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Limit Holdem Hand

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  • Limit Holdem Hand

    Here's a hand I was involved in earlier today and would like some feedback on it, good or bad. 4 limpers to me in the big blind. It is a 9/18 game that is playing like a much lower limit game. Extremely loose players. UTG limps. He is a good, loose, aggressive player. MP player limps. He usually plays 20/40, but is playing awfully loose at this point (saw him call 2 bets from another 20/40 player with A2o earlier). Anyhow, the cutoff limps in as well as does the button. The button is fairly solid and I respect his play. The cutoff is a low limit player. I've played 6/12 a few times with him (only for a short period while waiting for my new table, but I've got him pegged as a "D" player). I have 7:c:5:d: in the BB.

    Flop comes 5:s:5:h:4:s:

    I bet out, get called by the UTG, the MP player, and the cutoff. The button mucks.

    Turn is 2:h:

    I consider checking here as any of these guys could be holding the other 5, but I don't think so, and decide to bet out again. UTG folds this time. MP raises, which could mean anything. Overpair is my likely guess or perhaps one of the flush draws. I am ready to three bet him when the cutoff all of a sudden 3 bets it for me. Now, it is two bets to me with the MP left to act behind me. I flash my trips to the UTG and fold my hand and get into quite a discussion after the hand is over.

    Is this fold correct or should I have called or capped the betting on the turn?


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    Although it is probably a good fold most of the time, based on your description of the players I would call or raise.

    The first raiser could have anything, overpair, flush draw, etc. The 3 bettor is saying, I have a made hand, I don't want those draws in. It's probably a 5 or a str8. If you cap (which is what I would have done), you move the guy getting whipsawed who prob has a strong draw and you may get a free showdown with the cutoff. No way I fold based on your read of the players.


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      Limit Hold em hand

      Hi. I am having difficulty replying. I am in Costa Rica for the tournament right now.

      I do not think you can fold, You may have the best hand, you may have 10 outs to beat a made straight, and the pot has become large.

      I will say more in a week when I get back.