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the funniest chat..!!!!

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  • the funniest chat..!!!!

    the following is a chat from pokerpages ring games of today

    this hapens when a pokerpages player found a problem (which i will not reveal now) and then Mark (dont know why) shows up and start one of the funniest conversations ive ever presence at this school

    you guys take 5 minutes and read it, cause this is a problem you may are not in a dream, not even in the wonderland..this is real !!!!

    have funn

    spades 8)

    Peso42: ,,
    Peso42: wow, i'm somebody else
    melachric: me too
    Fatz: nh
    Peso42: this is wierd.
    "spades": ty
    Sakura_vv: nh
    "spades": lucky
    "spades": u need chips to put me out
    "spades": not with 60 im going away
    Sakura_vv: i see
    Sakura_vv: lol
    Mark: melach
    Mark: what do you mean, you are somebody else?
    Peso42: i am somebody else too
    melachric: lol
    "spades": lol
    Mark: peso, what do you mean?
    melachric: just kidding mark
    Fatz: it was the last person in the seat
    Mark: oh thank god for that
    "spades": give up drugs guys
    Peso42: it says, "snatchman"
    Peso42: on my screen
    "spades": yup
    Mark: does it?
    Peso42: yeah
    Peso42: i'm
    "spades": thats hapens to me to mark
    Peso42: Peso42
    "spades": i report it to gavin
    Mark: peso, can you close the table and come back in. You can click join event again
    Peso42: did that
    Peso42: once
    Peso42: i'll do it again though
    Mark: no good?
    Peso42: nope
    Mark: ok
    "spades": wish my name appears as jonhy lkeast
    "spades": least
    Peso42: i'm "snatchman" again
    "spades": lol
    Peso42: what a name
    "spades": u are on a dream
    melachric: lol
    Peso42: lol
    "spades": ypur eyes are heavy
    Mark: did you see yourself over in the old seat when you sat down?
    "spades": u goign to fall asleep
    Peso42: don't think so
    Mark: is snatchman a better player than you?
    "spades": lmao
    melachric: peso whatever you do dont stare at the sun
    "spades": rofl
    Peso42: hopefully
    "spades": LOL
    "spades": only at pso
    "spades": and they dont charge you for this
    Mark: can you please do me one more favor
    Peso42: yeah
    Mark: are you in the school?
    Peso42: no
    "spades": thts it
    Mark: ok, cause I would ask you for double membership
    Peso42: hehe
    "spades": thats it
    "spades": sign up man
    "spades": on pso
    Mark: could you just try one more thing for me please
    "spades": problems over
    Peso42: whats that
    Mark: can you shut the program and open it again and then join this event and tell me if you are yourself
    Mark: again
    "spades": lol
    Mark: please
    Peso42: ok
    Mark: ty
    Peso42: let me play this monster first
    Mark: I will wait here ok
    Mark: ok
    "spades": tell me if you are yourself....!!! luv that
    Peso42: ok
    melachric: this cionverstation should be preserved its great
    Peso42: i'll come back, hopefully i'll be myself
    "spades": lol
    melachric: so many levels

    melachric: will peso wind up playing with himself tune in
    Sakura_vv: nh
    Mark: Hi Snatchman, have you seen peso anywhere?
    melachric: lol
    Peso42: I'm still a SNATCHMAN!
    Peso42: woohoo!
    Mark: peso, who are you?
    "spades": rofl
    "spades": lmao
    "spades": u on drugs peso???
    "spades": shame on you
    Peso42: "there is no peso, only snatch"
    Mark: peso, who do you say you are?
    melachric: lmao
    "spades": im johny chan
    Peso42: i "think" i'm me
    Mark: are you still showing as snatchman
    Peso42: i'm batman
    "spades": lol
    Peso42: yeah
    "spades": ~rofl
    melachric: im stu ungar
    "spades": ~lmao
    "spades": ~this is too much
    Mark: I am going to try one of these out of body experiences myself
    melachric: rofl
    Mark: hang on
    Peso42: its kinda cool
    "spades": lol
    Blue Eyes: Hello Mark
    Mark: peso, I am going to login as you
    Peso42: ok
    "spades": i have copy this entire going to post this on forum mela
    Mark: or shall I login as snatchman?
    "spades": this is tooo funny
    Mark: brb
    Peso42: log in whatever
    Peso42: you know what?
    Peso42: i like being a snatchman
    Peso42: maybe i'll be a snatchman for life
    Peso42: i guess i could have been "vaginaman"
    Peso42: that would have been awkward
    melachric: watchout peso youll get a letter
    melachric: email i mean
    Peso42: ?
    melachric: language
    Peso42: oh
    melachric: i dont care but...
    melachric: lol
    Peso42: well, i'm snatchman for christs sake
    melachric: true
    Peso42: (trying to stay in character)
    melachric: guess theres nothing wroing with being more clinical about it
    melachric: change my name to gluteus maximus man

