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Dixie and Laura chapter 1

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  • Dixie and Laura chapter 1

    "Do you think you can accually win?" remarks Jamie. "I know I can. I am playing real well and the cardshave been with me for more than ten sessions. There is no questions about should I play at the WPO, for me that is." "I hope you are right. I don't want to buy half of everything you do on a whim!" "Patience Grasshopper" laughs Dixie. Jamie knew that when Dixie was confident that nothing could stop him. In fact, he thought, the only thing that brings him to a hault is woman. Dixie had been divorced twice and never planned to do it again. Jamie was sure of this because of the heart break of both divorces had torn Dixie apart. "OK, lets do it when do we leave???" asks Jamie. "It starts in few days and I have got to take off to go with you. How about Wedesday?" Dixie thinks for a minute and laughs and says "You will be leaving after me then." Jamie knew then that Dixie was going to play hard and aggressive. The perfect syle for Dixie was just that, because that is the way he lived and breathed.
    As Dixie leaves he thinks back about all things that have affected his poker career. "I can't let myself fall back into the rut that I had when Dana left me that was a tagic time." It almost killed him. He remembered when she left how heart broken he was. She took everything he had built. It tore him up emontionally and financially. If it werent for jamie, his best friend, he would have never found his first love again, Poker. Through thick and thin, it had been his base. He had talents and he knew it. He could read people because he was a tuning fork for emotions. He could feel the other players somehow. Not really knowing where it all came from. He just knew when he would a win or lose badly, but he had to be focused. He needed the wins more that money just to prove to himself that he wanted to know what jamie knew. That he could play POKER.
    Jamie knew that it wasnt a question of could Dixie win, but if he would win. He had known Dixie since childhood. They had grown up in the same poker rooms, but dixie always had the talent. He could win when no one else could. Even if the cards would not be there, his presence and aggressive play always took over. He seemed to know the flop before it hit. And when play and against who.
    It will be an adventure he thought to see Dixie in action again at the top of his game, but jamie knew he was Dixies rock. The one who kept Dixie going and focused. he knew that Dixie had built a wall around himself for prtoection against anyone who wanted a relationship with him. He had come close to several women, but at the point of love, Dixie always folded. Almost as if Dixie knew the cards were not going to fall right, but once Dixie fell he could not stop himself and always got crushed.
    The day came for them to leave. " How do you feel Dixie" Jamie ask reluctantly as if looking for the wrong answer to comeout of him. Dixie turns after he put his suitcase and backpack in the car and says " how do feel......hell How do i look?" Jamie giggles and says"Ugly as usual" knowing Dixie was tall and very handsome with eyes that could burn through any womans soul. Dixie pauses and gets in the car. He looks at Jamie and snickers "I hope I dont meet a woman, because that would screw it all up. I have never meet a woman poker player. and you know that would turn me on." he knew this would get Jamie going. " you better not! Damnit am i going to have to get my whip out!" knowing he had bluffed Jamie agian " i am just kidding you know i built that wall of steel and iron. No tells remember. Play hard to win and nothing else." Jamie hoped this was the truth, but then again he could never tell when Dixie was bluffing.