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200+5k v freeroll

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  • 200+5k v freeroll

    alot of players seem to think that the 200$ +5k are alot tighter than the freerolls well i have to disagree.

    having played alot of both (i prefer the 10k starting stacks you get in both) i have found the play to be about the same if not a little better in the freerolls, granted in the first 2 or 3 weeks of the school having freerolls they were loose but that was more to do with the "top players" play than the "beginners" too many of the "top players" thought it's just a freerooll and started forgetting the basics and they were getting beat fair and square.

    while playing in the monday midday freeroll only 33 started but after an hour we still had 29 players.
    for me this is not an execption this is the norm.

    another thing shouldn't players want to be playing in tournyiments with people that are not as good as themselves rather than a field of elite players.

    maybe this is why they avoid the freerolls and play the 200$ events because the freerolls are the NEW school championship games.


    this is a post to encourage a debate on the subject and not an attack on anyone,anyones game or anyones point of view.

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    while playing in the monday midday freeroll only 33 started but after an hour we still had 29 players.
    for me this is not an execption this is the norm.
    Maybe one reason is that a lot of them treat it like limit with their bet sizes? Takes a long time to get through 10k in that case.


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      i dont think the 200 buy ins are tighter, just tougher. more people playing their stack sizes and making moves versus playing ABC poker....

      jmuzzey lsogc


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        I agree jmuzzey. Good gosh you and Fredie and Bruno give me nightmares when you guys are at my table.



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          My favorite Freddie moment:

          I raise first in from late position, Freddie has the BB.

          All fold to Freddie, who says (Freddie the Fish broadcast), "Apryll just made a big raise, let's see if she has a real hand..." as he comes over the top. I laughed for 3 hands.


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            well apryl, only two hands i coulda had in that postion, although i know who is likely to come over the top of me from the bblind if i everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr come over u from either blind be assured it is eitehr aa or kk only hands i will raise with in that postion , i for one think rerasiing in that postion is a scary propostion that is when u have the best odds on there money, anotherwords u get to see the flop for free, unless they raise, they volunteer to put there money in. Im sorry i dont remeber that moment it musta been a classic because i can count on 1 hand how many times i have raised from the bblind in the last year. Just not my play, now i know ole jay muzzy likes that move. but hes tuffer than me. DAMMIT u got my mind going, i cant believe i came over the top of u ever. oops mighta just gave a tell away, i fear u apryl. I fear many at this pso.

            PS> dont be raiseing my blinds without a legit hand. I will call sometimes.


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              Welllllll Freddie, I had AQ, that's not bad.


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                If I can just add...

                From what I've seen, the Higher stakes tourneys are a bit different in the following ways:

                1) When someone has an opener...they rarely limp in

                2) there are much STRONGER bets intended to end the hand, made at almost any decent hit...and most of the time it is respected.

                3) There is also a new dynamic that isn't always present with the newer crowd....and that is the betting dynamic.
                While it is natural to bet a hand you have...many times there are more intelligent bluffs backed by a HUGE ..."call me to see" bet.

                This is a very strong game, and while freerolls may remain tight, the object of a tourney is to stay in and eliminate players. Most times when there is a face off involving a couple players in the higher stake tourneys...somebody is on the rail after the hand.

                I think that there is more time to learn and explore in the freerolls, and they are great....but go into a high stake event, and you get maybe one or two mistakes...and you're watching.


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                  I'm watching



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