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10.000 pso money heads up?

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  • 10.000 pso money heads up?

    Anyone who want to go for a big match :?:

    $10.000 in a single heads up match :?:

    First one to take my challenge is a deal.

    This weekend would be great!
    A suggstion could be at 3 pm cst on saturday...Just reply in thie threat and
    it is a go.

    Lets play some cards :wink:


  • #2
    I'll do it if I can get the software to load.


    • #3
      That sounds great Apryll :P

      Yes i have some problems myself with the software, can´t use the
      raise button box.

      Only the bar!

      Just reply in this threat and let me know :!:

      3 pm cst on Saturday betting 10.000, let me know if it will be a go.




      • #4
        Works for me. Now get your buddies at PSO support to fix my problem so I can show up.


        • #5

          I think it will be a update, i talked to Tim about my problem and
          i guess it will be ok when we play.

          I sure hope so :P

          Good Luck on Saturday

          I e-mail Tim to set up the match.



          • #6
            You guys,
            Try setting your hardware accelerator to half it worked for me

            my computer-control panel--display-settings-Advanced

            look for it here every video card is different



            • #7
              Thanks Bert I will try it, but you know what, I should not have to! I have 6 paysite clients on this machine and they run better than fine. The old software, after a lot of headaches, ran better than fine. PSO should not release these udates to paying customers until the bugs are worked out. I'm a paying beta tester, I must be out of my mind.



              • #8
                matts, the raise thing will be fixed in the new version


                • #9
                  Mats, I have access to the software, so it is on. I will see you at the tables Saturday at 3 pm central US. Good luck.

                  Aha, you booking this one too?


                  • #10
                    Apryll I thought you uninstalled all of the pay poker sites :lol:

                    Maybe you should defrag your computer after all of those installs and uninstalls!


                    • #11
                      LOL bug, I did uninstall them (and I did a defrag too). I reinstalled most of them this month after winning a couple of tournaments at stars. Figure I am playing on house money at this point. Plus 5 nights a week at the card room did not go over well with the wife. Several emails with various support people have me convinced they are policing collusion. I still think a hacker can intercept the packet coming from the host server, but I don't play hi limit online anymore, so even if I am being cheated I can't really be hurt financially.

                      So rub it in and enjoy the moment!


                      • #12
                        Very nice game mats.


                        • #13
                          Tanks apryll!

                          You played great and it was tough to play against you!

                          You put me down early and it was tought to figure if
                          you bluffed or not.

                          You bought a lot of pots in a good way!

                          You are a great player!

                          So i was wating for the chance to go ahead of you and then i got
                          JJ and was figuring i was ahead but everything can hapen and
                          unfortunately for me it did that time :P

                          You beated me fair and square!

                          You are a hell of a player apryll!

                          Make good use of the money you won till i might collect some more
                          before we do it again :lol:

                          I needed this match for great learning expeirence!
                          You played in a way no one has played against me and
                          it teached me some.
                          So thanks for the learning!

                          :h: Congrats :h:



                          • #14
                            i would love to play you or anybody in a 10,000 heads up match as heads up play is my strongest
                            can anybody lend me 9,600
                            either that or wait till i manage to pull off a few badbeats and win a decent size tourney lol



                            • #15

                              That is a deal!

                              when you have managed to get 10 k i will play you!


                              Just let me know when you have and want to play for 10.000 $