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  • DECISION TIME..WPO or Annual

    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
    I need help on this one...Which one should I play in? How do I play in both when they're both scheduled for the same time? Doesn't seem fair that I have to choose. Why can't the 2 tourneys be at least 2 hrs apart? Do I sign up for both but only play in 1? :roll:

    WPO or Annual members tourney :?:

    Please, someone HELP!!!!!!!!!!! :idea:


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    The choice is: If you are not already qualified for the BigOne 2 then you need to play the annual members, where at least there is a chance for more seats.

    Or, you need to play the WPO Round 2 because if you place in the top 20 , you then get to play on January 1 for one shot at a seat....Although that is quite a prize to go for

    Or you could rent a movie, get under a blanket (it is rainy there too right ), leave your computer screen on and watch all the "arghhhhs" and "ughhhhhhs" and feel smugly superior you have chosen not to put yourself through this agony.........

    If there is any consolation, I believe that the blind rounds in the Annual Member are like 2 hours each level (or so it seems 8O ) and I think that playing both at once is definitaley do-able


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      I would play in the annual. that is once a month. The WPO is every week.

      If you have a big enough monitor, or even 2, then play in both.

      You could also sign up for both. Post and fold in 1 and play the other, so you have backup in case you are eliminated early.


      • #4
        getting under blanket?

        Gator, I don't do well playing 2 tourneys at once...screen switches back and forth and I somehow throw away those winning pp aces when I was trying to throw away that 72 offsuit.

        It is raining here :roll: ! Maybe I will crawl under that comfy blanket and watch a dvd. :arrow: With a poker game going on...that will never happen..I just can't stay away while your all having such a good time playing in a tourney.



        • #5
          kahlau if you have a b seat or better for the big one 2 concentrate on the wpo round 2

          if you havent got a b seat play the school event as there is still 19 more wpo round 2 events after todays ( i think)

          but if you can play the 2 but move the screens so that the buttons dont overlap that way when trying to raise all in with AA you dont find yourself ALL IN with 7/2o
          or when you have 100k and 21 players left you dont go all in (like a infamous PSO member did in the first wpo round 2 event because he was playing 2 events)


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            Ironside and Noodles, :idea: I think you helped me make a decision here. I'm just wondering if there is a way to hook up 2 monitors to this computer. I still have several hours left to figure out how to play in both :? .



            • #7
              You need a graphics card that allows it. As well as an operating system.


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                here are two ways to avoid folding the worng hand if you
                have two games going at once...

                The first is easy... click and hold on the blue bar at the
                top of one game... then just drag it a little ways in any direction.

                If your vision is pretty good, you can try this:

                My computer --->
                Control panal--->
                Display --->
                Settings --->
                screen resolutions... try moving the slider bar one space to
                the right of wherever it is now... this will make everything
                smaller. Now when you click/hold/drag one game away from
                the other, you can keep almost all of both screens visible
                all the time!!

                Geezer taught me most of this... ...aloha


                • #9
                  thank you


                  If I get brave, I will try this tonight. I finally have a way to play 2 games.



                  • #10
                    desision time wpo or annual

                    When I play 2 tables I shut down the funtion of bringing the other table to the front and just use the sound beep to let me know its my turn at the other table. this works well for me and i never go to play something at one only to be switch to the other and maybe call or fold the wrong table



                    • #11
                      I play 4 at a time and you are worried about 2??? I would just be thrilled if they scheduled one of these big tournies at a time I could actually play in... let alone 2(just one of the many hazzards that go along with being a poker dealer I guess.) Good luck though,




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