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sb play??

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  • sb play??

    hey all, looking for some help on my play in the blinds.
    many people here who play against me know i do not defend my blinds very often( and it's been hurting me in certain situations due to my stack) but i don't know how.
    example-- me in sb w/K2clubs-- oh blds. 100/200-- utg raises 100--all fold to butt. who calls-- i fold-- bb calls-- flop comes--57Qclubs--turn 9c's--riv.x-- pp 1010 won the hand.
    this is not a bb story, i lost no chips,well except the entire pot cause i didn't call lol, but i need help on defending my blds. i don't play K2 st'd, in the long run i think it will hurt u but when do u play these hands from the blds? what odds do u need to defend the blinds?
    this may be a dumb or a simple question to a lot of u but i am having a bad time with it and it has been costing me in tourneys, so if anyone has any input and advise i would love to hear it. thanks jokerAA

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    sb play


    Sounds like you have a good strategy for the blind play.

    Defending the blinds should only occur when you have some reasonable expectation of winning (good cards). The blinds are at a disadvantage with position.

    I rarely defend my blinds and don't worry about the results.

    It's different when it's sb vs bb. I'll defend the small blind in this situation about 60% of the time. In these situations heads up, I will use short handed strategy and raise when I enter more than I will limp. I am still in bad position in sb, so I'm trying to take it down without seeing the flop.


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      Why defend a weak hand against an early raise?

      UTG makes limit raise (200 not 100) and button calls so the pot is $1100 and you have to add $300 to call. Just under 4:1 pot odds looks inviting, but you have a very vunerable holding. Flopping 3 clubs without the A looks good, but sometimes when the 4th club falls you lose to the Ac.

      Your ideal flop (ace high all clubs) is usually not going to get action. If two clubs fall and the flop fits someone else you are going to have to pay more to draw so the implied odds don't look favorable either.

      However if you have a huge stack and you are against someone who will pay you off when you hit, it might be worth a shot.

      The other flops you want to see have kings and dueces. Not enuff flops to fit, especially against a UTG raise.

      However, if UTG limps completing the SB is a good play. I would not argue against playing this hand heads-up with the BB either. Kxs is also a hand to steal with IMO, but this isn't a stealing situation.

      Finally, if you are extremely short stacked (not going to survive the next blinds) K2s is a hand I might go all-in with.


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        Re: sb play??

        Originally posted by jokerAA
        hey all, looking for some help on my play in the blinds.
        many people here who play against me know i do not defend my blinds very often( and it's been hurting me in certain situations due to my stack) but i don't know how.
        Joker, I am in the same boat. However, I don't don't feel compelled to defend. I steal Opps blind in turn. I'd rather be aggressive than defensive. Just an alternative view for what's its worth.



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          before i joined the school i used to defend blinds alot "its only 1 bet" or yes if i complete the bet i am first to act and can get a steal in first.

          now you can see why my pokerpages rating was under 40%

          one of the best early lessons i learnt was from geezer once you post the blinds the money is no longer yours forget about it and look for a hand where you have cards or you have postion to steal.

          i seem to be losing more chips because of free bb's half hitting a flop than i do from any other part of my game at the moment.

          blinds are trouble you have horrid postion and unless you have a premuim hand get out as cheap as you can (unless you flop nutts)


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            what odds do u need to defend the blinds?
            Playing the blinds is probably a big weakness with me as I have never given the subject much thought up to now. However, I will point out one significant difference between big-bet and limit. In limit you are probably correct to take the discount with a wide range of hands. In big-bet, your position and future bet sizes over ride this discount. Any strategy you develop should probably have this as an important consideration.

            I would guess that you should play as tight out of the blinds as you do in early position, with the occasional appropriate adjustments for the extra information you gain preflop.


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              I'd Call

              I'd call in the situation you described - (sort of following Trumping Joe's thinking).

              Normally I'd never play King-rag - and the fact that it's suited doesn't usually change my mind (it's only a 7% add).

              But - UTG raised the $200 BB only $100 (1/2 BB)!! Button calls. So when it gets to you it'll cost $200 to play for a $1200 pot ($300 from each of 4 players).
              - another view is it'll cost you $200 more to try to win $1000. Almost any 2 cards are worth a 5:1 draw!!!

              IF the UTG had made a decent raise, or if the Button 3-bet, or if the BB is aggressive or a maniac liiely to raise - I'm never calling!!

              - AND of course, if the BB raises - I'm outta there!!

              - BUT, doesn't sound like there are any monsters out there - and even a K 8 5 flop MIGHT win for you!

              With a big stack, or a short one - I think it's a slam dunk. Only with a smallish, but not crippled stack would I avoid the chance that BB might pop the pot!

              True, you wouldn't have made the "nut flush", but I'm not afraid of ONLY a K-flush.

              Given the specific situation you describe: small raise, 3 callers, sounds like a fairly passive table - I'm calling!



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