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Hazy's WPO 500 NLHE Tourney

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  • Hazy's WPO 500 NLHE Tourney

    800 in starting chips, initial blinds 5/10, 50 minute rounds.

    Fold first two orbits to establish my tight image and get a read on the other players. Wildbill41 is also at my table. Players at the table are fairly predictable - three loose calling stations (one in particular limps every hand), a couple of rocks who only come in, or bet with the nuts, and a couple of players who have no clue what they are doing. I like the table and hope I am here for a while. First hand I play is 39 off in the SB - folded to me, I bring it in for 30 and the BB folds. I fold a couple more orbits - waiting for a hand to take against the fish who is limping every hand (he's won a few pots so he has some chips). Blinds are 10/25 now and I get QQ in MP. Fish is two to my right and has limped UTG. I make it 100 to go. All fold to the fish who looks at me, hesitates as if he is unsure, and makes it 400 to go. I immediately go all in, I'm either busting or doubling up here. He calls with 77. No help and I double through. Fish is gone shortly thereafter, and I am very sad about this.

    I only play one more hand before the first break, the last hand before the break. AK suited UTG, I bring it in for 100 and one of the other fishies flat calls. Everyone else folds. Rag flop and I check it down to the river where the fishie hits a 6 to go with his Ace 6 suited to take down the pot (I think this is one of two hands I misplayed the entire tourney - I should have bet either the flop or turn here). Get to the first break with about 1350 in chips - my goal was 1200, so I am looking good, especially with the table I am at.

    After the break, I get a little fortunate. With the blinds at 50/100 I get Aces and make it 300 to go. The fishie who had Ace 6 calls me. Flop comes with an ace rag rag rainbow. Here is mistake number two. Rather than checking it and setting up a bluff by the fishie on the turn, I bet it out and the fishie folds. I learn from this though, and make a note to myself to not let that happen again.

    Less than one orbit later, I get Aces again. This time the fishie has raised before me 300. I hesitate a bit, act like I'm going to muck, and then raise him another 300. The fish is clueless, and he reraises all in. We face the cards - he has KJ suited, he gets two of his suit on the turn (I flop a set again) but no spade on the river and he is gone. WildBill is crippled by one of the rocks on a bluff attempt. Bill has about 250 left in chips with the blinds at 50/100 and goes all in in EP. I have AQ and somewhat reluctantly call. Bill has KT and when a Q flops I knock him out. I get to the 2nd break with about 2500 - more improvement.

    David Pham takes Bill's place after the break and him and I talk (super nice guy). I bust another short stack with AQ (he too held KT like Bill) shortly after and add another 300 to my stack. I make one bluff reraise on a Pham cutoff raise of my BB with 78 suited and he lays down 99 face up. I am moved then to a table with T.J. Cloutier and Cowboy Wolford (there is nothing intimidating about playing against world class players IMO). I go on a little dry run and am forced to make a couple of steals with K9 suited as first to act in MP (TJ's BB) and A4 suited in the SB when folded to me. Get to the third break at around 3200.

    After the break the antes kick in and I go on a serious dry run. I make a couple of steal attempts that are reraised and I have to lay them down. Nothing else though, and I am blinded/anted down to 1200 with the blinds at 150/300, antes 75 (I think). I am pushing in with any pair, two face or ace here. I get 55 as first to act in MP. I push all in. All fold, and I am up to 2400 (dead money was 1150). I get AK suited in the SB and the cutoff raises all in. All fold to me, and I call (he has me covered by 200). He turns over A7. Flop comes AK and I am up to about 5000. I then make three steals in succession over the next 5 hands with A8 off, TJ suited, and 33 and am up to a little over 9000 (blinds and antes have increased).

    We are down to about 50 players and I have an average to above average stack at my table (only 2 players have me outchipped). I get KK in the SB. It is folded to the button who makes it 1800 to go (blinds are 300/600 at this point). There is about 5000 in dead money in the pot and I am still at about 9000. I push all my chips into the middle of the table, completely confident that I have the button beat, and am about to have 14-15 thousand in chips or more if he calls me. Much to my chagrin, the big blind is all in in a flash right after I call all in - he is one of the two stacks that has me covered, and I know what he has before the cards are even flipped over (the button folds 99, he said he would have called my all in). Big Blind turns over Aces - I get a flush draw on the turn, but no spade comes on the river and I am knocked out in about 50th place of 555. I go off to root for jmuzzey, jbh5000 and wstwst and am thrilled at how well they play.

    I am a little disappointed with how it ended, but I played well, and know now that I can compete with the best and hold my own.


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    Nice report, Hazy.... next time that pivotal hand will go your way and we'll be reading about what you plan to do with the money


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      Congrats! Was this your first major event tourney? You did great. If you wanted to, I am sure you could have a great poker career ahead of you.

      As for the writing, I like the way you refer to JT as TJ while TJ Cloutier is at your table.

      Peace, Starrs LSOGC E2C


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        Hazy thanks for the report i enjoyed it.

        Thief 21