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Don't like the new design

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  • Don't like the new design

    The functionality of the new software is just fine. I really like the action inside the name badges. The display of actions, change of color, etc. I can appreciate that it probably has taken a lot work.
    They should just be much smaller and perhaps even transparent.

    The old design in the card room was much better, very aesthetic looking with the right balance between the elements of the poker room - chairs, cards, everything.

    Now, in the new room the name badges are too big and dominating. The font used for the names is too big and actually makes it difficult to see the chip holding, as the numbers are in the same font. Make the badges smaller, change the color so it is not so flashy (perhaps they should be transparent, and with a small font in a color that makes the name and chip holding stand out.) Generally, I don't like the fat font. Thin is better.

    Downtone the logo on the table. One good thing in the old room, was that you could see the chairs, making it seem exclusive. The badges are now blocking - way too much yellow in the room. Before the dark chairs and background made a nice contrast to the table. The new badges gives it a kind of slot or video poker machine look.

    To summarize, all the elements need to be adjusted in color and size, and the final design should then be looked at as a whole - preferably by the same person who did the previous design, which was the best I have ever seen - anywhere. That design of good taste is worth much more than some flashy badges which every other room has in one version or another.

    I think many members are so fond of the school and the software, that they would willingly give their opionion of any change of design before it was to be implemented.



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    Thank you for your feedback, it is really appreciated.

    We are already looking at making the gold disks transparent and then making the timer button have the same look and feel.
    We are also going to make the larger fonts on the table match, ie the balancing tables, table busted and waiting for hand.

    My webmaster has been out of town for a few days, so once she is back on Monday we will start work on this immediately.




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      ok, I must own up..... Everything that happened in terms of look and feel up until this latest upgrade came from Tina. I did the gold thing

      Tina has smacked my wrist and will now work with Megan next week to correct the errors of my ways. I think you might see something more pleasing next week.

      I do like the action temporarily replacing the username and bankroll (fold, check etc). Today we have been debating the action staying on the player for the full betting round but I want to make this comment. In the real world a player acts and that is it. The chips stay out in front of him/her and then the next person acts. There is no sign to tell you what action the player took. Your information comes from observing and at any point you can look at the chips out in front of a player to know how much he/she bet. I am very reluctant to go back on that decision because in all honesty it can actually get more confusing when there is a raise and a re-raise and now it gets back to the original raiser and the actions displayed are now very confusing.

      Oh, the logo on the table, that was Megan and it was supposed to be toned down a lot but slipped by me somehow.

      Regarding the fonts, please note that we will be requiring everyone to upgrade to the latest full download that is now available on PokerPages within the next month or so. The new version on pokerpages/pokerschool has 1.4.1 included. Everyone WILL have to have this soon to use our software.

      Once you have this I think you will prefer the software. Then you have the choice of going into the settings and turning the smooth fonts on or off depending on your personal preference. I hope you will all take my advice and do that new full download as soon as possible.

      In the meantime Tina will be cleaning up after me and I hope you will all prefer her creativity over mine :roll:



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        I find it nearly impossible to look at a stack of chips on-line and know what the bet is. Whereas in a cardroom I can estimate very well and you can always ask what the bet is if you are not sure.

        If we had the option of just seeing play without chat then reviewing the action is trivial. As it is when you are a a chatty table the "play" data is practically useless. Instead of offering just certain combinations why not choose chat on or off and play from Everything, normal (current Play & Chat), and minimal (Results). Then users can customize what shows in the window to suit theire wishes.


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          You can run your mouse over the stack and that will tell you exactly how much is bet also.



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            Originally posted by TrumpinJoe
            I find it nearly impossible to look at a stack of chips on-line and know what the bet is.
            I agree completely. I also find it much more difficult to pay attention when looking at play on a screen. Playing on the computer rather than with real people is much more difficult and should probably be kept in mind when designing the layout etc.

            If we had the option of just seeing play without chat then reviewing the action is trivial.
            Yes, and it would be even easier if there was a colour scheme for the text representing different parts of the play. For example, the flop, turn, and river cards being a different colour to the other text. The bets and raises being another colour. So it is easy to review at a glance, rather than having to search the text for the info.


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              Thanks for your replys. I look forward to seeing the final design.

              I agree that the last action should only display for a short time in the badges - like it is now seems to be fine.




