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let me have it!

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  • let me have it!

    hi guys and gals, i think i'm a little crazy for this post but here it goes,
    anyone who has played against me, i would like your thoughts on my play and my allaround game. i may be opening myself up for a few laughs but i am here to learn and i take this very seriously, i print every lesson, burn every cd and constantly study but i am still at the 61% mark and it is getting old, i want to improve my game, so if anyone of u would like to post your thoughts on any of my play it would be GREATLY appreciated.

    like i said i am here to learn, this is not a give me sympathy post, i would like strong honest replies from anyone who can help me improve my game. hope to hear from u. thanks a ton jokerAA

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    My Analysis


    Being as you are one of the people I truly enjoy at the table, and have requested the feedback, here's mine:

    The first step I've taken is to use Minpins' PSO Detail report. I have some thoughts on your game, but wanted to look at data first.

    First, I notice that your % is 72.69 in Limit, and 63.02 in NLHE. The # of other games (PLO8, etc.) you've played are small, but the percentages are low. The next thing I see that stands out is that you make the final table in the Limit tourneys you've played in over 1/2 the time! This is tremendous! You make the final table in NLHE about 30%, still quite good.

    Second, I contrast and compare your overall results with Aprylshowers, Geezer, Crazylegs, and myself. Apryl for the obvious reason that she is one of the best (if not the best) players at PSO, based on results and shared knowledge of the game; Geezer because of his "rock" solid tight play; Crazylegs because he is someone who takes risks and plays to win; and myself strictly for comparison purposes because I think I know my game.
    What stands out from this comparison is that you make the final table more then any of us four (although your tourney size is much smaller). But, you have a much lower win % overall and win% at final table. And your 'heads-up' win % is only 27.27%. Additionally, you've logged only about 312 hrs playing at PSO. Is your issue with your % one of "expectation vs necessarily learning experience"

    What I (IMHO) draw from this data, is that perhaps your game strategy is based upon a Limit strategy. Which is what my initial thoughts were before looking at the data. Perhaps you are playing incorrectly aggressively (too little? too much?) in the later stages of tournament play, and are either getting to the final table with too little chips or are playing too aggresively and getting hit for big loses. This the data does not show. Are you "changing gears" in the stages of the tournament?

    What I would suggest is to self realize when you are in your next several tourneys. Be truthful with yourself about, and write down, the hands that you play/don't play in the later stages. Take a look at those situations and see what those losses and wins on those hands amount to, in terms of were you too cautious, too wild, etc.


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      hey bruno, first i want to thank u for your comment about enjoying my co. at the tables as u are one of my favorite players to watch and play against, and 2nd thank you very much for your input and taking the time to do so.

      with reply to your assumptions on my game i think it will help a lot because no i don't step it up late in a tourney, i play the same and for the most part way to tight and conservetive which i think is where i lose a good % of my stack.

      2nd my strategy has always been simply to make the final table to get in the money and play from there which i see is a big mistake because i do go in short stacked or try to take out a smaller stack right from the start not knowing the player and i have been caught playing over agg. as u said at the wrong time.

      3rd i will be using the pso detail all the time now to see where i stand and where i make my mistakes, and to answer your question about % vs learning, i am here to learn all i can and to take advantage to the great teachers mark brings in and i know i'm learning a lot but i also know i have a long way to go, as for my % for some reason besides trying to win a league it has become very important to me and i don't know why( maybe the e2c or just to earn the respect of the better players here or just to be considered a threat when i'm at the table, not sure. but i do have a lot to work on and if they ever start a program here like the mentor program or if u would be interested in helping through mail or pm's it would be greatly appreciated.

      thanks again for taking the time to help bruno, jokerAA


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        PSO Detail Report

        Where is the PSO Detail report located? I can't find it.


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