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"X" - Prologue (a short story)

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  • "X" - Prologue (a short story)

    OK, so I've been doing a little too much on the negative side of poker. I'm sorry about that. Here's a little something to freshen things up. It's short and sweet and is the introductory chapter to a series of short stories on a character I introduced in the Michelle series named "X." Enjoy.

    "How a fish was born"
    By Aaron Hendrix

    I started playing poker when I was fourteen. Tommy Chen took me down into the basement of Antonio's Italian Restaurant and had me sit in the corner. I watched in amazement as money and insults flew from person to person. The sound of the cards being shuffled clicked in time with the rhythm of my breathing. I begged Tommy after that night to teach me how to play. It was three months later before Tommy was finally able to convince Antonio to let me into the game.

    I learned a hard lesson the first night I played. I lost $400, which might seem like a lot to most fourteen year old boys, but my Dad owned a string of laundromats and money wasn't really a concern of mine. Poker became an addiction. I would play whenever I could. Some nights I would win a lot, while others were not so good. To me though, it wasn't about winning or losing, it was about having fun. Nothing thrilled me more than seeing the look on someones face when I took a huge pot from them.

    My name is Xu, but everyone called me X. Actually most people called me X the fish, but I think they were jealous I had taken their money. I had learned the best way to play was to play everything. No one could ever figure out what I had, and I liked it that way. I would play four seven off the same as I would pocket aces. I would raise with bottom pair and catch my other card on the river. Sure there were times that I would lose, but usually people were so confused by my style of play they would fold unless they had the absolute nuts. I won a lot of money this way.

    When I was eighteen, I decided rather than going to college that I would move to Vegas and play poker for a living. I ate up the low limit games there and before I knew it I was bringing in three to four hundred a night playing 10/20 hold 'em. The tourists were the best ones to play against, but nothing pleased me more than beating up on some hapless pro who decided to take a step down for the night. They would mutter under their breath when I three bet them with jack seven, reraise their flop bet on an ace high flop and catch runner runner jacks to take down a huge pot. Then they would storm away from the table after I limped with aces, flat called their raise as they tried to get even with me, and check and call them all the way to the river as their measly little pair bit the dust. It was times like those I wished I had brought a camera with me.

    This was the life I led, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I was the best poker player in the world. Only, no one knew it yet.

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    OMG, you have succeeded, hazy, beyond all belief. A home run.





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