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Convention Ups and Downs

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  • Convention Ups and Downs


    1. Meeting at least 80 of my fellow PSO members and getting to know 42 of them.

    2. Finding out I am an expert at tells....sending not, thanks Hazy and Bruno.

    3. Watching one of our own deal..thanks TheMoron.

    4. Having a nice conversation with DBPBear while watching the final table of the NL event.

    5, Having a piece of a player who finished 2nd in 2 tourneys. Thanks WildBill41.

    6. Incurring no injuries on the golf course and actually hitting the ball straight.

    7. Petting GTHoldems furball. HEY HEY, she brought her very little dog to the golf course.

    8. Being FINALLY forgiven by PokerGoddess for sucking out on her Wednesday Night.

    9. Watching the enthusiasm of NewJane and Speigle at the final table of the PSO tourney.

    10. Seeing a GREAT young player who I will be able to say, "I knew him when". Thanks JBH5000.

    11. Winning 5 out of 6 live play sessions including 2 with exclusively PSO players.

    12. Meeting Mark and Tina.


    1. Letting down my backers with horrible tournament results. Thanks rggator and payshints.

    2. Not getting a chance to talk to more of you. BTW the personalities in this school are even more fun in person than online.

    3. Not getting proper recognition of my beer drinking abilities. I do lead WildBill in this category. He is just more noticeable

    4. I have to wait 364 days for next years event.

    Thank you everyone. I had a ball.


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    I told Bruce last night I was already sad having to leave..and it is on my schedule to go again whenever and whereever we have another PSO meeting. Thanks, Debonair, for your part in making my weekend so terrific!


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      You are we know, the Goddess is about goodness and kindness :roll: I guess I can only hope, that someday, you will
      "RESPECT MY AUTHARITY" as South Parks, Cartman would say, and fold that crap when I keep firing into you....and you have NOTHING!!!!....lmao
      Your great...and debonair, I mite add !! It was a pleasure, indded.



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        Thanks for the compliment Debonair I really appreciate it. :P

        Its funny you say that because I feel that way about all of you. In my opinion 80-90% of the school is capable of winning any tourney they enter and so I can say the same about all of you as I believe everyone will have their day as long as they believe in themselves stay positive and never give up.

        Good Luck and I cant wait to see everyone again!