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    At the WPO last weekend in the $500 NLHE event, I made 2 mistakes (as far as I can tell). The one I'm most upset about only cost me between $400 and $1300 (blinds were 100-200 then, my stack was around $5k). Had I not made this mistake, it would have been more ammunition for later rounds.

    Here's the hand:

    On the button, I attempt a steal. The standard raise at the time was $600 (this is what everyone else was raising preflop). Like an idiot, I casually grab 2 $500 chips and put them out there and raise it to $1000. If I was played back at, I'd have to fold. So, I put an extra $400 at risk for what would be the same result. Not only that, the size of the bet made it obvious I was stealing. So, I figure I wasted at least the extra $400 I bet, but possibly the entire pot since I may not have been called with a "standard" raise.

    Well, of course I was played back at and had to surrender. I wouldn't have minded losing $600 on that, but the extra $400 was just dumb. If my opponent really had a hand, he would have played back at me or folded if he didn't regardless of the bet size. Why risk $1000 when $600 would have had the same result.

    Anyway, at least I've learned a great lesson. As it turned out, I finished 77th out of 555 and had a great time.

    Any thoughts on this "mistake" would be appreciated. Oh, by the way, the other mistake I made had to do with pushing all-in with pocket tens against an early limper, only to be called by JJ and AA. I think a standard raise may have been appropriate in this situation as well. I could have released the tens and still been in the tourney (77 left at the time, top 27 get paid).


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    Andrew, that is one of the reasons why my raise is always the same - it disguises your hand. I made raises in this tourney of 3x the BB with JT, A4, QQ and AA - the only time I varied the raise was when there were limpers in front of me or a raiser in front of me, then I jack it up a notch. Not varying the raises also allows for action when you do have something, I actually got played back at when I had QQ and AA and was able to bust both of those players. That would be my only suggestion to you - if you are first to act, make your raise the same amount every time. I know you played well there - and yes, I agree, the all in with TT was probably incorrect, again if you are first to act, you should bring it in for a standard raise unless this raise would commit you to the pot anyway, then all in is correct.



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      Nice to see you back. Now, could you go through and undelete all your old posts?



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        I'd rather he kept deleting the new ones as he goes along