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Tunica Trip Report Day 2 of 6

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  • Tunica Trip Report Day 2 of 6

    This is continued from my previous post in the trip report forum but I thought the convention forum would be more appropriate.

    I get out of the room about 1:00 and go down to play a couple of satts. I get into one pretty quick and todd21 is in this one also he is 2 seats to my left. about 4 hands in I limp in with K-Qo in MP and the BB and SB call the flop comes 10-4-10 the SB checks the BB checks and I check . Turn comes 2 and they both check again. I make a $30 stab at the pot and take it down. We work our way down to 5 or 6 players and I have about $260 in chips blinds are $25-10 and I have As-9s in late position and all fold to me I Raise and make it $75 to go the SB folds and the BB re-raises all in and I hear the dealer say to me $80 to call. I think for a moment and see if I call Ill still have $105 in chips and that this person could be raising with a weaker hand because he was becoming short stacked so I figure Ill call the $80 (My first mistake) so I say call and put my $80 in the pot and the dealer says no sir it is $180 to call not $80 and Im like SH-T! Because my $80 was already out there it was committed even if I folded and I figured may as well take a gamble so I call for all but one $5 chip and he turns over A-J and we hit the A but I get no 9 or spades and I bust on the next hand. Quickly wanting to get this off my mind I rush to get into another sat. on the second hand I have 10-10 1 after under the gun and I raise to $50 and get re-raised by the button All-In and I think for a moment. I decide that Im gonna call and push my stack in he turns over A-Ko and the flop comes with no help to us turn is another blank, but just as I was getting excited the K shows up on the river and im gone on the second hand.

    I decide to play one more and I get in one in about 20 minutes. I am card dead early and 3 people bust before I even play a hand. Then I look down to see J-J and I raise to $50 and get one caller the flop comes 3-7-10 rainbow and I bet $100 and the other guys goes all in. He barely has me outchipped and im quick to call he turns over A-10 and does not improve and im back in business with about $330 as he busts 2 hand later. Not long after we are down to 4 players and I look down to see A-A 8O how sweet it is when the UTG player moves all-in only to get called by another player before the action even gets to me I push all in and they turn over 10-10 and A-K and I rake in a huge pot and have a chip lead over the only remaining player somewhere around $1300-$700 and he immediately asks for a deal and I kindly tell him with this chip position I would rather play and he proposes this If he loses I give him his $65 buy-in back If I lose he gives me $125 so I was guaranteed to make money I really didnt want to take the deal because I felt I could outplay him but then again if he catches a hand or 2 the tables could easily be turned so I agree. Two hands later im in SB and see A-A again and I flat call the blinds and he checks. The flop comes A-8-10 rainbow and I check and he bets $50 and I call. Turn comes 10 and I check and he checks. I now have Aces full of 10's and I move all-in when the river comes a blank, he thinks for a while and says I have to call and turns over K-10 and my full house beats his set of 10's and I win. This makes the day much better and decide to go get something to eat. I take a break from poker for a while and decide to get in the hot-tub as Im sitting in the hot-tub I decide that im going to play the Super-Sat tonight. I go back down to the cardroom around $7:00 and see RangerRick and he says hey where have you been we have all been looking for you! Then he proceeds to introduce me to the entire gang Freddie, Bruno, Mr. & Mrs. Muzzey and New Jane and all the rest there are way too many to mention I could go on all day I should not mention any names at all because I dont want to leave anyone else out so Ill stop now but they all headed off to the buffet and I went to sign up for the super. I sit down like 10 minutes before the super is supposed to start and im in seat 6 and Freddie comes and sits down in seat 10 and a guy who won a $10,000 seat the night before is on my right. After 2-3 rounds between seat 8-9 there were at least 10-15 rebuys in 3 orbits around the table. I play very tight and about 1/2 way into the rebuy period I pick up J-J and manage to get all mychips in and double up. These players were playing trash trying to build a huge stack or go broke so they can double rebuy. After seat 8 rebuys about 15 times and decides its not his night he leaves and in comes Randy Jenson (see Trip Report Tunica Day 1 of 6) he continues right where the other guy left off going all in with 1 out of every 3 hands and he does a double re-buy at least 4 times while I am there and I hear him remark that he had $2,200 invested in the Super the night before. (If I was gonna spend that much I would just pay the $10,000 and buy in LOL). We are about 10 minutes until the re-buys are over and I pick up Kc-Jc in late position with one limper and I decide to push all-in hoping that Randy will call and double me up as he is 2 to my left and just as I expected he goes all-in also and much to my dismay turns over A-A and Im gone and I remark thanks you just saved me a $200 add-on and I say nice hand. He says no not nice hand nice timing! And I get up and say a little prayer that Freddie (2 to his left) would do the same to him LOL .

