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Oil Doe Does Tunica

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  • Oil Doe Does Tunica

    Oil Doe's Preliminary Report on the Lighter Side

    The brain cells are dying off fast now, so I just wanted to jot down some quick notes before it all fades away on me. WARNING: PAINFULLY LONG

    Twas the Night Before
    With a 10-hour drive looming the next day, I can't sleep. The prospect of getting back to the WPO and meeting PSOers offers more distraction than Santa on Christmas Eve. After a not-so-solid 3.5 hours of sleep I am on the road by 6:00am ? and the adrenaline rush sees me through without incident.

    I get into the GoldStrike about 4:30pm and hang out in my room for awhile. I register for the semester over the phone, knowing that I will be blowing off a meeting with my dissertation chair at the poker tables. I have my priorities. It?s almost 11:00 pm when I put on the Stetson and head down to the tourney room. As I walk in I hear a chorus calling out my name, emanating from an unruly group of about 20 on the far end of the hall. This is a truly motley crew and I realize my only salvation is to turn around and make a run for it ? but I am obviously not here for salvation. I head over to the group like a moth to the flame and instantly I know I am home. I immediately recognize Freddieboy, goddess, Ranger Rick and Shane - all who I had the pleasure of meeting last year, and that great experience is one of the reasons I am back again for more. Then there were all the new players: Indy Bob, the muzzeys, Debonair, Res Ipsa, Bart M, Greagar, Bruno, Astro, WildBill, AZhardballs, PocketRocket, Ricky Hard, Ronit F, Cardster, Trisail, Cockroach, Smiley1, and well there were probably at least a half dozen more. Hugs all around - did someone grab my ass? As soon as someone pops a beer in my hand I know I am not playing tonight, with only an egg mcmuffin as my base, lack of sleep and the long drive, it hits me like a ton of bricks.

    The crowd soon takes over a 3/6 HE game in the poker room ? well lets face it ? they take over the poker room. Its hard to do this event justice, although I think Greagar's post comes closest. Suffice to say it was like a tag team WWF match with cocktail waitresses. After a few hours and more beers, standing becomes a challenge for me and I crash at 2:00am, a full four hours before the serious players call it quits

    Poker High Point: Warning Poker Content and Collusion Reference
    After a lackluster card dead PSO tourney, I want to play a satellite. But I've watched the play in the no limits and it seems a little donkey heavy. They have been starting some limits so I go up to the front to see if I can catch one. Waiting for the next sat to call I bump into another player waiting that I recognize as a 10-20 stud player from Foxwoods. As we sit down to play the dealer announces that this will be a stud sat - the first of the night. I realize my friend has influenced the game selection. As I pay my $80 I wonder why I have agreed to play stud - a game I have NEVER played live - with a player who specializes in the game. The good news is that this sat plays tight - almost never more than 2 callers and the bring-in and almost never played beyond a raise. Early in I pick decent starters and mostly bail after obvious overpairs. My friend immediately starts to pick up chips. After almost an hour no one has busted! Medium to short stacked I find Q3 in the hole and 9 up; all hearts and no hearts out. I limp to make if 4 players. I am 4 flush on 4th street with no other hearts out. One player catches a K on 4th (obviously paired) and bets it out. I am the only caller. My opponent knows damn well what I am waiting for, betting it all the way down yelling "club" "spade". I have to put myself all-in on 6th street, but there are still no other hearts in play. 7th street and I am flush and double up. I think it is then that AZ pops a beer in my cup holder. I am a deadly one-beer player. Within 5 minutes, 3 players bust; all busted by my friend the dealer is now affectionately calling the "terminator." I catch one more lucky hand as the bring-in 77 in the hole and 3 up with only one other player. Player bets on 4 street and I give it a call. 5th street pairs my 3s and I bet it and get called. I bet 6th street and get called. No improvement and we both check down 7th street and my wimpy 2 pair hold. I am now in decent chip position, although the "terminator" out chips us all. I let the terminator do all the heavy lifting to get us down to 3 players. I am about equal stack with the 3rd player. And finally the deck hits me. I am able to take two consecutive hands on 3rd street with a K showing and an Ace showing. I show the aces to make sure I don?t get targeted as a stealer. Two hands later I have jacks in the hole and a T up (2 spades). Even with the terminator showing a K, I like this hand. Bring-in, limp by me and terminator pops it. I am pretty sure he has Ks and call anyway and the bring-in also calls. 4th street brings my third jack; well hidden. Terminator bets, bring in calls and I pop the raise and both call. I bet down 5th street and terminator folds and bring-in calls. I put the bring-in all in on 7th street with no improvement to my hand (he has no obvious str8 or flush but I was hoping to boat none the less). He shows 2 pair (9s and 2s) and terminator confesses to folding Ks. To fold Ks early in suggests that this boy can read me fairly well. I have a slight chip lead on the terminator now, but I've just had a great run in a game I think I will be outmatched in. Terminator asks if I want to chop. I say "You bet your ass I do." He explains that he is offering the chop not just because he respects my play ? but because he was recently burned by a woman in a sat at the World Poker Finals. Seems it was down to two and he a very slight chip lead. She suggested a 50/50 chop and he declined. 5 hands later she had the lead. He suggested they chop. She said, "Sure. But because you were such a butthead not to chop before - the split is now 60/40." He said he learned his lesson.