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                lazy as I am, I dont like to have to study the board to see where the blinds are located--that info was shown the old was

                and I dont allways remember how many chips I have, and there are times in the new way that I cant see mine--and, or, some others

                dont know about colors, but somehow new way seems harder to read

                and I still cant win---fix that


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                  i do like the aspect of having to pay closer attention to what the action is. that being said, how does anyone expect me to pay attention? I can't even remember what i had for lunch...

                  It is more realistic to watch action happen and I believe it will help in real games, however, i know the folks online are looking for easy and smooth not realistic and somewhat taxing sooo...



                  • #10
                    Jellow, studying to find out where the blinds are shouldn't take too long to figure out. The button never moves and you always know where that is at a glance. The fact that you cannot see your chip amount for about 2 seconds when you act surely is not inconvenient when you have 20 seconds to act. When someone else acts the action is shown to you and then the bankroll and username returned. I believe this only takes a few seconds max and I cannot see that this could possibly effect your decision. I am also assuming that you got the patch where your bankroll is shown at all times to you and not just when it is your turn to act? Please email me if you only see your gold disk when it is your turn to act.

                    Noodles good points. I have to say I have never played online and watched text apart from chat so I was unaware really that so many seem to be watching the action in the text while playing. I always watch the graphical representation of the game and feel that if by doing that I can follow the action then the software has been thought about by someone that understands poker. I believe apart from a couple of errors by us on this latest version we had achieved that. Although it could not become a top priority at this stage I will certainly add your suggestion of color coding to Shawns todo list.

                    Martan, I have to admit that my personal goal has always been to get as close as possible to the real thing when designing our online poker software. That way, I believe we will produce players that go into the real world at some point and can understand what is going on without asking the dealer where the chat box is

                    I know that the majority of the human race do not like change. It is always easier to leave things as they are, this is just human nature, but I believe that eventually if we do that our software will become outdated and boring and I never want that. As I have already said, I personally made a few mistakes on this latest version and they are being corrected this coming week.

                    If I still feel, at the end of next week, as I do at the moment that the corrections have not worked and satisfied the vast majority then we will continue tweaking until the goal is achieved.



                    • #11
                      Noodles good points. I have to say I have never played online and watched text apart from chat so I was unaware really that so many seem to be watching the action in the text while playing.
                      I do sometimes glance at the text during the hand, so that is one reason for colour coding for the bets and cards. However, during a hand this was mainly to see what the total bet size was, (which is no longer shown, so that's another thing I would like to see returnes).

                      The main reason for my suggestion though is for when you are not in the hand and are distracted. There is a showdown at the end. The next hand starts and you want to have a quick glance at the previous hand to see how the action went, to see how some opponents are playing. It's a pain to have to search through it all, finding the flop bets, turn bets, where the flop betting ends and turn betting begins, and in the process being distracted from the current hand. Having the board cards, showndown cards, and bets stand out from the rest of the text would enable this to be done at a glance. Also maybe a different colour code for different actions rather than just the one for all actions.

                      Sat with real people, you would be aware of how the action had gone, no matter how distracted you were, due to people calling out the bets, different voices and spacial awareness etc. You don't get this on a screen.


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                        Can I just say that I hate it?? I liked feeling I was at someplace special, that PSO was where you really played poker.....

                        Now I feel like I am at Ultimate-Paradise-Stars

                        If we put back on the old software will it still work???


                        • #13
                 personal goal has always been to get as close as possible to the real thing..."
                          AHA! This is where the thinking is flawed. "The real thing" is in fact online poker, not so-called "live action". There is probably tenfold more hands played online than in card rooms (although home games exceed both, in all probability) and not thinking "outside the envelope" but slavishly trying to imitate the flawed B&M experience is a root cause of the shortcomings of this (and most other) site.

                          Attention to graphics is mostly wasted. Paying no heed to the fact that most people play (or soon will play) multiple tables at once is unforgivable. To leave an uncalled board on display for several seconds is beyond annoying. For the UTG player to be timed out before getting cards to see is patently absurd. Not to show the winning hand in a showdown vs. an all in loser doesn't qualify, and shows that the priorities of making the player "badges" into barely legible (what in the world is that spade doing in the background?) rather than dealing with worthwhile items are sadly misplaced.

                          Why can't we click on a player's "badge" and see her picture/ranking/notes(the ones we have been encouraged to keep)? Why did students have to do the programming of calculating one's "ladder" standings while playing and collecting the rankings data? Why hasn't that effort been allowed to expand to include all students' info? Because somebody had to decide to change the fonts so that they couldn't be read when one is using a higher resolution screen format in order to play two games at once?

                          Why can't geezer let you know how he really feels about the new "upgrade"?



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