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My $500 Limit Holdem Tourney

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  • My $500 Limit Holdem Tourney

    I played the $500 Limit Tourney: What a blast! Here’s a quick (ok, fine, not so quick!) synopsis of my experience:

    There are somewhere around 680 players, way too many for the big ballroom where the main tournaments are being played. So I am placed at a table out in the normal poker room, which has been taken over for the overfill.

    I take AprylShowers advice (Thanks again, Apryl!!!) and I spend the first 20-30 minutes just trying to figure out who is playing how, and who is watching who. Seat One is an “Old Gentleman” solid as a rock. Seat Two is “Good Old Boy” solid as a rock. Seat Three is loose and aggressive. Seat Four is another “Good Old Boy“ solid as a rock. I’m in Seat Five (insert joke here…lol). Seat Six is a young nerdly accountant type, who I view as dead money (nice guy, just ain‘t gonna go far). Seat 7 is tight passive. Seat 8 is loose aggressive. Seat 9 is aggressive and a tough trapper, who I‘ll watch out for. Seat 10 is a woman who plays lots of draws and is constantly watching me, looking for tells, I suspect.

    I play one hand in the first 20 minutes, AJs, flop and turn misses me completely and I fold to a turn raise. Next hand I play is JJ UTG for a raise. All fold. I show them. My table image is set now: I'm a rock! A few hands later I get Ah8h in 2 position and limp. 7 seat raises, Seat 10 on the button calls, Seat 3 calls, I call. Flop comes Ad 7h3h….delightful! I raise, seat 7 calls, seat 10 re-raises, seat 3 folds (unfortunately). Seat 10 has been watching me like a hawk, but I don’t think she knows I have been watching her watch me and watching her play her flush draws. I am absolutely ecstatic as I am positive she has another flush draw and I have top pair and the nut flush draw. And so I take about 2 minutes and I give her a “false-tell” before I re-raise. 5 seat folds (I was pretty sure he had KK or QQ) and the Seat 10 calls. I am now absolutely positive she has a flush draw. Turn brings Jh. I’m first to act. I think for about a minute and give another “false-tell”, then raise. She re-raises. Could this be any better? I think for a minute and call. I finally see a glimmer of doubt in her. River is a rag. Without that little doubt I see, I check-raise her, but my read is she will only call now, and not raise, so that I can check-raise her. I don't break the fundamental tennet of limit poker: Raise on the river with the best hand! I raise. And I can see that she now gets it that I’ve trapped her and she has to call. She does. She has Qh10h, and I turn over the nut-flush and pull the monster pot……WOOHOOO for the Mike Caro tell videos!!!!!!!!!! "Good Old Boy" in seat 4 gives a quiet deep little chuckle, and "Old Gentleman" in Seat One nods his head at me and slowly and quietly says to me “nice hand, very nice hand”. Seat One later cracks my AA with 98s when he hit’s a str8t on the turn with a J10rag flop and a 7 turn and re-raises me for his last $85. I smile a bit, nod my head and say “nice hand, and I have to call”. He says “I know”, and turns over his str8t and I turn over my AA: Good play by him!!!

    After these two hands, seat 6 sucks out seat 8 for all of seat 8s chips calling all the way to the river with AJs with no str8t or flush draw to catch an A to crack seat 8s QQ. Seat 8 throws his cards face up and remarks “sucked out”, and storms off. The air goes out of the table, Seat 6 withdraws into himself, and I take see an opening here to stack up. I go two str8t hands and win both with no showdown. I get AKs and raise first in, all fold to seat 3, who always calls in his blind and he does. Seat four folds. Flop comes Axx. Seat 3 checks, I immediately raise. He thinks a bit and calls. Turn is rag with no str8t or flush. He checks and I immediately raise. He stares at me for a bit and folds. I get another A10s, 3 wrong suits hit the flop I raise three others and all fold. I’m now at 3050 in chips and own the table! This just couldn’t be going better!! Then the floor man comes and breaks our table!!!!!

