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    Being this is my last few weeks here and I owe mark much and am glad to say i`m one of the originals ever to post on the site...

    I would like to see the skill levels split where only certain qualified players are allowed into certain events..beginner intermediate and advanced tournies..
    How you work this out is to be debated...
    There have been beats that were unbelievable and this should be obvious the player is in the wrong game..They do eventaully get eliminated though..
    Enough!! I dont post much here and i have said my piece..
    Thanks mark for making me a better player because i had the tools and the desire to make it happen..
    good bye..


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    this is a proposal that will appeal to all the SS (Smugly Superior).


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      In the real world, the only qualification is "can you afford the buyin"



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        I think a monthly or quarterly tournament with all the monthly points' winners would be great.

        Mark could run it however he wanted, maybe a monthly tourney then a quarterly, etc, with the year-end winner getting a medium level buy in to a big tourney. That would meet the goal of PSO putting the absolute best player out there into B & M tourneys.

        While not sorry I got my "D" qualification (trust me this is no brag, as I was incredibly lucky to win my tourney -- I put a semi bad beat on someone with 3 left...), I do miss the monthly qualifying tournaments.

        The play was incredible, one had to think about what strategy the other was employing--just great play for 4-6 hours.

        Anyhow, my 2+ cents.



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          Originally posted by Stalinski
          this is a proposal that will appeal to all the SS (Smugly Superior).
          I don't know. I'm not sure it does appeal to me.


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            It doesn't appeal to the CS either. 8O


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              Mark: A suggestion!

              This sort of event already exisits here!

              The monthly playoffs for the points winners/qualifiers from the previous month already exist. But it's a "freeroll", with no penalties for poor or wild play!

              Other drawbacks are that they do not count in the stats, and only 1st & 2nd count!!

              So - continue to have the monthly qualifying tourneys for the Big One, but:
              1) put on some sort of buy-in - perhaps $200 (or even $500),
              -- if a qualifier doesn't have $200, they simply "go all in",
              -- this way no qualifier is excluded;
              2) add $5,000.
              3) have a normal pay-off structure - so that finishing someplace other than 1 or 2 has PSO value;
              4) let the results count in the player's stats!

              Now there's a "screened" tournament worth playing in, with a few conditions to try to totally limit the "wild side."

              AND - 1 & 2 still get the chance to play-off for the Big One. But now 3 through 10 or so earn something for their efforts!!



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