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  • Have Fun

    There was a story in a recent issue of ALL IN magazine about Steve Dannenmann . He's the guy who split the buyin to the 2005 WSOP main event with a friend and went on to finish 2nd to Joe Hachem . When I watched the coverage last year I was impressed not so much with his poker skill but his attitude was great . He was carefree and seemed to be having a ball the whole way through the event . The article finished by saying Dannenmann reminds us of what's great about poker . He provides us with a positive story . The story isn't that anyone can win the poker lottery . The story isn't that hard work can help you win like a pro . The story isn't that poker is the ticket to a great life .
    The story is that poker doesn't have to be the most important thing in the world. The story is that you don't have to win to have a great time. The story is that if you have fun , you've already won and the rest is just extra credit .
    During the tourney Steve made some notes and kept refering to them as he played . They where basically things he found to be always true . So many of the poker books I read have the phrase "it depends on " in it so much that it's hard to say that something is always true . He has added to the list and had it laminated and continues to use it constantly as he's playing .

    1. HAVE FUN , nothing to lose
    2. Observe other players
    3. Patience : play tight
    4. Play hands that make money
    5. Slow your betting , think about it
    6. You don't win the tournament at the first level
    7. If they commit 1/2 their stack they are all in
    8. Avoid coin flips with the big stack
    9. Don't raise the reraiser unless a big hand
    10. Don't move all in after the flop unless you have nuts w/opp draws
    11. Not calling a raise is only a small mistake

    I have a couple rules of my own that I could add to this list
    * Don't go broke in an un raised pot ( similar to # 10)
    * With small pairs see the flop as cheap as possible .. no set no bet
    * Never call off all your chips , if you are going all in be FTA

    Anyone have any other basics that they follow ?


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    Great post, indy!

    It is scary how much my thinking is like the things danneman wrote and what indy said. That list is identical to mine. Every word of it.

    Over the past year, i have been making notes on primary things i need to do to win a tourney. And the list matches what was just written. I would like to see someone disagree with it. Lol, i would be curious to see another side to it. I know alot of players get really competitive and almost start getting ruthless in their attitude and play. But, from what i have observed, when players start doing this, it leads to them losing control.

    Poker is a mindset. Your mental and emotional state while playing is going to replicate your game. For example, the other week i was going through a hard time. I didnt play poker during that time because i know my attitude would reflect my game. Negative and short tempered. It is not that i would have tilted. It is more like giving up since everything is so grim. You have to prepare yourself to play the game. Especially with how much we all play. It is great to know the numbers and strategies in a tourney. But i believe that only carries a small percentage to win. If you can get off yourself and the negative feelings and quit being the victim, you can then see what others are doing. Then you can start playing the player. With that, and the knowledge we have learned, you will cash a majority of tournies, if not win.

    I think indy's post should be the poker jokers motto. Cause this group is about learning. But its main goal is fun. If you cant enjoy yourself and the friends you hang with, what is the point of playing? That is how i look at it.

    Again, frickn awesome post indy.


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      Great post sometimes we forget the most important thing.
      Have fun :lol:



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