm. Call ahead and get the poker room so you can reserve a seat ahead of time (a very good idea as sometimes the games fill up). It is free to ride as a poker player and they have a complimentary buffet and complimentary games while u are gambling. Take a book or newspaper because it is a 1hr 15min ride out and back that u cannot gamble during. STAY AWAY FROM THE INDIAN CASINO it is not worth your time and will only frustrate you. If you dont like the boats go to the dog track they have 25cent/50cent poker and u can bet dogs,horses etc. Even the machines at the indian casino suck. Good Luck...Wish I had read this earlier I woulda hooked up with ya for the boat trip, lemme know next time you are coming down ahead of time .


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            PS Tony D

            The fortmyers boat the Big M no longer has poker or a crap table. Not worth your time. The suncruz boat in John's Pass is best bet, The suncruz in cocoa beach is even better for poker but is on the atlantic coast. Good luck again. Anybody who wants to email me about Fla poker etc my email is I currently dont play in any home games but if anybody wants to invite me please do


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              Originally posted by Tony D

              Forget about the Indian Casino, there a joke. Try the cruise, the one i used to go on on Ft. Myers had a nice 10-20 HE game.

              Tony D
              A little information a little too late. I have to say, there was nothing, ABSOLUTELY nothing enjoyable about my trip to the local indian casino.

              Along with the horrible poker playing (and calling it that is a STRETCH) the place smelled absolutely HORRIBLE and there was trash everywhere. The guy next to me ordered a sandwich and after he was done eating it the plate sat there for two hours. Since his ashtray was completely full, he decided he would use the used sandwich plate for an ashtray! The likes of which remained on the rickety little table next to me until I left a few hours later.

              The noise was incredible. Dealers and managers yelling back and forth to one another. The dealers ( and that using the term very loosely) would yell at you if you questioned anything. I witnessed a guy who could not speak loudly get verbally assaulted by the dealer. I watched as his Straight Flush was missed by the dealer and the pot (a whopping $10) was pushed to the A high flush. He tried to get her attention and when he couldnt I raised my voice. By this time the shuffle had begun. The dealer, a mean ole biddy, fired back at him saying it was his responsibility to watch the damn cards, not hers! Then the dealer turned to me and chewed me up and down and finally told me to mind my own ****ing business.

              Well, needless to say, I didnt stay.

              This place was not a joke. It was absolutely disgusting. I will never, ever return.



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