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Angle Shooters on WPO warmup

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  • Angle Shooters on WPO warmup

    I dont know what can be done, but the deliberate "time" calling several times at the end of the warmups is ridiculous. The tournament is long enough without this, and there should be a cap, to prevent this stall tactic. Plus, if you get a couple people at a table that know one of the guys stalling they might help out..

    Maybe limit the call time button after it gets to 20 players to calling it once ?

    Input ?

  • #2
    it gets silly when players on all the tables are doing it
    and you can sit there for 5 minutes waiting for a card to be played
    and when one table is on a balance so no cards are being played on it other table still hits time hoping somene on other table will blind out which of course they cant because they are frozen


    • #3
      that's why they play "hand for hand" at the last two sor sometimes even three tables in a live tourn... any way for the software to do this... also it's maddening when the funplayers softplay each other to try to get their own group of friends in...


      • #4
        Are you sure it's just the fun players?????



        • #5

          I would imagine that there is a certain amount of respect rather than "soft playing" shown to some of the members of the school. When you've played long enough with some of the members here in the school you have a lot more familiarity and respect that you don't have for the non school members.

          I imagine it would be the same with the regulars vs tourists in your games in Tunica. If as a whole you can expect the tourists to play to have fun while the regulars are trying to grind out a living I imagine the expected EV in a hand with a regular would be less than with the tourists resulting in "soft play".

          Why risk your stack against someone you KNOW to be a real threat when there are plenty of fish that will gamble it up with inferior starting hands in future hands?


          • #6
            Pokergoddess.... I'm pretty sure... LOL....
            I know I'm not going to conspire to get another
            PSO player into rnd2 two!! :lol:
            If it's happening among PSO'ers, at least they're more
            subtle. Comments like "come on, let's help ...... get
            into the final 15!" make it pretty obvious...
            After reading another recent thread about angling,
            though, I realize that this just isn't a major issue
            in my life right now! just another minor irritation
            that's more than offset by the enjoyment of being
            part of this...


            • #7
              Good point, well made.

              I mentioned in a post a couple of weks ago that when we were down to two tables ina PSO warm up, that we were told by an "independent" observer that the other table was playing in "slo-mo". I said that perhaps this might have to be noted for the future when the number of survivors were low.

              I busted out 17th in that tournament and blow me down if I didn't bust out 17th in the next one too! Might I have survived if I'd just "timed out" every time? Dunno, don't seem right somehow...

              Off to sob quietly

              Shoeless Joe


              • #8
                This happened to me.....

                16 players left, I was 15th richest, a player on other table was stalling, clicking time, in a live tourny, hand for hand, he would have been blinded out first, it seemed unfair, someone from my table told him to play, then someone on my table, clicked time for me (thankyou, you know who you are) eventually he played, lost, I'm safe, ironically I survived the hand and ended up 13th, then qualified 3rd for round 3 on the sunday.

                Point is, it was a bit silly, him clicking time, then me clicking time, because he did, then someone doing it for me etc. etc.

                Also I got a roasting from a player on my table for my part in it, I assume they hadn't seen what was happening on the other table, a solution to this problem would be most welcome, because it happens on every WPO warm up.



                • #9
                  a little birdie told me that on some real money games on the net there is sort of an allowance of time

                  if you use it all up then you can't stall anymore



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