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depraved and the world champs

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  • depraved and the world champs

    I entered the card room to get on the list for the 5/10 pot limit holdem game, my new love by the way, and saw Depraved sitting at another table. We talked and he told me he just had gotten to play with a world champ, Barry Johnston. He was quite excited about it.

    My table was right next to his as I sat down to play. I happened to glance at depraved's table and see a gentleman in the ten seat that looked familiar. I sat and thought for a moment and realized it was Tom McEvoy. I finally went over and pulled depraved aside and casually mentioned that he was still playing with a world champ. Tom McEvoy... hehe.. he was quite surprised and got to talk with Tom a bit.

    I chastised Tom, jokingly of course, about him NOT wearing one of his customary flowery shirts, to which he replied he was saving them for the big events. lol

    As I mentioned above I have found a new home. Pot limit holdem. I find it as thrilling as any game I have ever played besides no limit. In any case you cant find a no limit game spread anywhere around me other than an occasional tournament. I sat down at this 5/10 game two days ago and haven't left it except for some brief sleep. like I said I found a new home. lol

    Well thats all for now.. its about 9 am and I am just getting to bed... sheesh what a long night. But then it was worth the hourly rate. lol

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    It would be fun to here about some hands once you've finished.


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      Rick and I played at the same table for most of my ten-hour session of PLHE 5-10 Monday afternoon/evening. This is how one hand went down:

      I have about 800 in front of me, the other players in the hand more. The first four players pass and I look down at 8-8. Given my tight image at the table, I figure I can make it 40 to go and pick up the blinds. Of course, I was way off the mark on this one, as the cutoff, button and small blind (Rick) all called!!

      The flop came J-8-2 with a diamond draw,and Rick checks. Betting the pot here in my mind is automatic- it looks suspicious if I check it down after raising pre-flop, as I'm practically telling the world I have A-K. All call.

      The turn brings a queen, but I felt I was already committed and that the queen, while putting three parts of a straight on board, is not at all likely to make that straight for anyone, so I moved my remaining 600 to the centre of the table. The cutoff thought it over and called, the button and Rick both mucked. Once the money went in, my remaining opponent turned over 2-2!! He'd been playing aggressively, but this surprised me. After all, I am a known seat plug!!! :lol:

      After a harmless diamond came on the river, Rick mentioned that he'd had A-Q of diamonds. Good thing I made the correct play this once on the flop and turn!!! 8)

      Afterwards, I asked Mark about the way the play had gone- he said the only thing he might have done differently was possibly to check-raise from Rick's spot some of the time, as he likes to play aggressively, while noting that this was a question of style.
      Otherwise, he felt the hand was played as it had to be.