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minpin what gives

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  • minpin what gives

    Let me start this off by saying Minpin I personally feel that many people have given mucho time, money, and effort to the development of this site. And im not speaking of paid employees. They are doing their job. I could go down the list but everyone here knows who has given wether it is a post on knowledge or taking up 6 months of there life to run a tournament. If u think about it we are given many different things by the pso staff to learn, teachers, quickpic, lessons, test, tournaments. But in learning here at pso the psocalc (adbjester i wonder how many people know who built that) was good for those of us that are and were concerned about %. Im not gonna go down the list Im just going to say that YOU MINPIN have given the #1 tool and gift to us that are here to learn. It tells u everything u need to know about your gamel.

    In life many times the people that get the team down to score has someone that does a little extra. You have given us somthing to help each of us score if we dont use it that's our fault ,,,,,,,,, enuff of that I want u to know that u have gone WAYYYYYYYYYYYy above and beyound. I dont know if u pisssssssssed or just decide to say screw it if so im very sorry, I for one check ur detail daily and it hasent been touched since the 15th of october. I know u got a little twisted up. Im sorry for that it happens to all of us and i think u know that.

    I guess what im trying to say is I appreciate u more than u know, u have given of ur life and time for us. If ur done i understand but i hope not


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    I've said it before (multiple times)-- Minpin roolz! PSO detail is equivalent to having the steel wheel in PL omaha 8/b and seeing 4 players go allin before the action gets to you!


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      minpin, i have been wondering the same as of late. you have seem to disappear on us all, and that would not be a good thing at all. the pso detail that you have given us all is AWESOME!!!!!!!! i hope all is well with you, and i hope that you return soon. hope to see you at the tables, and back in the forum!!!!!!

      jmuzzey lsogc


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        I now feel i have to publically say this as for some reason you choose not to communicate with me.
        I have emailed you personally, posted on the forum and sent you a private message, but still no response.

        Mark and i are extremely grateful to you for creating the tool you have for the members to view their stats. It has been suggested to me that if you had access to our school members database then the tool could be made available to all of the members to utilize automatically. For obvious reasons i cannot give you access to the school database, and have therefore suggested to you in email that Mark and I would like to compensate you for your tool, and if you would be in agreement to pass it over to us, we could maximise its potential for the members.

        I would really like to hear from you on this matter



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          I agree!! I hope Chris has rethought, or rethinks his decision to leave PSO. We may disagree, but I would never dispute his contribution and effort to this place, in many ways.



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            For obvious reasons i cannot give you access to the school database...

            The "reasons" are not at all "obvious" and in fact IMO this is a slur on minpin's character. It would be a simple matter to engage him with a "non-disclosure" agreement and assure that whatever from the output he produces gets published would satisfy everyone's concerns about "privacy". After all, there are several people at PSO who have said access and in a year they've done essentially nothing with this hugely valuable resource, to which we have all contributed a great deal of time/effort.

            I am not a very good poker player, but I am a reasonably astute student of the game and that this opportunity is being missed gives me great pause. I don't know if my scholarship extends beyond this month (which would preclude my participation in "Big One II"!) but I definitely will not pay for any further use of the site.

            The experience has been unparalleled insofar as the community stuff is concerned and this forum is truly outstanding. You (we) have solved the problem of making play money competition be very close to that found in real money situations. The "school" part is probably excellent for beginners but just printing the usual 'how-to" articles isn't nearly enough to constitute an actual "school".

            I fully understand Chris' point and think you've missed a truly golden opportunity. That such things as this forum and PSO Detail bear his signature so clearly is sure proof that his influence is second only to your and Mark's should give you pause as to denying him access to the database when what he could do with it transcends the entire undertaking.

            He had a thread claiming selfishness but he's unable to effectively deny the selflessness of what has been a huge undertaking.

            This has been a remarkable and unexpected experience to have in such a late part of my life and I want to thank you and Mark, but most especially my (too many to name) fellow participants. It has made my "real life" much more effective and pleasant.


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              I'll try to address these issues one at a time. I've discovered in the past few weeks that I'm not a very effective communicator and that might explain a lot .


              I have not abandoned the PSO Detail. In fact, I spent around 6 hours this past weekend completely rewriting the import software. It was taking around 8 hours to import all of the PSO information and that was unacceptable. This caused several major problems:

              1) In 8 hours it was likely that my Internet connection would at least have a minor "blip" which would screw up the importing.
              2) Since I'm forced to import from both the cumulative table and br table, inconsistent results were expected. Let's say you started a tournament at 8:00. I begin the import at 8:30. When I grab the cumulative results, the tournament you're playing in isn't included, but by the time I get to the br table (two hours later) you have finished the tournament and it is included.
              3) The application is fairly processor and memory intensive (takes about 90MB of RAM to load all of the results) - my machine can't be used for much else during the import.

