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JJ 3 hands. Misplayed?

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  • JJ 3 hands. Misplayed?

    These are 3 different hands that i had JJ in 3 different 10-20 Holdem sessions in Tunica that I have been pondering. Please critique my play.

    1). This game seems semi-tight to me, but I am trying to "move up" from 3-6 and 4-8 to play some 10-20. This game will usually have a raise pre-flop with around 3 people seeing the flop, and maybe one hand in 10 deals will be shown down. Ok.
    I am 5th to act. The person 2nd to act raises 10 and makes it 20. This player get involved more than most other players, and will allways raise if he is first in the pot. I have JdJs and reraise to make it 30. Players to my left rapidly fold, and I hear one player whisper to his neighbor "That's the first time he's raised in an hour". Which is true as I have been tight and had gotten crappy cards. The BB calls and the raiser calls. Flop is Kc-8c-4d. All check to me and I (ok -- mistake # 1) go into NLHE tournament mode (K on flop is DANGER) and check. Turn is 6c. (Darn clubs) All check to me and I check. River is 3c. (Another darn club) All check to me and I think "I was sure stupid" and check. Raiser had 9c9s. BB had 9d10c. I mucked after I saw their hands, as I was feeling quite foolish then.

    2) Now I am at Sams Town on a weekend night at 10-20 game. This game has 4 or 5 "locals", and rest "tourists" in for the WPO. But is "looser" than the #1 game.
    I have JdJh and am 3rd to act. All fold to me and I raise to 20. All fold to the button, who calls. Blinds both fold and now is heads up. Flop is Js-8h-4h. (Thank You). I bet, button raises, I reraise, he reraises, I reraise. He looks concerned and calls. (This guy plays a lot of hands, I do not think he is a local.) Turn is Ah. I check (Damn hearts) He bets and I call. River is Ac. I bet and he calls(What does this guy have?). I show JJ and he shows KK and calls them F****** Ace magnents.

    3) I sit down at open seat on 3rd different 10-20 game. The seat is just to the right of the button, so I decide to post the 10 and take a hand. This is the VERY First hand and I have no read on anybody.
    Before I look at my cards, I figure someone will raise, because I am putting and extra 10 dead money in pot. I look at my cards and see JhJd.(Damn jacks. I resolve to play better, but I don't think i did). all fold to 4th player to act. He raises to 20, Man next to him calls and I call (Mistake? Maybe should reraise?) Blinds fold and we have 3 to see flop of 10c-7d-2s. Raiser acts first and bets, Other guy calls and I call( mistake? should raise?) River is 3d. Raiser bets 20, Other guy calls and I raise(No overcard yet, maybe I should not wait around for the river). The original raiseer quickly folds. Other guy stares at me for a while and then folds. I get the pot, and don't show the cards.

    My poker neurons seem to want to access my tournament poker information, and I do not feel as comfortable with money game situations in general. But Hey. It's a school and Barry is a good guy, and there are a lot of people in the school that have way more experience than I , So Please Help me be a smarter player.

    Shane aka Jeff

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    Three JJ hands - Yes, they we

    Hi, Shane: I do not like your play on any hand. I think your analysis of your motives (save chips) might be acceptable tournament thinking, but in cash games I call it "wimpy play" (sorry for the technical terminology).

    Hand 1: BTF fine. On the flop, you MUST bet. Sure you might be beat, but also someone might lay down AQ (or T9) which can come on the turn. You are MUBing (Monsters Under the Bed - a Lee Jones term I used in my seminar), I would bet this hand in a three-way pot in any game unless I was trying for a fancy play in in a high limit game(check flop, raise turn, check river). Yes, you might be beat, but are you going to lay it down when he bets the turn? If you get check-raised, you can decide what to do then. But bet the flop.

    Hand 2: (Also applied to the tun play in hand 1): STOP CHECKING when a scare card hits. Gee, you are heads up here. He can have anything. He does not need hearts to be in. If he has AK, you will get extra bets. In the worst case, you have 10 outs. You are MUBing again here. Maybe therapy is in order. YOu flop a huge hand, and still start quivering when the tiniest bad thing happens. Look, keep betting until someone tells you to stop, OK. Yes, you might lose an extra bet. This is not critical in cash games unless you have all of your life savings on the table (like Zipman).

    Hand 3: Yes, you should raise the flop. You have no reason to believe you do not have the best hand. Raise early and often in cash games. Become a force, not a caller (or a checker, even). Your raise on the turn intead is a good variety play (look like a guy with AK, then emerge from the disgiuse when the bets go up, but your standard play should be to be raising while people are still in trying to draw against you). Actually thiis a very complex issue having to do with pot size manipulation for later draws, and the fact that the board is rainbow helps decide the raise should be on the flop. Far to difficult a topic to cover here.

    Hope this helps.




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      Yes. Barry. You have confirmed by thoughts on these hands. I think wimpy play or MUBing is an appropriate diagnosis. I will identify those mis-firing neurons and work on those before Feb 16-20 as I plan on being in Las Vegas then to attend a Veterinary Conference, and play poker of course.

      Thank You



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        I'm gonna have to stop reading Barry's teachings. It's making me want to start playing limit again.