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  • nh

    I know its polite to type 'nh' after someone wins by playing well, or after a big pot or even if a big hand is made. However one thing that I find hilarious on this site is the amount of people who type 'nh' when very little or NOTHING has happened!

    In a Limit tourney I was playing today it was folded round to the two blinds who then checked the hand down to the river, one of the blinds won with King high, cue the rest of the table to start typing 'nh'! I immediately type 'lol' any get criticised for it.

    shouldn't 'nh' be saved for a hand that at least had to be played?

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    nice post


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        i have found that "nh" means much more than nice hand in many cases.

        if the player who wins the pot (and we get to see the awful cards he/she played) is really showing their stupidity, many players will say nice hand rather than say "you stupid SOB!!

        think about it :lol: :lol: :lol: actually i like saying nh rather than the sob; because it lets the good players know you know what just happened


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          Originally posted by Shadrak
          if the player who wins the pot (and we get to see the awful cards he/she played) is really showing their stupidity, many players will say nice hand rather than say "you stupid SOB!!
          Agreed. Although I still prefer the infinitely snarkier "nice catch" for the truly bad plays.



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            You mean "nh" doesn't stand for nightmarishly horrendous?? 8O 8O


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              nh = "Nice Hemp"... translation...

              Please send me over some of whatever you're smokin' that's causing those cards to look good to you.


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                I seem to recall a post on this forum some months back where the usage of the "nh" was debated. As I recall, at the end of the day, using the "nh" was more frequently used to encourage those who just made a bad play to continue to do so.

                IE: John wins huge pot with 72os. John is smiling and happy. Sam says NH (although sarcastically). John, who cant sense the sarcasm, assumes that Sam is stroking him for making such a marvelous play. Therefore, John continues to play 72os and gives all of his money to Sam.

                Seems like sound logic to me.


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                  Nice Hemp....heh

                  If I like how you played a hand (won or lost), I'll give you a "nh", or "vnh", or something like that. Constantly saying "nh" after every hand, well....we are a friendly bunch but, it ain't that truthful.

                  On the other hand, if you call my 3x preflop raise with k2, or 106, or some other trash hand and continually call my bets and luck into beating me by catching a k or a str8t well....expect some conversation. And no I won't be ok with "It's just a game, get over it!" or "Quit crying loser!" or "I just felt like it!"

                  Aside from the friendships we garner and nurture here, the honesty toward improving our game is the next important thing. It doesn't mean personally attacking someone, but it might mean questioning why. And the funny thing is, when questioned about a hand, if you can't give a decent explanation of why you were in it, might want to examine why you can't.

                  5 times in the last week I've sufferered horrendously crippling/bust-out beats that I couldn't understand why the other person was in the hand in the first place. I questioned them all. Four of the five basically told me off: quit crying, stf-up, etc. Because there was no defensible position for them playing those hands. That is where those non-defensible positions always end up. The other one i questioned, I learned something. TKO14 beat me by watching my play, playing some hands he shouldn't have and showing them, seeing my play reaction to them, and getting me all-in heads-up when I had to think he was doing it again, and having a small pair over my AK. I couldn't believe he played the hand under the circumstances, and I asked how he could. Then he explained why and how he set it up.

                  Now if I had just typed "nh" and left, I would never have known that he discovered this hole and predictability in my game.


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                    RE: nh

                    I am guilty of saying nh! I do not mean for it to be anything other than respect for the winning hand. If it wins it is a nice hand in my book. Soooooooooo there you have it.



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                      they would say "don't school the fish" whenever one player gave advise, or asked another why he had done so and so

                      that was their way of telling a more knowledgable player to NOT try to wise up a newby

                      possibly it should be different in PSO, but possibly it's best not to offend someone


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                        IE: John wins huge pot with 72os. John is smiling and happy. Sam says NH (although sarcastically).

                        i think you got it wrong, itsn't it sam that plays the 72os?


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                          I think at best this issue is a double edged sword...maybe even To "school" someone at the table, is creating competetion for yourself and others, and also requires that you or someone reaveals either a part of their "playbook" or a "hole" in a game. On the other hand, it's educational to people in an envoirment that exists where we have an opportunity to learn interactively with people worldwide. I perfer to do neither, just as a matter of keeping in the same frame of mind I would in a "live" game. I don't use the "nh" in a live game sarcastically. If I genuinely mean it, I say it sometimes, but more often, I say nothing. I must admit, I have been known to make the "you made a brave call there" sort of comment, but of course that means I'm not happy about their play. I try to keep my conversation on a more "social" level. Mike Caro talks about this in one of his audio classes.
                          I think it's fine if you want to do a matter of fact, I hope I can learn something about your game thru these chats. I know sometimes a lack of explanation provokes us even more, but in reality, sometimes our questions are rehtorical and we really wanna tell them "you're a total idiot, and don't have a clue, and can't play a lick", not to go there :roll:




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