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  • new club

    ok, here's a new club started by me!! only so i could be president.

    we only have one rule though and an oath:


    To apply, please subit your request below,

    to apply, you must play JJ consistantly and never win with it.

    nominees for positions also accepted.

    I nominate Pokergoddess vice president (I know you hate these cards also)

  • #2
    Send all your surplus JJ hands over this way. Please.


    • #3
      sorry i just went all in preflop from button with JJ and 7 limpers before me 1 caller with A6s and i won so i cannot join your club


      • #4
        to make matter worse a few hands later early limper MP raiser me on his left find JJ go all in for 27k+ MP calls with AK and i win the coin flip so that rules me right out the club

        good job as i love JJ


        • #5
          I will proudly accept the nomination, and if elected promise to never play JJ again!! (or maybe I will...but not proudly). You and I have been beaten to death recently with JJ....matters not whether we limp, raise, scream, flop a set, make a full house...we just end up the big loser. This is followed closely by TT, but that may have to be an auxillary club, as that's a whole new set of probems. I cringe when I see JJ in the pocket.



          • #6
            I feel your pain, but, I play any pocket pair from the Snowmen upwards, seems to work for me



            • #7
              Originally posted by Clay Knight
              I feel your pain, but, I play any pocket pair from the Snowmen upwards, seems to work for me
              Why stop with snowmen? If you can see the flop cheap with duckies try to flop a set.


              • #8
                lololol duckies, I love that
                and squeezies, I play them too.
                Yes I agree Joe, early on, any pp and I'll go for trips.
                But raising to have one opponent v your pp, knowing 2/3 times they'll miss and you'll be fun



                • #9
                  What The Heck???

                  "Duckies" I understand. And even "hooks".

                  But what the heck are "squeezies" and "snowmen"?


                  • #10
                    Silly Me

                    "snowmen" have to be 8s. Ne c'est pas?

                    Still stumped by "squeezies."

                    And are there cute names for the entire set of pairs?

                    2 2: ducks
                    3 3: treys - anything else??

                    8 8: snowmen - I'm guessing

                    J J: hooks
                    Q Q: can't say. Tina's watching.


                    • #11
                      "I got a pair of squeezies down 'n dirty"

                      squeezies=small pair
                      down 'n dirty=in the hole/pocket/hidden card/s

                      King,nine=the salt mine
                      ace,king=the big slick (but you all knew that)
                      seven,two=the beer hand
                      eight,three=the 'pokermats' hand (sorry Mat)

                      That'll do for now



                      • #12
                        K-9 is also the "dog"
                        Q6 is the griz (have no clue on why, thats what its called at the local card club)



                        • #13
                          Q3 = gay waiter

                          Q7 = IBM

                          2/3o = Ms. Slick

                          6/3o = Jimmy Sommerfield (Horseshoe Tournament Director)

                          6/9 = dinner for two, love connection

                          2/2 = water chickens

                          5/5 = presto

                          and I'll probably think of some more...


                          • #14
                            ME FOR SURE!!!!

                            Pokergoddess has already scolded and punished me when I so stupidly went all-in with JJ and losing to a str8 putting me out on the bubble in the WPO rd 1!!! BAD SANEIGY :x Pokergoddess yelled fiercely, I want to see you in my office right away she screamed!!! :twisted: :evil: I won't tell you the gory details of what happened next, I will leave that to your imagination!! :idea:

                            So you see I am at one with this club... :!:

                            SANEIGY :arrow: 'DO YOU EVER WONDER?'


                            • #15
                              hey pokergoddess here's some more (some may be repeats or ones you have heard)

                              AK47= machine gun

                              AQ =little slick, doyle brunson, big chick

                              AT= johnny moss

                              A2= hunting season

                              kkkk= 4 horseman

                              KKK= 3 WISEMAN, ALABAMA NIGHT RIDERS

                              KK = KING KONG, COWBOYS

                              KbAd= MIKE HEAVEN

                              KdQd= ROYAL COUPLE

                              KJ= KOJAK, KING JOHN, TUCSON MONSTER

                              QQ= LADIES, JAILHOUSE ROCK, SIGFRED & ROY

                              K9= SAW MILL, A PAIR OF DOGS

                              Qs5s= GRANNIE MAE

                              JK= HARRY POTTER, PEOPLE WHO NEED PEOPLE

                              JQ= OEDIPUS

                              Q3= GAYWAITER, SAN FRANCISCO BUSBOY

                              J5= MOTOWN

                              J4= FLATTIRE

                              TTT= 30 MILE OF BAD ROAD

                              T4= OVER AND OUT

                              98= OLDSMOBLE

                              76= UNION OIL

                              83= SVEN

                              9H5H= DOLLY PARTON

                              72= BEER HAND

                              69= DINNER FOR 2, BIG LICK

                              3A= BASKIN ROBBINS

                              38= RAQUEL WELCH



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