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yeppers even me

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  • yeppers even me

    just got home, had my dinner and read most of the posts, now heres mine.

    :wink: Oh all you convention goers, I did stop at my daughters house to see the new one. This child had more hair then I do. Jet back long and thick, but wow what a cutie.

    Now here's my report on the sat that I chopped yep even I managed a chop in a no limit sat.

    I was the only gal at the table, there were some tuff looking dudes at this table, no one seemed to be looking or watching me, I just don't get any respect. The fourth or fifth hand I peek at is pocket aces, ok thats nice. I'm one behind the button. everyone calls to me I raise 2 times big blind. Almost went all in but didn't want to be the first out of sat when my aces were busted. This is where the fun comes in, everyone calls my raise. The flop comes-------

    :lol: Ace xx, everyone checks to me so ok I go all in, everyone fold except 2 they call. I knew the best they could have was trips but there was no flush draw yet. Turn---x still no flush draw-----river x.

    Pulled in a great pot, and I wasn't the first out. only played one more hand that I won it was with a small str8. Now this is where the fun comes in. 8) We get down to 3 players me, a gentlman next to me on my right and the guy all the way at the other end of the table.

    I had about 600 the man on my right about 3, the other guy had the rest in 3 hugh stacks. The big stack says he would make a deal with us he would give each of $50 dollars, well we looked at each other and I said I paid $65 to get into this tourney and wouldn't take less then that he said no.

    The man on my right busted out a few hands later, the blind are 50-100. This is where it gets fun. I again asked if he wanted to deal he said no. The next hand I have bb, take a peek, 2 black 6s, the hugh stack guy askes how much I have I count out 600 he raises me 600.

    Ok why not, I flop over my 6s he turns over Ace King, yuks, flop nothing, turn nothing, river nothing, I win, great doubled up. We push blinds for a couple hands. I'm big blind again, take a peek, 2 black 6s again. not so hugh stack now asks how much I have, I count 1300, he raises me 1300. Why not worked once, I call and flop over my 6s, he flops Ace king again. Flop nothing, turn nothing, river nothing. I win again.

    Pretty even up now, he asks me if I want to deal I chuckle and say yes.

    I will post more later.

    ponygee :roll:

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    Way to go Pony
    You did us proud!!


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      It was a pleasure meeting you Pony. By the way, I owe you a $1. I never made it back to Sam's Town to get that chip for you.



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        WTG, Gail!!!



        • #5
          don't worry about it rocket just hang onto it until next year.

          ponygee :roll: