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Just got back

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  • Just got back

    I have never been really active in this community. I have played alot of poker with all of you and usually just read the forum messages not post. But I just have to say that this has truly been one of if not the most amazing experiences of my life. Ive done alot of neat things so far in my life and always welcome new oppurtunities. But this takes the cake. I went down alone and as soon as I meet the members it was like family. Honestly I cant wait to do it again. I just wanted to say that all of the PSO members I meet, eatwith, played with and yes drank beer with(AZHardballz) were wonderful. All where great players and Mark and Tina can be very proud of the community they created here. The seminar was great all of the speakers were great. It was amazing that all these people we read about in the poker world where there approachable and very recieving. I especially loved getting a chance to talk with Nolan Dalla, he is I guy I have followed for a few years and the reason I found this school. Also I just wanted to add that being able to meet Lou was some thing I was really excited about and he was a really nice guy. The best thing about the whole trip besides the poker was that everyone from the staff to the members where like family. truly amazing. I also wanted to thank Shoeless and Moving about for their peep talks each moring, they helped, thanks guys. Well I have to go my nephew is asking a million questions.

    Thanks to all and it was truly a pleasure meeting you all. One last thing. I expect a large surge in membership from the banners and great showing of the PSO er. See ya at the tables

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    Re: Just got back

    Originally posted by zadvocate
    I also wanted to thank Shoeless and Moving about for their peep talks each moring, they helped, thanks guys.
    Wow, peep talks in the morning. Were you all sharing the same room? Were these strategies on how to peep or just stories about some of your peeping adventures? :lol:

    Couldn't resist.

    Ricky Hard


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      I noticed ShoelessJoe, MovingAbout and Zadvocate seemed to always have a grin on their faces. Now I know why.



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        Stand-up guy

        In the PSO Convention Tourney at Tunica, we were down to two tables and I had AK, I think on the button. I was the first person into the pot, and I raised all-in, putting my money in front of the hand. All fold to the SB who folds, Zadvocate says fold, but the delaer grabs my cards and the remaining cards. I catch the dealer and tell him I didn't fold I called all-in. Dealer asks for the tourney director.

        Tourney director begins to explain how the rules will work and that Z will get the blinds, but Z says NO. He says I was folding and the pot should go to Bruno. And insists on it, so the tourney director does it, cause it's our tourney.

        What a Class Act Z is. Hats off to him for doing it! Not cause I won the pot, but becuase it was in the spirit of the PSO camaraderie.

        And PS: stay away from him in $10-$20 Holdem....the man owns it.


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          I enjoyed meeting you. You were always easy to spot in the big tourneys with your yellow hat! Looking forward to the next one!


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            LOL LOL LOl Roflmao

            Just to set the record straight they were PEP talks, god they need a grammer and spell checker on here just for me!!

            still laughing

            Thanks bruno your too kind. Just wanted to do the right thing.



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              Yer a kewl kat - was great meeting you!