    I take my table assignment card, and finally find my table. HOLY CHIT!!! Better buckle-up Bruno, cause things just got interesting! I’m put in seat 10. First, I hate seat 10 cause I can’t see everyone and everyone can't see me like I want. I want everyone to see me at the table because I think I give no tells only when I give false tells. But that is the least of my worries, right now. Seat 8 is Scotty Nguyen. Seat 4 is Eskimo Clarke (who would go on to finish 2nd in the event). Seat 9 is an Asian woman with died strwaberry blonde hair and 3 inch painted fingernails, and it's obvious her and Scotty are old friends. Seat 2 is someone that all three of them know well and he looks familiar but I can’t place him. I decide I must have seen his picture somewhere. Seat 5 is a young guy who is a mirror image of me. He wears sunglasses, stares at people, etc. Unfortunately blinds go to 75-150, and I’m the BB my 2nd hand. The gal in seat 9 chats me up a bunch. I decide to label her “Spiderwoman”, cause I’m pretty sure she’s trying to snare me by gaining my confidence, and she picks up her chips with her fingernails that make her fingers look 7 inches long. I play a hand from the button for a limp with A9s hoping for a flush draw. Flop completely misses me. BB raises and Eskimo calls. I fold.
    I go card dead and don’t play another hand until I’m UTG on the third trip when I raise with JJ. All fold to Scotty, who thinks for a bit and looks at me for a bit and folds. Out of respect and keeping my table image, I show my JJ. He says “nice hand”.
    Eskimo gets into an interesting hand with Scotty: Eskimo calls one off UTG and Scotty raises. All else fold and Eskimo calls. Flop is A63. Eskimo checks and Scotty raises and Eskimo calls. Turn is a rag. Eskimo checks and Scotty raises and Eskimo calls. River is a 5. Eskimo checks and Scotty raises and Eskimo calls. Eskimo turns over 56o. Scotty does a real natural WTF?!?! Turn of his head and shows me and “Spiderwoman” an A. “Spiderwoman” proceeds to rant for 30 seconds about how Eskimo “thinks he is a great champion, and he plays that shit like that and gets lucky, and how bad a player he is, etc.”. And not just to me but, loud enough so that everyone at the table hears it, including Eskimo.
    Scotty is quite a bit short stacked now but in one trip around the table gets in back up to about 2k, right where I am now. I am impressed as hell that he did it. Me, I’m completely card dead with a steady diet of 93o. I don’t even get to see a flop in my blinds because of raises and calls ahead of me. I get a little antsy, get 97s in late-mid position. Seat 4 raises UTG, so I put him on Abig or a paint pair. And I make my first mistake here: I call. The blinds are now 100-200. Thinking I know where I’m at and I know where he’s at, and he has no idea where I’m at: I call. All fold flop comes A94 rainbow. He raises immediately. I think for a bit, but have to fold. A wasted $400 there! I’m one off UTG and getting low and think I have to do something. I decide to bluff with 83o!!! I raise. All fold to Scotty, who is in the BB. He thinks for a bit, shows me an Ace, says “nice hand” and folds. I don’t show the 83o and muck it. I bluffed Scotty Nguyen off of an Ace with 83o!
    I get nothing for a bit and am looking for a hand to go hard with. And this is my last mistake: I get AJs and raise. Mid position player re-raises, SB calls. Right here I should have been done with the hand, knowing at least one had a bigger Ace and one had a pair. I call. Flop comes A82rainbow. I’m committed here. I raise, and am left with $105. Mid position re-raises and has about $200. SB re-raises!!!! WTF?!?!? I’m stuck here and push in the last $105. Mid-position is stuck too and pushes in his last money. I know before we even turn the cards over I’m way, way behind. Mid turns over AK, and the SB turns over 22. 22?!?!?! He called a raise and a re-raise with a pair of deuces…..sweet jesus! I need runner-runner jacks, they don’t come, and I’m out. As I get up to leave I pull my sunglasses off, and say “good luck everyone”. “Spiderwoman” gets up and gives me a big hug, and tells me “you played well”. I shake hands with Scotty and tell him what a pleasure it was to play with him, and I go get a beer……..

    Epilogue: Later in the day Scotty is walking by me, remembers me and we chat for a bit. Real nice guy. I don’t mention the 83o bluff. The next day I find my first Table Seat 3 playing in a $150-$300 PotLimitOmaha game. He's winning big. I chat him a bit, and he's a nice guy, so I ask him about my AK hand where I immediately raised him on the flop and turn. He says "you really wanted me to come along there didn't you? I had AQ." ARGHHHHHH... I was really trying to get some money and punish him for playing bad cards, and in effect showing him my strength. Had I put him on AQ I would have given a completely different set of tells, and tried to keep him coming. As I’m leaving Tunica to go to the Memphis Airport, I catch a shuttle and the “Old Gentleman” from Seat One at my original table gets on and we are the only two people on the shuttle. He doesn’t recognize me at first, so I put on my sunglasses (I always play with sunglasses), tap him on the shoulder and say hi. He turns around, it registers with him who I am, and we both get a good laugh out of it. We end up discussing the table for the next 35 minutes to the airport. We talk about the previous two hands and he tells me how impressed with my play he was, and how he tried to stay out of every hand I was in and how he thought I was the most dangerous player at the table. I blush. I find out he is a great player, plays high stakes, and is way, way better then me, and a very nice guy.

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    Thanks for the story Bruno it was great, I'm glad that you had a great time down there. Sounds like alot of fun.

    Thief 21


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      One Classy Guy

      All of us women who got to meet you in person know why the lady in the 10 seat was looking at you. Bruno is one great looking first class man and gives great hugs. Can't wait for another one.



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        I really enjoyed your story.... Your have your first story to tell your grandkids.... The stories can only get better.... Your a great player and person...... Your a class act...