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    I want to compile a very comprehensive list of all of our PSO winners that were in Tunica.
    So if you could post on this thread your user name and your accomplishments i would be very grateful.

    I would like to see the amount of Satellites all the members won.
    Super Satellies, Tournaments at The Goldstrike, Tournaments at The Grand and any other venues in Tunica.

    Very much appreciated and i am still buzzing about meeting all of you and the great time we all shared together.

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart

    Tina (Now back in Europe)

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    Ok I'll be the 1st to go since the winnings will get much bigger. I cut a deal at the final table of the Sam's Town Omaha Hi tourney which netted me a $520 profit.



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      I played 2 sats and chopped 1 with Cockroach - $275 for each of us. I also played in the $500 Limit HE event and finished 24th and received $1985.

      Ricky Hard

      P.S. It was great meeting you and Mark also. We need to do this again soon. A year is too long to wait to do it again.


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        I, Martan, chopped one $65 sat with Greagar after being severly short stacked, coming back with quad sixes against his Jacks full. After that hand, we chopped.



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          Played seven sats....five $50 & two $100. Won one $50 & split the pot in the one $100 sat.

          Finished 4th in limit holdem tourney at Sam's Town on 1-10 for $548.

          Hope I'm not done yet as will be back for the final week or so. :roll:

          Won two hundred plus playing $4-$8 holdem ring games mostly at sam's. 8)

          Sailor Moe

          p.s. had a great time meeting everyone & looking foward to seeing everyone again soon!
          2 Time Bracelet Winner


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            Won my first sat straight up for $550
            lost the next 3, the last two i blame AZhardball for my losses, cause he influenced me to drink a few beers, ok maybe not

            oh yeah PSO tourney took 7th


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              Played four satellites total on Sunday after the $540 no limit (had lots of time on my hands, hehe): won one, chopped one (right down the middle), went out on the first hand with Ks on one and finished fourth once.

              We will not speak of the $540 no limit and limit tourneys (won one hand in each, exit before the break in both, very disappointing). Finished middle of the pack in the first limit tourney at the Grand (should've played the PSO tourney).

              Frozen cards all weekend cept in one satellite (the one I chopped), got Ks cracked by a short stack with Ts, took about half my stack, get As next hand. I look at my cards and immediately slide it in, thinking they will think I am steaming. Two callers, triple up... it almost made my misfortunes of the preceding days ok.

              It can't be good that I am threatening to jump in my car and drive back for the pot limit tourney tomorrow, can it?



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                I took 10th in the pso tourney and won my first satellite!! I lost 3 more sats later going out in 4th in all 3. Those 3 have bad beat stories on each of them, but hey I went in with the best hand every time so I am quite happy with it.



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                  My sat record was 3 for 12 (two back to back). Won the first one outright with a $65 save. Chopped the one with martan and won the headsup (we played it out) and gave a $150 save in the third one.

                  Finished in rd 4 in both 500 limit and NL tournaments (dissapointing, but I had fun).

                  Up around 300 for the week in the ring games.

                  And the biggest accomplishment? Had more fun and met more great people than any other time in my life.

                  Can't wait for next year!



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                    Was in the money in 6 of the 8 Sats I played with 1 win and 5 chops.

                    The greatest victory I incurred was meeting all the cool and wonderful people from the school.

                    Hotel room - $35 a night

                    Food & Booze - Free

                    Meeting and playing with all of the members from PSO - Priceless

                    Cant wait till next year.



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                      9 satellites 7 for $65 2 for $120.

                      Won one with a $150 save for second.
                      Chopped 3 of the others. Won an $80 last longer bet in one of the satellites. That was more fun than winning the satellite!

                      Lost both of the $120 satellites.


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                        Hello all,

                        10 single-table satellites played in total, chopped one as we were almost dead-even when we got to heads up, four times busted out third, and the rest were early exits.

                        Made my way to the top four tables in the PSO tourney and busted out in the mid to low 30s. Held my own with freddyboy and goblue84 to my right and PokerGoddess across from me. I wasn't in real trouble, though, until NewJane came to the table after the first break.

                        Entered two $500 tournaments, the limit and no-limit holdem events, with Andrew to my right at the outset both times (ponder the odds of that happening for a moment!). Made it to the end of 3rd level in the limit event, and only the end of the 1st level in the NL event.

                        The most valuable thing that I learned over the weekend is that I still have much to learn. There were definitely moments and plays that I felt very good about, but my inexperience showed too, which provided me with a much needed 'reality check' when it comes to tournament poker. Still, I enjoyed myself wholeheartedly, and look forward to returning next year.



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                          4 LHE Sats and 2 NLHE Sats

                          1 win for $550
                          1 chop for 1st & 2nd for $275
                          4 no $

                          $500 LHE, went out about half way. Totally card dead.

                          Was great fun and a super experience.


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                            Hi all,

                            I played 11 single table sats and won 3 and chopped 2.
                            I played the $540 Limit tourney and finished 50th.
                            I played the $540 No-Limit Tourney and finished 17th ($2,153).


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                              Originally posted by jbh5000
                              Hi all,

                              I played 11 single table sats and won 3 and chopped 2.
                              I played the $540 Limit tourney and finished 50th.
                              I played the $540 No-Limit Tourney and finished 17th ($2,153).
                              Awesome job Jerry!

                              Ricky Hard