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Day 2 Golf and PSO Tourney

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  • Day 2 Golf and PSO Tourney

    My second day started with having to wake up after a mighty 1.5 hours in bed and a monsterous hangover from watching the PSO 3/6 game from hell. I had tried to keep up with Debonair on the beer drinking front, and was much the worse for it. Of course, Debonair and I at least showed up. Astro let the beer beast kick every bit of his butt and never made it to the golf. I guess his extra sleep explained his great play against me in the PSO tourney later. (Ahhh foreshadowing. And y'all thought that thehazyone was the only literary talent around here) Debonair offered a percentage swap in the PSO tourney later and I quickly accepted. I had him on my list of favorites to win it, and thought my chances were slim to none. As to that foreshadowing stuff, Great move Deb. I was glad to share.

    I cannot say a single thing about the golf, I actually pulled a back muscle on the second shot I hit, and am still hurting from it 5 days later. What a wimp I am. Anyway, I'll use that as an excuse for my poor play. Many thanks to win4win and Shoeless Joe for setting up a fantastic event though.

    Back to the hotel for a hot shower and The PSO tourney. Holy Cow! A lot more people had shown up, and there was quite a bit of that drinking, laughing and hugging stuff going on. It cannot be said too many times how fantastic it has been meeting pokerschoolers face to face, I am just sorry that I am a member, because I lower the averages for good looks and and brilliant conversation.

    Hands of note from the tourney. I start off with a small rush of raising hands, steal a few blinds and am quickly the table leader, building a stack of about 3000 after 2 rounds. Then I look down to see the dream AA. I have been making a standard raise of 3x BB and do so again when, over at the button, NewJane reraises her whole stack. For a second or two, I ALMOST felt bad that I was going to bust out the beautiful and talented lady so early in the tourney, but, realizing that I would be able to lord it over her for the next year quickly called. She turned over her pocket tens I waved my aces at her, and the dealer, apparently knowing what a shame it would have been not having NewJane at the final table, quickly doubled her up by flopping an 8 9 J Q and some other useless card.

    I am down to 1000 chips but my good cards continue and I run them back up to 2500 or so by winning small pots. The second best hand of the tourney came when ASTRO (the only member of the "I drank too much to golf" club) made a 3X raise and I looked down to see KK. I raised 1000 and put him to the decision. He thought for a while, which made me a happy guy. I was not against aces and I was about to double up. Not this time. He mucked QQ face up and said "you're too far ahead". Laydown of the tourney Don. I am still sure that every other player in the room would have put me on the standard Bill bluff and put all their chips in. I still want you to give up the tell you have on me.

    Then our table broke and I went card dead. I folded many hands in a row, blinded myself down, saw about 2 flops in 6 rounds and never saw a hand that even I could raise with. The blinds were increasing and I was beginning to feel desperate. Down to maybe 25 players, with a stack that was about 3x the BB I find myself with UTG with A9 spades and put my stack in. Called by a middle position player (whose name I will purposefully withhold) and the button (who was the chip leader at our table). Flop comes out Q 9 4 with two diamonds and the mid position player goes all in for about 3x the pot. The button folds his pocket pair (I believe he showed me the fives) and raiser boy shows his 7 high flush draw that he had just made a big dry pot bet with. when the flush missed, my ace high more than tripled me up and I had escaped elimination. Thanks again, but it was not a very good move betting there dude. The cards came back and I began to build a nice stack again.

    Down to 2 tables, the tourney got even more fun. There were 30-40 people sweating the action, and applause and hugs when the inevitable bustouts occured.

    Bruno came in to my immediate right, Right after he sat down, Bruno confided in me that he knew that at some point he was going to be considering a raise, he would look at me, I would give him a little smile and he would be beaten. Well that is just about the way it happened. He had shown me the fish pen he had brought as his bust out gift, and several times he had looked at me, and I smiled and said "Is it time to give me the pen now?" And then came the hand of the tourney.

    Down to 11 Handed, all had folded to my friend Bruno on the button and he went all in. In the small blind, I saw QJ off, realized that 1. Bruno didnt really need to have a good hand here and 2. It wasnt going to cripple me to call and lose. I made a crack about it being time to win the pen and called. Bruno turned over A7 suited and as you have all read in several reports already, down came a flop of JJJ and mighty Bruno had struck out. Bruno, you are a class act and I am sorry that it went down as it did.

    The final table was a blur. The crowd was pumped, laughter and cheering abounded and the play was excellent. The hand for hand stuff is written about elsewhere, and better than I could do it, so lets share some of the weird stuff. As the shy and quiet guy that I am, I was shocked to find that several of the players were using cheap humor, and playing to the crowd for laughs. NewJane, at one point, caused the dealer to drop the deck and bang his head on the table, he was laughing so hard. I just kept drinking beers and hoping for good hands. I also tried to keep the crowd quiet and respectful, but this was an impossible task.

    I cant get over how much fun it was to play that tourney. And I suspect that everyone else had almost as much fun as I did. I cashed, although for not very much as I had traded an awful lot of my action with better players, who were supposed to beat me. The cheers and support from the rail was truly amazing. I had dealers for the next few days stop me while I was wandering the pokerroom to say they had never seen anything like the fun we had at the final table of the event.

    I must admit though, I am crushed by the poor reaction that Tom the Hawk has received in other peoples reports. And I hereby warn you all, If y'all think he was bad, wait until you see what I bring next year. In a year, I am willing to bet that even my meager mind can come up with something interesting as a bust out gift. Of course, given that I plan to win next year, I guess it wont matter.....

    Day 3 report to follow, with 4 jacks playing a role in yet another 2nd place tourney finish....


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    I hate jacks!!!!

    Bill, you are a great guy. It was a great time playing with you and hanging out with you.


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      What a guy!!

      Bill you where great!

      For the record I don't drink.....................hmmmmmm very well.

      I hate I missed the golf, but when i got up it was raining and cold, AT 2PM.

      Sorry I'LL make it up to you guys next time.

      Oh the q/q no tell from you just did not think they were good after your raise.

      Great job in the 1st pso tourney!
      But let the record show that the 1st pso member in HISTORY to WIN MONEY from a P.S.O. TOURNAMENT was ASTRO! That explains my logic for going out 18th. LOL

      It was great and I can't wait till next year!


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        WOOHOOO what a good report. The only thing missing I think was your inability to give yourself the PROPER pat on the back for being the HUNK you are!! Them other guys ain't got nuttin on you, baby!

        Aside from that, you play a Mean game of poker. And if memory serves, you got most of those chips back from the AA-vs-TT hand when you smushed me at the final table with QQ-vs-TT. So ..

        Let me say this: I do appreciate your adding such a splash of good taste and decorum to the otherwise ROWDY final table. However, I am thinking the ROWDINESS was more the doing of SPIEGEL than NEWJANE. If I recall, SHE offered her ROOM KEY as her knock-out bounty!! In fact, I promised DBPBear I would get that key for her, but in the excitement of the whole tourney ending, I totally forgot!! SORRY, DIANNE!!!

        All kidding aside, I did enjoy playing against you, and next year, I expect to be the happy recipient of whatever bounty prize you muster up!!