    snatchman: anyone fancy playing bigger with pesos stack?
    Peso42: hey?
    "spades": lol
    Peso42: thats not me
    Peso42: thats him
    snatchman: you talkin to me?
    "spades": LMAO
    Peso42: don't be fooled
    Peso42: I'm me
    "spades": snatch
    melachric: who said that
    "spades": !!!
    snatchman: now then
    snatchman: who am I?
    "spades": im hearing stuffs
    Peso42: i keep telling myself, I'm not who i think i am
    "spades": did i stear at the sun?? cant remmeber
    snatchman: your in my seat
    Peso42: i know i'm in my seat
    "spades": lol
    Peso42: i was saving it for me
    snatchman: are you playing solid?
    snatchman: I have a reputation to think about
    "spades": hey sant
    "spades": why u raising?
    "spades": snatch
    Peso42: i didn't raise
    "spades": yes u did snatch
    snatchman: you talkin to me or him?
    Peso42: he did
    "spades": ~who??
    "spades": who did?
    melachric: the things he said about you
    "spades": u got a deuce snatch??? me neither
    snatchman: peso, my name seems to be stuck in your client
    Peso42: i didn't fold
    "spades": rofl
    Peso42: i figured you on 2 diamonds
    "spades": quit drugs man
    Peso42: no way
    melachric: get your name out of his client fo gods sake
    snatchman: we may be talking copyright issues here you know
    Peso42: i feel like the fugitive here
    snatchman: I mean, how would you like me to be you?
    Peso42: that'd be nice
    snatchman: do you have a real job?
    Peso42: college
    snatchman: ok, let's swap
    Peso42: after the hand
    Peso42: i will
    snatchman: no, actually I prefer your name
    Peso42: me too
    snatchman: can you sit out for a few hands so that I can log in as you
    snatchman: I will bump you off when I log in as you and I dont want you to lose a pot
    Peso42: ok
    snatchman: ok, wait there
    Peso42: ok
    Peso42: I am peso
    Peso42: I look like peso
    Peso42: my nameplate says peso
    lisamarie82: which is you talkin?>
    Peso42: but I am Mark
    lisamarie82: ok
    roo: i am peso
    Blue Eyes: that happens a lot when u take the seat of someone that just lelft
    Blue Eyes: shows their name to u but to us shows your real name
    Mark: Blue eyes
    roo: ok
    Blue Eyes: yes?
    Blue Eyes: how r u Mark
    Mark: how do you correct it?
    Mark: a bit confused right now
    Blue Eyes: don't know about that
    Mark: do you just play when someone elses name is on your nameplate?
    Blue Eyes: I guess your software needs to totally delete them when they leave n=table
    Blue Eyes: table
    Mark: yes there is obviously a problem of some sort
    Mark: but it was entertaining though
    Blue Eyes: yes

    Mark: I need peso to help me here
    lisamarie82: think hes froze in here
    Mark: when he comes back, I need to have him quit and close program and wait for at least one full hand
    Mark: before coming back into software
    lisamarie82: hes on messenger
    lisamarie82: hang on
    Mark: ok
    Mark: I need him to quit
    Mark: and not just leave table
    Mark: I can do it if he cannot
    lisamarie82: k
    lisamarie82: hes doin that
    Mark: ok, but he has to come in and quit first
    lisamarie82: lol
    lisamarie82: i confused him
    lisamarie82: hang on
    Peso42: i'm me!
    Mark: hi
    lisamarie82: woohoo!
    Mark: now
    Peso42: yeah
    Mark: you need to do the following
    Peso42: i'm me again
    Peso42: ok
    Mark: are you?
    Peso42: yeah
    Peso42: Peso42 <-----
    Mark: what Snatch?
    Peso42: call me any pet names you like, but I'm Peso42
    lisamarie82: nerd!
    lisamarie82: hehe
    Mark: ok, I will have that looked at and have snatch surgically removed from your client
    Peso42: ok
    Peso42: that would be nice
    Mark: I will have to find out what causes that
    Mark: if any of you can reproduce it please let me know by email
    Mark: like tell me exactly what you have to do to make it happen then we can fix it
    Peso42: i'll let you know if i'm snatch again
    Mark: ok thanks
    Mark: I am on list now so I will see if it is when I get the open seat after a full table
    Mark: and someone leaves
    Mark: now, can you all look at your names and make sure you are actually who you think you are?
    gomarciago: Im ok
    Blue Eyes: I am me
    Mark: thanks john, and thanks barry
    Sakura_vv: nh
    lisamarie82: thanks
    JMAN: not me
    Mark: I am me
    Peso42: you are you, mark

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    Thanks for the laugh spades!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:


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        That is pretty funny, even though I know it means more work for me and Gavin come Monday...8O


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          :lol: Certainly glad everyone is who they are at this point. Family members could become quite concerned about not knowing the person who they know is not known as the person they know.

          Needed a good laugh. Great post. Ain't life grand.



          • #6
            Never judge another until you have had an opportunity to walk a mile in his moccasins....

            So, Peso:

            Just how did it feel to be a "SNATCHMAN" ???



            • #7
              lmao zip...

              ps.. i believe peso42 cant hear not a pso member, but for sure is a funny guy


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                too too funny

                Randy (I least my wife tells me I am)


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                  Originally posted by rggator
                  too too funny

                  Randy (I least my wife tells me I am)

                  When she begins calling you by another name, you may be in trouble.



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                      Very, Very Funny :
                      lol: :lol: :lol: Thanks, Spades



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