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More amazed everyday here!

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  • More amazed everyday here!

    OK...I read most everything in the forum, and I get more amazed over the UNMITIGATED GALL that people show here, everyday. No ONE....and I repeat NO ONE...not even Mark, who never has, by the way, has ANY RIGHT TO QUESTION WHY SOMEONE HAS DECIDED TO SPEND THEIR MONEY TO PLAY HERE !!! Furthermore, you're being a pretentious ASS, when you tell someone that they wasted, or could better spend their money.
    Do you actually have the nerve to tell people how to manage their free time or their money in other aspects of their life, or does the annonimity and/or being a poker player somehow bestow this right upon you?
    People do things for different reasons....they don't owe you an explanation, they don't have to justify to you, unless you're paying their bills. It doesn't even matter why someone joined PSO...just as it doesn't matter why someone decides to show up at the local cardroom to play. Let me ask you this, when a player does something you don't like in live you question WHY they play, or TELL them how to better spend their money, or DEMAND that they justify their behavior? Guess what? Some real live human beings show up in your local cardroom to LEARN TO PLAY or IMPROVE their play. Do you think you have the right to treat them and speak to them the same way?
    Just because this forum gives you an outlet to vent your frustration, that doesn't mean it puts you in charge of directing peoples lives. Of all the NERVE !
    I rarely get upset enough to go to this extreme, but frankly, I'm just sick of people here thinking that the world owes them an explanation! There are some very valuable posts here, wtih a lot of good input, about poker. This crap, and yes it's crap, about constantly questioning WHY someone plays here, and HOW they should be here to getting very, very, very tiresome. Accept the fact that people will always do what they want. Hell, for all you know, they may be in the middle of having sex during the great hand you have and they beat want to know the detals of that too? Yeah, that's a ridiculous assertion, but for kripes sake, get a grip...not everyone is so caught up in every inth degree of analysis that they want to weigh every single thing they do here, in case they be challenged to justify every move to you.

    IF THE SHOE FITS .....WEAR IT !!! :evil:


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    pokergoddess i will call a spade a spade

    if i think a person is wasting money i will tell them either here, or anywhere else.

    if a players only movitavtion in the school is to play as much poker as they can they could save 150$ a month (send it to a childrens charity if your that rich) by playing all the free games they want on the net and at pokerpages.

    i see 2 MAIN reasons to join the school
    1 to learn to play better poker
    2 to try and win sponsorship

    if you want to join a community of poker players then i do honestly think that it can be done cheaper than 150$ and the money would be better off in your pocket or in a the hands of a "NEEDY" cause.


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      But...It's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS !!! 8O



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        when a person PUBLICLY makes a statement it because everyones business


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          Totally different subject. No one said anything about someone making a public statement. I was speaking of people here who seem to think they have the responsibility and or right to tell people what they should be doing, even when NO ONE asked for their advice. This is not from them making public comments. It's from people DEMANDING some kind of justification or explanation. You, yourself said "...if I see people wasting money, I will tell them here or anywhere else"...Did they ask you? What gives you the right to determine if their spending habits are a waste? Some folks here, and I guess from your post you're one of them, think that because they are involved, they can judge. I'm sorry, but it's wrong !



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            they may be in the middle of having sex during the great hand you have and they beat want to know the detals of that too?
            You know, I think I would


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              I don't think anyone had any right to say anything, but we ALL do. At the table it's because of immediate anger, i and i know many have made comments after a bad play (which EVERONE does at time, including the best of us).

              But to continue on at the next table (or game), next day, month, in the forum is unacceptable.

              Thank you Pokergoddess for bringing this to everyone's attention.


