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    Re: Sorry

    Originally posted by MadProfessor
    I would also like to point out that I always try to make a polite suggestion on improper play(in the spirt of learning) and only after a arrogant or a harsh response do I tear into another player.

    "If you bet a dry pot with out the nut hi or lo hand, you should either take up another game that requires less intelligence or you are a cheater and should be labeled as such" was polite ??

    p.s. Prof, some people actually took the trouble to counter your O8 dry-pot assertions with examples and analysis. So far you haven't taken the trouble to give a considered response, just ranted some more. How about your thoughts on those specifics ?



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      Glenn (rosita), What I think he was saying was that he POLITELY pointed out the dry pot situation at the table, and was treated with a rude response.

      That is why he felt compelled to post what he posted.

      My read, and I could be wrong. But I once put the Madprofessor on a flopped set, folded my pocket Kings (and it was a massive pot) and went on to make top 5 in that event. :wink:



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          no he did not

          That still does not justify it. The first time he mentioned it to me I made a mental note to read up on the subject. Same game two hands later I did the same thing, and he lashed out calling names and being abusive.

          Now I am a pretty quick reader but I can not cover a whole subject in the amount of time it takes to play two hands on the internet and I am definitly not going to change my play based on someone elses comments. ( I am new and not sure who was trying to be helpful and who was just upset because they got beat.)

          If someone told you at a table you were playing wrong and you did not know anything about them would you change your play with out studying the subject.

          Well he obviously expected this of me and then got rude when I did not.

          And no I was not rude back to him I do not think name calling belongs here. I just did not do what he thought I should.


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            Never mind Kethry. I'm not even sure he understands the concept himself. Which is pretty funny to me. I hope I'm not challanged to a poker duel after that remark.