    I see the terminator playing another stud sat. He is small stack with 3 players. As I stroll by I ask how he is doing and he tells me he thinks he's gonna take this one also. And 10 minutes later, he does. Yikes. Then he asks if I want to play another. I say I am pretty tired and got lucky earlier. He still tries to talk me into it suggesting we "could take it easy on each other and chop another one." My first offer of collusion. I am so proud.

    Poker Low Point:
    I head over to the Omaha Hi/Lo at the Grand, meeting up with rggator, AZ, PocketRocket, Richie Rich and one more (was it the hazyone? the brain is fried now). I end up catching a seat next to a dealer known by rggator. This guy does magic tricks and repeatedly asks if I want to see his banana. I catch early and chase late making a lackluster showing. I head back to the GoldStrike and get corralled by Cardster to play a no-limit sat and find Jahana seated as well. Card dead, card dead, and card dead. I have T3o in the bb and get called only by Cardster. We check down the flop and after I check the turn he mucks with a shit-eating grin on his face. And this from a guy who loves to come over the top. Well boys and girls, I have heard of a "sympathy ****" before, but this was my first sympathy muck. When Jahana asked what I had to inspire such an act I said, "Cardster knew what I had."

    I Like to Watch:
    As much as I was charged by playing, I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed and learned just watching. It was great to witness the money finishes of PSOers. It was exhilarating to see them take the pros on. The final table of the $500 NLHE was incredibly entertaining and informative. I now will refer to calling all-in with the third best hand "pulling a Shulman." And David Bach (2nd place finisher) had perfect body control. He repeated exactly the same body movements whether he was about to go all-in or fold. No read on this guy at all. I was sorry I missed the Stud Hi/Lo as I knew 3 people who moneyed: DocH, Judy Ingram (a tough Texas gal who finished in the top 3 of the ladies last year) and Chip Jett (a fast playing, rum and coke drinking, hilariously funny guy. He was the one behind the strip club excursion that thankfully never got off the ground. That was a forum post just waiting to happen)

    Bets I missed:
    1) Under on over/under 3.5 hours of sleep a night
    2) Over on over/under getting hit on 7 times a day; a middle aged woman'ss dream. Who knew poker tourneys were such fertile ground? I think I know why New Jane enjoys the game so much.
    3) Over on over/under shooting beer out my nose 3 times a night from laughing. I blame PocketRocket for this - otherwise I could have held it to once a night. That one night with PocketRocket, AZ, Double Eagle and Ricky Hard had me spewing like a fountain.
    4) I blew the bet on how many times the player next to me at the Grand Omaha Hi/Lo would offer to show me his banana. I bet 8 times; the 7 seat won the bet at 11 times.

    There is no way to put into words how great the PSOers were to be with - how well the school performed against an incredibly tough field - and how much respect and notoriety the school gained in our short time there.

    I am totally going through withdrawal. I miss y'all.

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    Originally posted by oil doe
    That one night with PocketRocket, AZ, Double Eagle and Ricky Hard had me spewing like a fountain.
    Interesting visual! 8O

    It was great meeting you Doe! Had a 'blast' myself!

    Good report..."sympathy muck" - rofl



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      oh my god. sympathy muck. I sure wish I wasnt in the midst of a sip of beer when I read that. Amy, the bill for keyboard cleaning will be in the mail shortly.



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        It was a pleasure meeting you. Had the time of my life even though I had no idea what everyone was laughing at.



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          ...a vision in black.


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            Thanks for making me LAUGH OUTLOUD!!! I missed the "banana" man and the beer spewing, but I did get my share of "hits" for which I shall be eternally grateful! At my age...well, nevermind

            I understand about the withdrawal. I feel a sadness come over me all of a sudden, then I realize it is because I am here and you guys are there...somewhere..far away and it might be months til I see you again. Bruce said it best at lunch today when he said, " I think you are truly in your element when you are around your poker buds." Thank God for a husband who understands what is important to me...and after he met all you crazies, he still loves me!

            Again, thanks, Amy!!
            You are the best....


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              Bruce is a class act, Jane. I think we all agree on that!!

              Amy, it was a true pleasure meeting you! Next time, I gotta party with you so I can see this beer fountain trick you've perfected!!

              And I have to agree with the rest of the males of the species: you do great things for denim.

              See you at the tables!
              -Bart M.


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                Amy babe,

                The stetson and the top definetly. You've got way to much going on for me. You have no idea how many times I would muck for you! You are the coolest. What a pleasure it was meeting and getting to know you. Can't wait to muck to you again. Great post.

                Love Dave (Cardster)


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                  You were indeed the belle of the ball....welcome to the old YOU GO GIRL!!! Great fun...gets better all the time!! Hope to see ya soon !!