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Tournament Schedule for Review

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  • Tournament Schedule for Review

    Please find at the link, our new proposed schedule for PSO Tournaments.
    Please give me your feed back on whether you like it or not.

    I have included the Stud events, some Pot Limit Omaha for the USA players, and some $400 buy in events at the weekends.
    So you can build up your bankroll all week to play in the big event.
    At this time the Stud events will not count in the leagues, as we set up the sponsorship points without the Stud events and i would mean considerable changes to the database scripts to implement them now.
    We are intending to include them in the New Year when we review the new Sponsorship points program


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      Better than I could have imagined. This addresses pretty much every complaint I've ever had about the schedule.



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        Could you post starting chips and blind structure reference?


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          Happy to see the higher buy-in tourneys! Concerned that the 200/5k added on Friday evening is not in the new schedule. That'll pretty much kill any Friday evening broadcast by Freddie.


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            my suggestions/comments:

            1. Here's a suggestion I made a little while back:
            one quick way of making room for other tournaments is to get rid of the multi-table freeroll tourneys. with daily refills available and tourneys w/buy-ins as low as $20 and freeroll satellites, the mult-table freerolls are unnecessary and unrealistic (10K starting stack????). take a poll on that and the majority of the students could care less if they existed or not.
            and here's Mark's response:
            Jcastle, I like the idea of replacing the freerolls. Your argument is logical. I will look to replacing the freerolls as soon as possible with other games.
            So, what happened with that suggestion?

            2. I've never liked the proximity of the $100 (8pm) and $200 (9pm) buy-in NLHE tourneys on Thursday as I think they prevent the maximum amount of people from joining these events.

            3. Will bankrolls be reset in the new year? If so, add-ons should be removed from these tourneys to create a more realistic "bankroll".

            4. In a post titled, "Mark! i'm disappointed" (other posts, too), Shadrak, Trumpinjoe and many others have discussed the fact that the higher buy-in tourneys are geared towards holdem events and not the omaha events. This results in bankrolls being higher for holdem players. With that and item 2 in mind, how about the following for Thursday?
            1500 - 0000000000000000000
            1600 - Limit Omaha Hi $40
            1700 - Limit Holdem $20
            1800 - Limit 7 Card Stud $50 $1000 Added
            1900 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo $30
            2000 - No Limit Holdem $100 $2500 Added
            2100 - Pot Limit 7 Card Stud $30
            2200 - Limit Omaha Hi/Lo $200 $5000 Added
            2300 - 00000000000000000000
            0000 - Limit Holdem $100 $2500 Added

            I think that's it for now, but I'm sure I'll have more suggestions as I take a closer look at the schedule.



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              i like the idea of the 400 buy in tournies, but i would love to see one on friday night, as these seem to be the biggest turnouots of the week, and because of the broadcasts that go on. friday just seems better than saturday, so maybe do one each day rather than two on saturday...... or just add one for friday night. the rest of the schedule looks fine to me. thanks,



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                only had time to look at monday so far

                school time
                19:00 NLHE
                20:00 PLO
                21:00 NLHE
                22:00 NLHE
                23:00 NLHE

                seems to be a wrong balance here

                glad to see the gap between 3-6 pm cst has been filled

                as bruno said the the friday 7pm cst was the unoffical game of week and if it was removed it would be disappoining it should reamin as the highest buyin level.

                monday 8 without added money 9 with

                if bankroll is to mean anything added money events need to be removed and a cost to join a tourny added

                more to follow


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                  At the top of this say " to add to the existing schedule" are these "added" events? Or is this a totally new schedule ? I'm not sure



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                    could we have some pot limit omaha8 in the evenings for american players?


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                      Summary of Proposed Schedule

                      The link above opens a table showing the distribution of events by game and buy-in.

                      I had hoped that some of the freerolls would be in games other than NLHE. The addition of 7-Stud to the freeroll mix is nice, but how about Omaha games and the other HoldEm games. Also, I strongluy suggest that the #23 structure ($1000 starting chips) be used for ALL of the NLHE freerolls.

                      Do we need $20, $30, $40, & $50 buy-ins? Why not just have $20, $50, $100, $200, $500 as the buy-in levels with 60% of the games at $50 or less.

                      The added money needs to be redistributed. What is its purpose now? Orginally, it was added to the low turn-out games to increase participation. Broadening of it was well received initially, but some are against it now. I personally like the idea, but it needs to but utilized with a definite purpose in mind.


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                        The customer is always right..

                        The only comment I can make is that Mark and Tina are giving their customers exactly what they want. It is obvious that what they want is NLHE so that everyone can "pretend" they are playing "Big Bet" poker rather than the grinding reality of Limit which is what most people play in real life.

                        The fact that there are 53 NLHE tournaments vs. 19 limit tournaments is a very understandable matter...understandable, but unfortunate.

                        The fact that there are a total of SIX Limit tournaments during what I consider prime time, 6pm to 11pm CST, for the month is also very understandable and again, unfortunate.

                        In fact, in a way, this is one of the more "school like" facets of PSO, in that almost everyone wants to take the "fun" classes while few are interested in the basics. Sort of reminds me of my son's Pee Wee football league where everyone one wanted to run with the ball and score touchdowns but no one wanted to play defense or run laps. :lol:

                        The unbalanced focus on NLHE tournaments, the limited number of Limit tournaments and the absence of ring games are the primary reasons that I will most likely not be renewing my membership and have in fact, essentially stopped participating.

                        I have truly enjoyed PSO, especially some of the friendships that I have made in the 10 months I have been a member. I have tried to justify the time I spend here on that basis alone. But, the fact is that I believe playing hour after hour of NLHE tournaments is, as Geezer once put it, "hazardous to your Limit poker game". I agree and since Limit is the game I play, and intend to play, that is a hazard I personally cannot afford.

                        Good luck to all.




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                          Not to concerned with the schedule as a whole, but i see a problem area, I think if u research u will see that the 7pm cst $200 $5000 game on friday nite or what i like to refer to as the friday nite special IS AND HAS BEEN THE MOST ATTENDED GAME. Now i'll be honest i like to broadcast here and there but it's not gonna break my heart and life will go on if u take that event. I just kinda see that as counterproductive, Kinda like taking my best scorer outa the game. I'm speaking of the most attended event not of me. Hell i very seldom score. lol The other area is the $400 events GREAT I WISH THEY WERE 500 BUT the fact of the matter is the time for them is kinda really screwed up (imo) (not that that matters) But if u think about it on the first and second saturday of every month what happens at 8pm cst here at pso. HMMMMMMMMMM well i dont know the gameplan so i could be stepping outa bounds here, but if u have anything like the warm ups or the monthly or the annuals u gonna change all those, why fix something thats not broken, I would love for one of those high dollar one be put up friday nite at 7pm. you ask what we think of them, honestly i will adapbt to what ever u throw at us.

                          I think everyone that plays here should respond even if it is i like it or i hate it. The community has been asked it opionion so give it and dont complain in the future


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                            I'm with Freddie on the big Friday night NLHE tourney.

                            How about make the Friday night tourney $300 (you have to do more than refill to play in it), and keep it at 8pm.

                            It is my favorite tournament at PSO.



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                              Are any changes planned for satellite play? I would like to offer for consideration a reduction in multi-table events (by 1/4 to 1/3) and increased availability of single table events. This should result in larger mult-table events.

                              To promote satellite play, increase the availble games to 3/day or develop a method to rotate among a set of games.



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