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Convention Day 1 of 6

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  • Convention Day 1 of 6

    WARNING: Many of you already know I am long-winded, so this will likely be a very long post. See… I couldn’t even just say, “warning: long post”.

    “Let me explain…No. There is too much, let me sum up…”



    The morning of my trip begins with the somber news of the plane crash in North Carolina. The plane was the same model turboprop I would be on in a few hours. Bad omen? Have I mentioned that this would be the first time that I ever flew? Everything went smoothly, though, and I arrived in Memphis on time. A few minutes of searching the airport turned up Keycon, my ride. He informed me that he had a brutal cold and if he didn’t have to pick me up from the airport, he would have turned around and went home. We drive around scenic lower Memphis for awhile, missing our exit over and over again (I hate that loop, gets me every damn time). We arrive and proceed to check in. There is a line of about 6 or 7 ahead of us, including Barry and Jeff Shulman. Moments after we arrive in line, Men Nguyen comes storming into the lobby cussing his limo driver up one side and down the other, bitching loudly about the ride to anyone and everyone. He then gets in line behind us. One of the Phams showed up and he began talking to him loudly in Vietnamese (about the limo, I’m sure). We were later told by Wildbill, who apparently was in line with us as he was right behind Men, that Tom McEvoy was two spots behind him. Missed him though. I thought this is a little different than seeing one of your favorite football stars checking into a hotel as you are not going to be spending the weekend playing football with Eddie George.

    I have a rule when I arrive at a casino. I never go straight away and hit the tables, but take some time to acclimate. This time though, that took about half an hour. I was rarin to go. Keycon crashed and attempted to feel better. I was very hungry, having not eaten since breakfast (I was a touch nervous about flying) and debated rather to pay for a meal first or play and get comped. I went to play, of course, around 7pm (not knowing my next meal was almost 12 hours away). I got on the list for $3-$6 holdem (did I mention my rather small bankroll due to a one year old cash-gobbling machine, who I missed like crazy while I was gone). They started a new 3-6 game and we were rolling. I was sitting next to this terrible poker player who kept trying to offer me advice. One hand I limped in late position along with 3 others with AJs, flop comes lovely an Ace and two hearts (my suit). EP leads at the pot, I raise, he calls. I call turn and river bets, he shows AQu, I show my hand to my “new friend”, who says, “no honey, you don’t raise with a hand like that.” :wink: Anyway, nothing much remarkable here except I get KK to hold up in a 3 way pot that is capped preflop and on the ragged flop. One guy calling reraises the turn (a T came) and raises my bet on the river to show down AT, the other guy had JJ and I take the monster pot and go up considerably in the game. Not long after this, I hear a lot of commotion toward the back of the room and notice a lot of players standing around one of the tables. I don’t think much of it for a few minutes as I am focused on my game, but the noise persists. People hollering everytime a card is turned up, a lot of laughing and shouting. Suddenly it hits me! I bet that those are PSO people! Then I spot a babe in a Stetson and I know! So I wonder over, step into Oil Doe’s (didn’t I mention Doe is a hotty?) field of view and ask “PSO?” I am quickly introduced around the table and join in the hollering.


    Sitting around the table (at the time, I think, it was hard to keep up) were Freddieboy, Astro, Debonair, Goddess, jmuzzey, Cardster, res ipsa, ronit f, wildbill, bruno and IndyBob (I forget who all was sitting and standing). Most everyone was already well-smashed. I met AZhardballz and Pocketrocket standing about and I have to say that AZ is a hilarious drunk. The guy is a riot. Met several others standing about or wandering by. NOTE: I will inevitably forget some names/people so forgive me, but everyone I met, even if I cant recall your name was great. Anyway, zipman, bart m., wallbanger, stevieray, among many others were there at some point..The lovely and legendary Goddess had used her divinity to lock us up a table of only PSO players. The rules were simple (originally). You bought in for a rack and if you lost that rack you gave up your seat to another PSOer (we had a list going). But that didn’t last long. Apparently someone (don’t know who started it) had to go to the bathroom and told another PSOer to sit and play his chips. This went on all night after that. At one point I think 3 players were actually sitting at the table playing someone else’s stacks while someone else was playing there’s. Lets see, highlights…AZhardballz had the line of the evening when our gorgeous cocktail waitress approached. Doe, AZ, and myself were talking when she walked by. AZ looks at her, leans in, stares at her breasts as she goes by and says to her, “Damn baby! What’z yer name?” After this Freddie, Astro, Trisail and Cardster went to work on her with Cardster (Mr. Holywood) really laying on the charm. Freddie also fell in love with one of the dealers, Venus, and her lovely green eyes. Lets see, oh…the hazyone cost debonair some money on a hand. Deb gave us a sneak peak (standing behind him) of his QQ, he flops a Q and turns another one. He bets the river, someone calls and zipman (? Maybe, I forget who it was sitting there) has yet to call when hazy shouts, “he has quads!” ops:

    We tried to get a second PSO table going with myself, Newjane (I got to meet NJ! I love you darling!), Buschman, Movingabout and Shoeless Joe. Cheryl (the brush) told us if we filled that game with PSOers she would lock that one for us as well. Didn’t quite make it and the game broke up. It was late. As the hours drew long people started heading for their beds with Wildbill being one of the early exits (I vote renaming him to Mildbill :P ). Ronit f (another lovely PSO lady) headed that way and I took her seat. AZ was also seated at this time. Obviously, this is a table no one would ever want to play at for real, but everyone there was there just to have fun and it was a riot. Those of you who met Astro after this night would not believe he was the same guy! That man is nuts! For the record, I cashed out up $40!! AZ cashed out something like 3 racks, he plays better drunk as hell! 6am rolled around and many of us decided breakfast buffet was the way to go. Freddie and Astro were due to play golf in 3.5 hours, but we, Bruno, AZ, Cardster and Trisail got comped and hit the buffet. Then 3 hours of blessed sleep! Woke up around 10am to begin day 2… (to follow)


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    HURRY UP with Part 2!!! YOU da MAN!!!



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      That table will go down as my highlight of the trip, as well as the casino's. I could swear at one point they were taking our pictures to post on their "do not allow entry" list. Every one there was having such a great time, except one dealer who kept shaking his head and begging for relief.

      Another dealer knew how to handle Astro, who was so funny with one or two beers (maybe more, who knows). Whenever Astro would say something, he would reply with something like "You're the best, sir" and a few of us would toss a dollar to the dealer. He raked in a lot for playing along.

      Other highlights: me, holding Q2, getting named Suck Out, Jr., by the Goddess (Debonair was the Suck Out King) after hitting a queen on the flop to go with my pair of deuces for two pair, beating out her KK or whatever she had. And Cardster or Trisail (I forget) sitting in for Freddie and throwing in Freddies' chips like he was trying to destroy the stack. Then he spotted Freddie coming back to the table and said "Hurry up. He's coming back." He bet out, and everyone thinking that he had nothing, raised. Then he turns over AK to take down the pot. Great deception!

      Thanks all, for a great experience. I hope that we all can continue this comaraderie online to balance out the crap going on in the forum now.