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AZHardball makes the $

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  • AZHardball makes the $

    AZhardball (Jeff) made the money today in the $500 buy in Omaha/08 Tournament at the WPO!!
    Not sure exactly what place..but somewhere in the 20s...
    He also had a nice win in the $30/60 HE ring game at the Horseshoe...rumor has it!!

    WTG Jeff !!!


  • #2
    Way to go Jeff!

    For those who have not met AZ in person, he is one of the funnest, nicest people there is (for that matter, so are most of the PSO'ers I met).



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      Jeff finished 26th in the 500 buy in Omaha Hi-Lo!

      He played well throughout considering he hardly had any chips during the whole event. At the dinner break there were 28 players left (27 got paid) and our hero, left with 7 chips, was worried he would bubble out of the tournament. (Some poor unfortunate soul returned from the dinner break to discover that he had been raced out of the tournament when they raced off the black chips.) Shortly thereafter Hardball raised all in UTG + 1 with KK96 double was folded around to the BB who called the small raise. Things were looking great when the BB rolled over JJ22.......until one of his 4 outs hit the river...sending Jeff to the rail.


      Thanks Hardball it was a blast hanging out with you! See you in AZ soon!


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        I'll echo hazy.....Jeff is a great, great guy. Congrats Jeff on the great tourney!!!!


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          You guys must not have slept with him in Tunica like I did. Wait...that didn't come out right.


          • #6
            This must mean the LAPC is in your future.


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              You were right AZ, you suck Damn I wish I was there to see it. I can only imagine the trouble you and Chip will get into now that you both moneyed!

              oil doe


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                I didnt' know you could race out of a tourney!! In fact, I asked that specific question at Sams Town. Maybe the WPO does it differently..but it would seem only the fair thing to leave the poor soul ONE chip of what ever denomination they are coloring up to. Sheesh.


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                  Congrats AZ!

                  Ricky Hard


                  • #10
                    Nice job AZ!!!!! I knew you could do it! Great meeting you!!



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                      I think we found our bubble boy - found this on RGP:

                      My second WPO is going well, being that Im 22 years old means Ill
                      likely enjoy many more. However, something came up yesterday in the
                      Omaha Hi/Lo event that boggles my mind. I manage to outlast most of
                      the field, getting all in two dozen times or so, including only having
                      one chip with 70 players to go and never amassing more than fifteen at
                      any point after that to making it to the final 28 players and the
                      dinner break. I have four hundred dollar chips and am "on the bubble"
                      to make the money. Returning from the break, they race off the $100
                      chips and I am raced out of the tournament, failing to receive a chip
                      and a chance to continue to battle was the worst beat i have ever
                      suffered in my poker career, and personally feel it was unjust. I
                      thought they fixed this type of situation years ago, last year my dad
                      was down to one chip in this WPO event at the final table with eight
                      players left, he had half of the big blind for that hand, and yet
                      managed to finish second in the tournament. So I never gave up and
                      continued to battle for many hours short stacked, and felt this 'race
                      off' way of getting eliminated just left a real sour taste in my
                      mouth. Why have they not changed this rule? Bo


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                        JEFF: Congrats on a super tourney!! I hope to run into you again in March when I come to Phoenix. More on that later!


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                          Thanks all for the kind words.... absolutely one of the funnest times I've had. Even though it was a cheap way to make the money(other guy raced off) I sure needed to get a little sniff of money. I am already ready for the next convention so be sure to bring your drinkin shoes again.... JJ take care pal yes it was a blast partying with ya'll. Thanks for the wake-up call Ricky. Platinum Plus is for sure a go next time.... Hazy ... great to meet ya buddy.... super fun. I didn't want to leave.