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Confession of a Ladder Climber

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  • Confession of a Ladder Climber

    ********Confessions of a Ladder Climber*********

    The first thing I do when I get home from work is I pull up my handy PSO calculator. 74.58% this month with 30 games.

    I am proud of myself. I took some chances early in the month in NLHE, playing KK and AKs early in the tournament; something I normally don’t do. You go out early on that kind of junk, your whole month is shot.

    I sign up for the 7 pm Pot Limit Omaha event. 47 players. Perfect. You can usually post and fold here and get to 60%.

    Ok, the tourney is starting. I load TrumpinJoe’s League Ladder.

    I calculate that if I only play the BB, I can outlast the first 23 players. My rating will only drop to 74.23%.

    The strategy works. I make it to 22 people left. I only have $2200, but hey, I did not hurt myself too much.

    I get AAKKds UTG. What to do?

    Raising the pot puts me all in. What if someone wakes up with 4578: the perfect hand to trap me with.

    I close my eyes and raise the pot. Amazingly, my hand holds up against two callers.

    I have over $7,000 now.

    I pull up the PSO calculator. If I make it to 11th, my rankings improve. I put it on post and fold and go get a snack.

    When I return there are 13 left. If I go out now, my rankings only drop to 74.51%. That, I can live with. I have $2,750 in chips. I pull the other table up into view. Two people also have low stacks. I can smell that 11th place now. My rankings will improve by .02798%. Woohoo.

    I catch AKKJ single suited on the button. All fold to me. Wow. Double suited and it’s a no brainer. Single suited, a different story. Gawd, I hate these hard decisions.

    I check out the other table. The two short stacks have won some chips. Damn. This makes my decision even harder.

    I go for it. The SB and BB both fold, and I am up to $4,500.

    A few hands later, it is the final table. Mission Accomplished.

    I have moved my rankings up to 74.63%. 9 more tourneys like this, and I am sitting at 75.37%. I could pull down third in the Diamond League. I click Post and Fold again.

    No sense taking any unnecessary chances.

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    WOW :!:

    Congratulations rggator,

    Great post illustrating the dedication one needs and the obvious effort you're putting in to achieving your goal.

    It makes me realise that my 2/3 tournament a week will make mean that I'll struggle to achieve a high ranking. But that doesn't mean that I won't enjoy I'm sure you do :lol:

    Thanks for the insight.

    Shoeless Joe

    "Now And Then There's A Fool Such As I!


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      What is really amazing is that you have the ability to remember these types of hands and situations as they occur. Maybe that is why you have the opportunity to finish where you do and then again maybe your just a lucky ole gator from the swamp. Anyway, the part about not getting caught up in AK or KK early is something that flat out hits the nail on the head. Three days ago I started a tournament in the bb with my first hand being A K of clubs. The table folds all the way to one right of the button and that person decides to raise the pot (no limit tourney). Instead of just calling I made the mistake of thinking this was a steal and reraised the pot. The small blind had folded so it was heads up vs this player and SHE decided to call. Flop is K 10 J rainbow. She checks and I bet 1500. She calls with no hesitation and the turn is a 9. No suits, just the straight on the board and of course Ive got top pair. The river is a K and she checks trying to slow play her straight that she hit on the turn. Of course I bite and she bets 1000. Just because I am an idiot sometimes, I decide to call and of course over comes the 8 Q off. So now after one hand I have gotten killed with my A K and now have about 4000 left. No problem right? Wrong! The very next hand I get K K. Same scenario with everyone folding all the way to one right of the small blind at which time he calls. Trying to make a bit of my previous loss back I decide to slow play the kings. Flop is A K 4 rainbow. He checks and I bet a small amount only to get called. The turn is an 8 of hearts making a heart flush a possibility. He checks and I go all in wanting to take the pot right then. He calls and the river is no help. You guessed it....American Airlines now boarding flight number 72 (dead ass last) for chino. Two great hands, one lousy finish. Lessons learned Randy...lessons learned. I hope that you are going to Tunica so that you and I can get together and discuss the one thing that I pride myself on...PATIENCE. I got caught up in two hands and it cost me greatly and the thing I fear the most is that it will hurt my play in tournaments to come. Give me your scenario on what you would have done in this position.




