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What is the latest on PSO/WPO?

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  • What is the latest on PSO/WPO?

    Ok, it is the 21st of Oct. Is there a final "yes" on the dates, and schedule for the PSO get together? I hate to beat a dead horse, but I do know people are waiting to get airplane tickets.

    Sorry for being impatient...just starting to worry we are gonna lose people's interest if something isn't firmed up...

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi NewJane,

    I think you're gonna find that a lot of people have had to bite the bullet and make their own arrangments.

    I've taken the view that most(?) people are expecting something to happen across the weekend of the 10th, 11th, 12th January 2003, so Katherine and I are flying in on the 7th and we're booked into the Goldstrike from the 7th through to the 13th. (It just got to the point where we felt that if we didn't do that we might miss out on, rooms and/or flights).

    The other deciding factor was of course, that because we know a number of PSO members are going to be there anyway, we would still be able to have a real good time!

    For what it's worth, why don't you take a flyer and book up for that weekend, I reckon there will be enough for at least one table...

    Shoeless Joe

    "Now And Then There's A Fool Such As I"


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      The last time i spoke to Bill Hicks he was going to speak to the gaming board in Tunica, or whoever covers the decisions for that area.
      I will telephone him today and will let you all know what the response is, I sent 3 emails last week and heard nothing.
      Like all of you i will have much to arrange once the dates have been confirmed, so i am eager to hear back from them too.
      This has been going on for 3 months now, backwards and forwards, and i would like to see definate dates pencilled in and the arrangements being made.



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        I had to re-read your post, as it was almost verbatim what I said to Tina in my email to her today...even the "dead horse" part. I have asked her to update the forum, as we were told there would be a "definate" decision this past week.
        There are going to be a large number of people here over the 9th -11 of Jan from PSO, and we WILL have something as a group. Not sure what it is yet...but we will have something.
        My son, Win4Win, and ShoelessJoe are also planning a golf "tournament" of some kind...some sort of lil benefit deal for DJExpress (I don't have all the details..maybe one of them can update that info).
        I will be posting this week on some info about ground transportation from the Memphis Itnl. Airport. If you'd like to book a room at the Gold Strike/ Teresa Sommerfield in the poker room office at the Horseshoe Casino. The number is 1-800-558-2387. Please mention "PSO group" as I want this to have as big an impact in numbers as possible, which may get us some lil extras while you are all here. At least that's my goal.
        Hope this is helpfull...feel free to ask any questions, PM or email me..



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          I can't understand what all this has to do with gaming. Yes, you must submit the any tournament info to Ms. Gaming and have it approved, but it's NOT that big of a deal. I have seen lots of tournaments held here that are conceived, planned submitted, approved and held in 30 days time. This has been, as you said, over 3 mos. Gaming has NOTHING to do, that I'm aware of, of any other part of what we might be wanting to do. I really don't see why gaming would have a problem with any date for an event. Their main concern is knowing it's going on and the structure, money, rules, etc.
          I can't help but feel, that you're getting the "run around" by Bill Hicks, who I don't happen to know, by the way, or he's the worls biggest procrastinator. I just can't fathom why getting this going is so difficult.
          Is there something we don't know? Is there something we can do?
          I'm doing the best I can do to help keep interest up, but frankly, I think we are hurting the effort with every passing day. Please let us know what's going on ASAP. I know you're not happy with this either, but somebody HAS to move this off dead center!!



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            Thanks PG, accurate as

            With regards to the golf "tournament" this is just an opportunity for those of us who hack our way round the fairways to get together for a little additional interest.


            Win4Win and I thought it would show a modicum of support for DJExpress (at what is such a distressing time for him and his family) by the simple method of asking those planning to play for an "entry fee" which can then be the PSO golfers contribution to the DJExpress fund (remember that?). Over the years I have picked up a number of really valuable prizes(?!!) that I'm going to donate to the cause.

            Win4Win is collecting handicaps and nearer to the time when he has a more definite number, has offered to book some tee times at a local course. The proposed competition will be a team event with a reasonable distribution of handicaps to give everyone a chance. The final format is yet to be decided but I for one am happy to leave that in Win4Win's capable hands.

            This is not in any way meant to be serious a or even too competitive event (indeed under the competition's rules, which are secret and only known to Win4Win). In fact, anyone seen to be trying to hard will undoubtedly be penalised!

            We're hoping to get some candid camera shots during the day and it's more than likely that a review of the various "performances" will have a strong impact on the distribution of prizes.

            Hope this helps,

            Shoeless Joe/Win4Win



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