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AZ and the hardball express

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  • AZ and the hardball express

    Heck I dont know that that means either. lol

    Ran into az last night at the crap tables (who me? Play craps?) and he told me of his money finish in the tourny. GREAT job az. I am to the point where I am remembering faces ok.. but still having trouble putting the right handle with the face. So I, embarrassed, had to ask him. sheesh.. a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    After craps... 50 dollar loser for 3 hours of play, I head upstairs for the pot limit game. I buy in for a grand and sit waiting for hands.. I finally get one and play it and run into quad 3's. Sheehs.. so I rebuy in again for a grand and play. I finally run into AQ early and raise. and am called by one caller. Flop comes Q62 rainbow and I bet.. caller raises 100 or so... I think he cant have a set and probably same as me or KQ.. so I raise enough he has to go all in. He thinks a long time and finally calls all in and shows AK. The turn is a blank and river is .. drum roll please.. a K. Oh well I still have about 500 left. We play for a couple of hours without much happening when I get a hand.. I dont remember what it is but a short stack at the table plays it with me. All I remember is this guy gets a flop and I run into quads again! Twice in one night...Luckily I still have some chips left so I play till about 1 am when the game breaks and I end up with my second rebuy back. Oh well guess I will wander over to the sats...

    I buy into a one table sat for 120 (it pays two 500 dollar chips and 100 in cash) and play through most of the field. After a long time of picking on the short stack the player at the end of the table is playing well and we finally get to heads up. He immediately says lets to a save of 120 so one of us at least ends up with his buy in back and I agree. We are almost even stacked, I am just a bit behind. He catches me on a couple of hands an I am a serious short stack and he proposes he give me 150 and we call it. I said sure as the blinds will take me out in two hands if I get nothing. So..

    Although I wanted those chips bad I settled for 150 and felt good that I got that much. I talked with the guy and he seems to be a very knowledgable player and I suspect he may be one of the touring pros but I never did find out.

    I went downstairs and saw AZ and W4W over near the craps table but didnt get a chance to go over as the floor man at the other craps table calls me (oh geesh he even knows me by name) and askes me how the cards are treating me. We talk a minute and I look in the general direction of AZ and them but dont see them. So I buy in and play craps till around 3am when I call it quits a 50 dollar loser and head for bed.

    Its now 2:30 pm and time to get to the tables. I am planning on leaving tonight or tomorrow morning and going to visit my folks in Arkansas. They now live about 3.5 hours from here and I want to see them before I go back to Michigan. I have some tournies next week I want to play and will come back to finish out the series. Still havent got a seat in the big one but who knows...

    Well thats about all that I can think of thats happening here at the moment... wish you all were here...

    By the way ... things have sure gotten dull without all the pso'ers here. sheesh.