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thoughts on dangerous players

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  • thoughts on dangerous players

    what makes a player dangerous?

    you know that certain players only play big cards, ABC players, so if they see the flop, or raise, you have a fair idea of just what is in their hand, they aren't as dangerous because you know what to expect. experience has taught you that some other players may play cards other than big cards, so if they bet you are uncertain about their cards. that uncertainty makes it more difficult for you to decide how to play your hand

    that uncertainty is what makes a player dangerous

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    Dear Jellow,

    In the past, I have read some good posts by you on various forums and newsgroups, and it pleases me to see that you're also involved in the Poker School. I will give you my opinion regarding the question you asked.

    In big-bet poker, I would say the unpredictable players are the ones who can take your entire stack on one hand, and therefore they can be viewed as "dangerous". That said, in the long run you might make a lot of money off them, especially if they are not just unpredictable, but also very loose. In pot-limit, it is the ABC players that can almost never take your stack, because you always know what they hold. In fact, (I am sure you agree with me on this) in pot-limit it is often these ABC tight players who are an easy prey for the good or excellent player, because when the board gets scary, he will simply represent the hand that he knows these players cannot hold.

    In limit, this is not always the case IMO, because the structure of the game makes it just too likely that the best hand in the showdown will win (and the predictable players who only play good hand cannot be pushed around that easily). Even though one shouldn't be too predictable in limit, I know quite a few VERY predictable players who still beat the game regularly (even though it might be for only a modest amount). Despite the fact these ABC players may be winners in limit (especially in the softer low- and middle-limit games), because of their predictability they simply don't pose a real threat to good players. But the unpredictable players are no real threat here either, because they cannot take your entire stack- and usually, they will have so much holes in their game that, despite their unpredictability, you should still be able to take their money. I would say that aggressive players are the ones that CAN be dangerous in limit (especially the ones who pump up the pot before the flop), and especially in the short run you will experience a lot more fluctuation because of them. But quite frankly, they will often only be building a bigger pot for you than you could normally have expected.

    So, I guess the only players that are REALLY dangerous, either in limit or pot-limit, are the ones that are capable, aggressive AND unpredictable. If they lack in either one of them, they can only be dangerous on one or two hands- in the short run, that is; in the long run, their leaks will make sure that you will make a lot of money off them.

    Just my thoughts,


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      i have to agree that a what makes a dangerous player is aggression

      "he who raises most wins most"

      players that try to win lots of big pots are the players that will end up going broke.

      at a certain point in a tourniment you have to STOP LIMPING and start raising every time you come in.

      at what point is for each player to work where they feel more comfortable doing it.

      if your raising with 72o utg 46s from sb or AA from the bb its a case of raising to win not calling that will make the difference between winning and losing a tourny.

      what amazes me is how often an "ABC" player will raise and never see a showdown so no one really knows if the "ABC" player is playing only big cards or if he is raising with rags more passive players limp in with.


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          sorry most times i can follow what your saying but this time you have lost me
          do you mean anyone can play JUST BIG CARDS
          if thats what your saying you have missed the whole point of my post


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              to Rolf.....your comments on the posts which I have made are appreciated

              the opinion which was in your reply was very good, and far more complete that my original post in fact what you have said makes me think you have played a lot of poker

              in most of my posts I try to focus on one point, and try to be brief, but your explanation seemed to cover it all



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