              So, I played around with some stuff, rewrote some stuff and now the import takes about three and a half hours. Not the best, but much better than it was.

              I just looked up your detail Freddie, and indeed it does say that your last result was October 15th. I ran the update last night and am in the middle of an update right now... obviously I screwed something up when I wrote my optimizations over the weekend - it's not getting your latest results. I will definitely look at that tonight and find out why that's happening.

              jmuzzey (and others who've asked):

              I'm working full time and going to school full time. When I left school five years ago to start my company I had three semesters left. Since I sold my company I'm now able to finish up my degree. What little free time I have lately has basically been dedicated to writing the PSO Detail . Recent events in my poker playing at PSO have also forced me to take a hard look at myself and my reasons for playing, and caused me to come to some unsettling conclusions about the amount of time I spend (or spent) at PSO.

              I know you posted in the forum in the past asking me to email you, and said you sent a private message. I never got a private message from you - that same day I got private messages from others but nothing from you. I also know you have my email address and can email me any time you'd like .

              The PSO Detail is something I (and others) have been asking for since February. At first it was just a simple thing but has grown into a monster of a project. In the past I have asked for help from PSO in organizing such a monster and have been met with much resistance. Even recently Kevin (of PSO) said he thought ALL members of PSO should be in the detail. I told him to send me a list of all members and their PSO ids. He got back to me saying that Mark "doesn't want to give that information out". That information is public already! So, instead of waiting around for PSO to help me out, I spent another several hours and wrote my own import routine. In case you hadn't noticed (judging by your post you haven't), all active members from PSO are in the detail (at least, all members from the cumulative table).

              I had also requested that the game type be listed in the BR table - something many others have also requested. This is for a few reasons:
              1) It would cut my import routine in half because I'd only have to grab the BR detail and not the cumulative table.
              2) I would be able to break satellites down by game type
              3) Data storage would be cut in half

              Every request has basically been ignored.

              Because of the technology used in writing the PSO Detail, it's not something that can be simply moved over to the PSO server(s). I won't get into technical details, but I can tell you that it's very much different than most of what you have implemented currently (as far as I can see). I don't mind hosting it and don't mind keeping it updated. I don't advertise anything and I don't charge for it. It's just a supplement for everyone. Because I've developed it all myself, I'm able to respond to requests quickly. Many members have contributed ideas to making it better - and when a new request comes in I can usually have it done and live within a few days. I fear that moving it to PSO might cause it to be thrown on the "back burner" like so many other things are.

              Mr. L:
              I can only hope to someday look back on my life as you can - the things you've done/seen/accomplished would make a great story. I know you're modest and private about most of it, but your wisdom and knowledge about the world - and your ability to be brutally honest without being a jerk are something I can only strive towards.

              As far as playing poker at PSO - I'm definitely taking a break from it. I will be less active in the forum as I find that most of the time I'm either misunderstood or sticking my foot in my mouth. I'll continue updating and fixing the PSO Detail when I have time - please email me if you see anything wrong (like your results for the past week not showing up, hehe).


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                As a player trying to get better, I cannot thank you enough for your contributions to the school. YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS are the number one reason that I continue to play at the school -- the chance to monitor many different areas of performance and guage my performance against other players.

                Thank you, and I hope that you know how much everyone appreciates your efforts.



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                  Hola minpin!

                  It drives us all crazy from time to time.
                  Communicating on emotive subjects throught the written word is notoriously tricky.
                  A break is good.
                  Your 'real life' is infinitely more important.

                  Just don't go away, ok ?!



                  p.s. - could you just add a "%age total chips held when reaching final table" analysis? That might help me understand why my final table performance is pretty carp. Oh, you'd need the whole database for that? Shame :wink:


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                    I have not abandoned the PSO Detail. In fact, I spent around 6 hours this past weekend completely rewriting the import software.
                    Min, you go beyond the call of duty. It is very appreciated.


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                      I feel a strong need to personally say thank you for the time and effort you have extended in providing all of us PSOdetail.

                      Do what YOU deem necessary in your future,
                      thanks for what you've already done here.

                      Chuck Pepitone


                      • #12

                        You already know what I think.

                        'Nuff said.



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                          You already know what I think of you too, but ignore that and please reconsider :lol: :lol:


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                            Chris, I can't thank you enough.

                            Through your PPT analysis I see I still have quite a ways to go.



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                              Don't leave...just drop the PSO Detail in Poker Pages lap I'm sure they will continue to update it, or else... :twisted: Just come here with you're buds and set a spell, focus on playing 5 or 10 T's a month no more. If you don't make points so what. Hope to see you in January at WPO.

                              Tony D



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