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Blinds/Antes and Going Beserk

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  • Blinds/Antes and Going Beserk

    Are the blind/ante structures here at PSO representative of tournaments in the real world? I guess this should be two part. It is my understanding that there is a big difference between major tournaments, local tournaments, and grand slam tournaments (like WSOP) which have up to 5 day events. It seems like longer tournaments would be easier to win. So, how does the PSO structure compare to these different type of events:

    1) Local tournaments
    2) Major tournaments
    3) Grand slam tournaments (3-5 day events)

    It seems to me that there is just too much dead money in the pot towards the end of the tournament. Also, it seems like the first hour or so of PSO tournaments are only there for purposes of building your stack (something I seem to have become successful at as of late).

    It seems a shame to play an entire tournament only to have it come down to being forced all-in on coin flips (going beserk). The huge amount of dead money as the field narrows as well as the huge blinds make it difficult to play medium stacks. I have averaged a stack of 25K in the past several tournaments when "beserk time" comes but I have had great difficulty in knowing what to do with that stack.

    It seems that a short stack is much easier to play since you know that you've got to make a strong move all-in while you still have something.

    A large stack is also easy to play, as you can sit back and wait for opportunity to present itself. If you have a 50K plus stack, you can wait it out until the final table even if you are card dead. Of course, numerous opportunities are likely to present themselves because of the desparate moves of others.

    The real questions come at that mid level. It seems quite a shame to play a solid tournament (albeit one where you got neither remarkably lucky nor remarkably unlucky) only to have it come down to some coin flip.

    I have found that my medium stack play has been lacking and, since that is what I usually have (probably around 70% of the time), I seem to end up with a slew of Top 20 finishes that, while respectable, are quite far short of my goal of winning the tournament.

    If I win a coin flip or get a power hand, I usually end up at the final table, but minpin's PSO Detail has pointed out that my final table distribution is terrible. It also pointed out that I was not making the final table as much as I should have, but I feel that this will increase due to the improvement that I have seen in my play if I can continue to improve on mid stack play.

    Long post....respond to whatever portions of the post you would like.

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    actually, i feel the pso tourneys are a good representation of real life tournaments...with the exception of the 10k starting chip events. at the formation of the final table of a weekly tournament at foxwoods with 102 entries, i was (barely) the chip leader with 18k and the blinds were 1000/500 and going up to 2000/1000 in 10 minutes! it's a crap shoot until it gets down to the final two or three players and it's even worse than what i've see here online. that's tournament poker and if it was any different, the tournaments would last for days (grand slams). high buy-in events are the only tourneys where the blinds won't all of a sudden creep up on you b/c they last for several days.

    there are huge differences between daily, major and grand slam tourneys. the closest simulation of a major or grand slam tourney i've seen online is pso's round 2 or big one events with the 20 min levels, but it would be asking too much to hold any online tournament over a course of a few days.

    i'd like to see pso be more representative of semi-major tourneys (the lower buy-in events leading up to the major ones) by having the starting chip counts at T1000, T1500 or T2000 with 20 minute levels. the pso buy-in for that event could be $100 or $200. hey, that's actually a pretty good idea and worth a try (pso staff?). maybe they should replace all or most of the 10k starting chip tourneys except for the round 2's with these sort of tournaments.



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      i like your idea jcastle. i would love to play a 1k or 2k sarting chip tourny, with 20 minute rounds. would definitely be more realistic to semi major tournies....

      jmuzzey lsogc


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        You mean there aren't NLHE freerolls with T$10,000 starting chips everywhere :?:



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