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Online Ring games..sitting out

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  • Online Ring games..sitting out

    Question on poker etiquette here.

    This is concerning online ring games, but could be applied to Live games as well.

    Scenario........I sit down at a full table (9 players) a short time game becomes shorthanded...5 players including me. I currently dont have the bankroll to play shorthanded effectivly, nor is my game strong enough to play it well, I want the fish to build my bankroll, not just play pass the chips, so I sit out. leaving 4 players, and wait until table fills up again.

    The question is, is it wrong to sit out for a time period until the table fits my game. Or should I just leave if it does not fit my game anymore?? I am not taking a seat up, since there are others open at the time.

    Nothing is ever said to me about this, but want to make sure I am not breaking and unsaid rule here.

    Appreciate the advice........Ru

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    Remember, it's ALWAYS your choice of game selection. Although some of the players may hassle you about sitting out, making the game yet more short handed, don't be intimidated into playing when you're not comfortable. This happens frequently in "must move" games, as the list is depleted and the players are moved into the main game. There is no rule that you must play short handed. In our casino, if it gets to 5 players or less in a must move games, you can quit the game and still retain your spot on the "move" list, so that you are not "punished" for refusing short handed play.
    Hope this helps.



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      Thank you PG....this helps alot. Was hoping you would offer your advice on this.

      This is what I thought too....its my money and my decision.

      Thanks Ru


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        Sitting Out - No Problem

        In one card room I regularly play in, it takes 6 active players in any hand to qualify for a jackpot. Since they seed the Hold'em jackpot at $40,000 - with a small jackpot at a fixed $5,000, it's worth playing for.

        So - whenever a table drops to 5 left, almost EVERYONE [ceratinly I do] sits out until at least one of the walkers returns.

        Imagine how terrible it would be to hiw a jackpot hand and get NOTHING because there were only 5!!

        Sit out whenever you want!! And if the table gets too short-handed for your game or tastes or comfort level, leave it!

        It's your money. ONLY you can decide when it's correct to put it into play - and when it's correct to pull it out of play! Don't let any other player try to buffalo you into playing uncomfortably. That's a sure way to lose!!



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