    About this time the PSO'ers are back from dinner and invading the satts, I decide that I wanna stay out of their way and I watch and talk to several members soon everyone wants to get an all PSO game going and I just ask myself why do I want to play with the best players here so I decide to watch and chat with Shoeless Joe and Movingabout while we watch the game. Pokergoddes used her massive amount of clout that she has around there to get us our own private table and to make the entire poker room put up with a loud obnoxious and one hell of a FUN AND ROWDY TABLE! We drank and I watched along with 15-20 other PSO'ers standing around railbirding.

    I decide to play one more sat. I find one about to start and I sit down. Forgive me because from this point forward the rest of the trip I mainly remember the big tourneys which I will write about soon but all of this is by memory as I took no notes. Anyway this sat plays down to 3 of us and I am very short stacked I have like $300 vs $800 and $900 with $50 and $100 blinds and the other 2 guys seemed to know each other and were very friendly to each other and talkative. Seeing as they were probably waiting for me to bust I suggest that they give me $100 and they keep the rest. They laugh and say I bet you do want $100 and the next hand I get Ks-8s and go all in one of them calls with K-9 and im a major underdog however the flop brings my miracle 8 and it holds up and I double through. The next hand I get 7-7 and bust one of them and am now a slight chip leader. The same guy that was laughing before says you wanna chop and I think for a minute and say no but I offer him a $65 save for the loser and he agrees and I proceed to bust him 2 hands later on 7-7 again. It's close to 2:30am and I go back to the smaller poker room to check on the PSO game and its louder, more rowdy and much more intoxicated at this point. Most of the tables close by are now empty but they are going strong with railbirds all the way around and I drink 1 last beer and watch and laugh, this was a ton of fun. I decide to head to bed at 3:45am and they still have a full game which I find out the next day went until 6:00am.

    Thats the end of WED. Ill post Thurs PSO tourney tommorrow. PM me with any questions.

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    I just want to offer up congrats on your great results down in Tunica.

    Thief 21


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      TY Thief I cant wait to write the reports for the big tourneys!


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        Just got back from Tunica about an hour ago. It was great meeting you and watching you play. You are truly a great player and I expect many things of you in the future (careful with those AK raises though LOL). I consider you a friend, which is noteworthy since my initial introduction to you was that KJ hand.



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          K-J? LOL

          TY Hazy I definately consider you a friend too along with all the other PSO'ers I met in Tunica and on-line. Thanks for the compliment as that means alot coming from another GREAT PLAYER (IMO you are one of the top 10 in the school maybe even top 5 or higher) if it wasn't for your K-K running into A-A there is no doubt in my mind that you would have cashed and probably been playing at the final table with Wendell. Look forward to playing with you in many majors in the future and I will see you at a final table soon!



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            Nice work!! WTG!!! Hope we'll meet again next time round for more than a moment or two!



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              I had played against you meny times on line, I had no idea that you were so young. You play like a vetera, an older vetera.

              Aslo thanks for the help when I need to go to the cash machine. It was a great pleasure meeting and talking to you. Your a great player. Can't wait tell next time, I'll see ya there.

              Your Friend,
              Dave (Cardster)



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