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        I think he was joking.

        Chino, I wouldn't recommend slowplaying KK out of the blinds either preflop or on the flop, though anyone was destined to go broke on that hand either way.


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          Randy in Florida
          Randall in England
          Witty at Poker School


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            i dont know if this is true and you really did it like this, or you are just posting a nice post again for the funn side of it

            the thing is how serious can you be when you decide to play like that?!

            (you know i respect you as a player and i admire you and the accomplishemnts you have made...thats the reason im asking you this..dont missunderstood me pls)

            i know sometimes is the best decision to do at some tables, and i wish i have done the some thing...ive been dropping from 80% to 73% in the last 3 games

            but i cant just post and fold and wait to improve my rank based on others bust outs !! what can i learn with that ?! what kind of experience can i have with that ?!

            i always try to change the way i play based on the position ive achieved in each game..if i need a 12th place i will play based on that goal and i will try to post and fold the maximum up to there...but i will not post and fold up to that place or near

            cheers...spades 8)


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              Just having a bit of fun. There are some here that think you can get league points by playing this way. You can't. I just wanted to spoof those people.

              I have never gotten any points in any month without a good number of 1st, 2nd or 3rd finishes because that is where the logarithimic scale really kicks in. An even without the log scale, finishing first in a 100 person tourney gets you 99%, while 9th gets you only 91%, a huge difference.


              PS Chino, on the KK, you gotta play it for all it's worth. I am looking forward to meeting you in Tunica. I will be there the weekend of the PSO seminar. I can't wait.

              PSS Spades, trust me, I don't play like that.

              PSSS Wilko, My head is swelling with pride.


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                Ya think Noodles?

                And all this time I thought Randy was a player that didn't have the guts to play A K. I didn't really need the advice as I already knew the answer to the question. Trust me Randy, I would do it that way again on the very next hand. Funny thing is that this is the mindset of about 50% of the players in here. The last place finish didn't even hurt me that bad. Knocked me down less than 2%. You cant win what you dont put in the middle. In other words...

                Let er rip. As my good buddy gromyko always said...

                "We can print more tomorrow!"

                See you in January.



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                  Cya at Tunica Chino,


                  PS: don't have the guts to play AK. I seem to remember playing A8 all in against you once. :wink:


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                    Originally posted by rggator
                    PS: don't have the guts to play AK. I seem to remember playing A8 all in against you once. :wink:
                    Yeah, but did you win?

                    Cya in Tunica!



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                      I hope my practice here goes with me to the real world, that's where we play for m-o-n-e-y. seems like that's a good measure of how
                      well we play. not ranking

                      rggator has 69.59, and all I've got is 59.48, but I'm trying to get more bankroll than most folks have

                      and that's what Ill be trying for in the real world


                      • #12
                        Boy Jellow you tryin to open up a whole new can of worms or what?

                        Money is the only reason that I play as well.


                        Would you rather have a 69.59 percentage and 5K in your bankroll or a 59.86 percentage with over 100K? (I know which line I'm standing in"

                        Of course if you are like Randy then you can have both.


                        P.S. Yes Bob...he did win!


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                          Other than bragging rights and PSO buy-ins, a PSO bankroll is worthless. The only legal tender available for PSO members are the sponsorship points and these are determined solely by monthly ranking percentages.

                          If the question is who would you rather back in a RL event, I'd rank bankroll ahead of PSO% as the determining factors but I would consider both.


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                            S T O P

                            You have reached the end of this thread!



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                              Originally posted by chino
                              Ya think Noodles?
                              So the point to your post was?

                              I've had enough.



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