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                they may be in the middle of having sex during the great hand you have and they beat want to know the detals of that too?
                Noodles wrote:
                You know, I think I would
                Well if you promise not to tell anyone else....... :lol: :lol:


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                  pokergoddess lets not mess about here

                  your post was as a result of my post in another thread saying that babe60 motives for joining the school were wrong. due to the nature of her claiming she plays different here in school from real life because its not real money.
                  i stated that she had wrong motive to be in school and if she just wanted to play there are cheaper places to do it in fact free places to do it.

                  and the money she spent on LEARNING TO PLAY BETTER POKER which is why a pokerSCHOOL exists would be better off elsewhere.

                  if i wanted to learn to speak russian i would goto SCHOOL and PAY to LEARN i would not got the russian class just to pass the time off day with friends putting them off there learning and proberly helping them FAIL.

                  Now i have paid to join the school to learn and if i see for what ever reason anyone fooling around and pulling the rest of the CLASS down i will point it out as is my right in any LEARNING enviorment.

                  since babe60 and I made our posts we have talked it over and she has stated that she is in school to learn and she will no longer try to dump chips at a table. i am sorry to HER for any offence she took over my posts.

                  pps pokergoddess i feel you have a problem with me and have felt this for a number of months if you have a problem dont be shy tell me what it is and we can sort it out because i personly dont have a problem with anyone at the school UNTILL NOW.


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                    Re: More amazed everyday here!

                    Originally posted by Pokergoddess
                    @#%%, for all you know, they may be in the middle of having sex during the great hand you have and they beat you....
                    Isn't that a bit too much sex for one hand? 8O

                    Seriously tho.. most seriously.. you're right.


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                      I Agree, pg . . .

                      I totally agree, pg . . .

                      that it "ain't nobody's business but my own..."
                      - why I play the way I do;
                      - or how I play any specific hand;
                      - or even my motivation for being in Poker School.

                      If someone's play really bothers you & ruins the PSO experience - get control, get a life or get out!

                      Frankly, those who b*tch the most about how someone plays a hand poorly and "beats" them, never seem to say a word when the same person plays another hand equally terribly and hands them $5,000.

                      In other words, it seems most often that one reads in chat "how stupid you are to play that way and beat me" and never "how stupid you play to let me win. Don't do that again."

                      OTOH - if we did get chat details of a simultaneous sexual encounter I can guarantee several people would chime in with:
                      - "don't you know that the way you do it is very poor?";
                      - "why do you even bother?"
                      - "it that the best you can do?"
                      - "if you did it my way, you'd be happier!"
                      - "I'd never try that!"

                      Some, of course, would want statistics to better analyze the results.

                      And, finally, at least 3 people would post forum messages complaining!

                      just my $.02.


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                        EXACTLY :!: :!: :!: :!: Blind Bat 07, Thanks for saying soooooooooooo much in such a short posting . and to thiink maybe thats why someone so up set because maybe it was the sex he did'nt enjoy and then to top it off HE LOST BECAUSE I RAISED HIM OUT . I totally agree leave and don't let the door hit ya in the ass, but don't blame it on anyone else.


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                          she has stated that she is in school to learn and she will no longer try to dump chips at a table
                          You mean she actually admitted she does this?

                          Too bad it is only privately and not publically.

                          Amazing that I'm the one catching flak in this discussion. I never do anything but play my best and learn as much as I can. Sorry, but I have no qualms about bringing something like this to light. "no longer dump chips". Now I'm ROFLMFAO.


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                            I have to say this:

                            In this school, the standard of play is far superior than anywhere else on the net for play money.

                            In this school we have a community that you cannot find anywhere else on the net.

                            In this school we have people that care about winning and we have people that just enjoy the community.

                            The school is here to teach people how to play better poker. If everyone plays absolutely correct at all times we are not simulating the real world at all. In the real world we have to deal with all levels of play at all times. I personally think that those that can handle the "bad" play of others will be better poker players. Those that insist on perfect play all the time in my opinion may not actually learn as much as they might if they learn to deal with all situations at a poker table.

                            My advice to everyone here is to take advantage of bad play by taking the chips from those making the bad plays.

                            In the real world we never tell a player how bad they played their hand when they suck out on us. We simply say "nice hand"

                            You will always find "teachers" at a poker table. They are not always the winners. The player that wins consistently and others enjoy playing with them are the real winners in poker.



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                              well said



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