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he was smart

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  • he was smart

    but I don't recall his name...something like: Confusous. I can't spell very good either. anyway, one thing he said was "man who fails to toot own horn may miss sound of beautifull music".

    so forgive me while I toot my own horn

    last week may have been my best, as far as ratings go, 78.99. Sorry to say that my cumulative is still under 60 (a bit). If I could just wipe out the records of my first four or five hundred, it would be better. I have done much better for the last four or five hundred.So
    far I have played ninehandred and ninety tournaments and sats.

    Of course, part of my problem is that I play for the money more than for the ranking. Guess I'm like Donald Trump---show me the cash.
    Wonder what his ranking is?

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    Congrats on a fine week Jellow


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      Well, according to te ppt rating, you are certainly a winning player in tournaments regardless of your cumulative rank. Well done.


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        Regardless of your cumulative, I respect your game. Just thought I'd let you know that.

        thehazyone who tries not to play ABC (but most I would assume think I do)


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          shoot, i thought this post was about me


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            Originally posted by aha12877
            shoot, i thought this post was about me
            I just have to say this ....
            It goes :
            "If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all"

            Cheers. That's been driving me mad. :wink: 8O


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              Try it this way:

              "If it wasn't for bad luck I "would" have no luck at all.



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                Ok, boys, if you insist on using the line, at least show a little dignity and say it correctly. Here is a little lesson in "Redneck".

                "If it T'werent fer bad luck, Id have no luck atall (one word)....Gloom, despair and agony on me."

                second line:

                "I searched the werld over and thawght Id found true love...You met another and "pthhhhh", (sound you make while sticking your toungue out) You were gawn....."

                Credits to the Early '70s country music show, "Hee Haw".

                By the way, I think I qualify for the club.



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                  OK, glenn (you would have to be an english teacher) I changed it. I like sgt's way better though, it sounds right.

                  No wonder this post wasn't about me.


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                    Originally posted by aha12877
                    OK, glenn (you would have to be an english teacher) I changed it
                    :lol: nah, a blues fan. I took it as the line from "Born under a bad sign". Cream did a good version of that...


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                      12 years ago when i was 12 or 13 the simpson put out an album and one of the songs was homer simpson singing "born under a bad sign" that's were i heard it



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