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Help - Questions about WSOP

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  • Help - Questions about WSOP

    Good Morning all,

    I have a few (actually a lot) of questions for all those tournament poker players out there. If you could help me out to understand I would be most appreciative. Thank you in advance.

    Firstly I see that they have announced the dates for the 2003 WSOP… first question is … is Binions a stable environment now…meaning have they worked out their problems?

    Second Question, I understand the Super Satellites are a $225 buy in with an additional $200 re-buy in the 1st hour (right?), How many players on average are in a super sat. and how does the payouts work?

    What is the structure of the Super Sat.? (this is so I can program my Turbo Tourney Program) :wink: .

    Can a person that wins a super sat. use some of that winnings to buy into a lower limit tourney say the $2,000 NL tourney or is the winnings strictly for the $10,000 (Big One) tourney?

    How exactly does a chop work when you’re the last two of the super sat.? From what I saw last year, you negotiate between each other with a number of special chips and cash, is this right or am I out to lunch ops: ?

    Do they have single table Sat.? And how much is the buy-in for that? And are there re-buys? And what is the Structure of the Sat? Do they only pay out the top two?

    Finally a question for Mark…Is it possible to have these kinds of situations or tourneys playable on PSO? Or the tourney structures for Orleans and the Mirage tourneys? This would be great for the few of us that only get down to Vegas once a year. I need the practice…lol. :wink:

    I am planning on going down there to watch and maybe play in a super sat. If anyone could help me out with questions I would have a better grasp of what is happening.



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    Hi BC I'll try to answer at least some of your questions.

    1- I'm not sure about the stability of Binion's. I was there this year at WSOP and it seemed to run smoothly.

    2-Yes it's $225 but there are UNLIMITED rebuys in the first hour. I played in some the first week that they were offered and they went for 1 and 1/2 hours with rebuys to boost up the $$$$. There were less players and less 'sharks' the first week of Super Sats because the WOSP tournaments hadn't started yet. The closer you get to the main event the larger the field. (I think there were only 35-45 the first week I played and well over 100 in the final days before the big one.) They pay as many seats as possible a $10,000 entry into the Big One and then what's left over goes to the top few players. When I played the 1st entry you won, you had to play in the Big One. If you won additional entries, you could play different tournaments etc. As far as a chop goes, I only made one final table in the Supers and the tournament director said no deals. I don't know if it was just for that super sat or all super sats.

    3- They do have single table sats. The only ones that I'm familiar with were the ones I could afford. They had one for $120 or $125 and if you won you played in another single table against 9 other winners. The winner of that won an entry into the WOSP. With that one you HAD to play in the big one. You couldn't split the money up into smaller tournaments. They also had single tables for the smaller tournaments. ($220.00 single and the winner gets an entry into a $2000.00 tourney.)

    I don't remember the exact structure for the supers but I do recall that blinds and antes increased quite quickly. You also didn't start with too many chips. Not much time to sit and wait for cards. I seem to remember somthing on the Binions Web site about structure of the supers, you might try looking there.


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      Great questions BC.....I have had those too, for general and future knowledge.

      PokerGoddess....are you there....can you answer any of these?

      look forward to the answers.


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        I am at the Horseshoe Casino, in Tunica, Ms. which has no connection to the Horseshoe in Vegas, other than Jack sold his interest in it to his sister Becky, so I really don't have any information on the WSOP. I"m sure as the event gets closer, there will be lots of info available.
        Sorry I can't be of any help on this one!!




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