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  • "Nuts"

    "Nuts?" What do you think? Double and triple entendre intended LOL

    Thought I would share this heads up challenge from RGP. How many of our heads-up experts would play 24 or 25 for these stakes? 8O 8O

    Here I agree with you Mike. That is why I offered to PLAY for MY LIFE earlier,
    while Doyle has to only put up his Ball's and $1,000,000. This would put an end
    to me and at Doyle's age, those little things aren't doing him much good. When
    I won this match, I would donate Doyle's ball to the Hall of Shame. I would
    kill myself on TV so I would forfeit all video and audio rights if I happened
    to lose

    While Doyle wants to put an end to me, I want to do the same to him. I would
    love for people to see his 'balls' in the Hall of Shame

    Russ Georgiev

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    The downward spiral of RGP continues. It seems that Russ/GCA got what he wanted.


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      No doubt....
      that was the MAIN reason I stopped reading/posting on RGP. What a waste of what could be a great source for poker news.

      Give me the PSO forum ANYDAY!!!


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        SIGN ME UP!


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          and soup


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            Wow, where are the P.C. police? I guess if a female makes a post like this it's okay - I'm sure I would have been flamed and ridiculed till the end of time... even if I was quoting .

            Women speaking their mind: sexy

            Men speaking their mind: a$$holes

            :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


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              Women speaking their mind: sexy

              Men speaking their mind: a$$holes

              Irritating minpin: priceless :lol: