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Big One III Schedule Change

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  • Big One III Schedule Change

    There has been a schedule change to the annual events and round 2 tournaments for the Big One III... times are now

    Sat: 1:30pm CST
    Sun: 7:30pm CST

    Click here for full calendar

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    Are there others who don't like this? Now I can only play in one event, because I can't afford to stay up until two o'clock in the morning on a Sunday night, lest I oversleep and not arrive at work until ten or eleven.



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      there are players that could not play either last time as they would have to start at 2 am on a saturday or finish in early hours on a sunday

      i personally have no problem with either
      but i do think its fair that its swapped around for differnt timezones to get a chance to play at a reasonable hour


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        Seems more than a little odd this way around. In the UK it would mean the Sunday event not even starting until 0.30 am Monday morning, so we can forget about an early start to work if we play in that one. At least the other way around we could catch up on missed zzzzz's from Saturday's tourney during Sunday!

        Guess there must be some thinking behind this but did does seem like it will be worse for the majority (not to mention the "it wasn't like this when I paid my money to join" brigade!)

        You have to laugh,
        The Chuckle


        • #5
          I agree with the Chuckle on this one. The Sunday time is way odd for UK/Europe people. WHO does that time please???

          I have no big problem with it, but, like Black Aces would prefer it earlier.

          Why not an AM tourney on Sunday. That would hit Aussies in their PM, Mother England in the afternoon, and the Colonies in the morn...



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            i know rostia always complained about not being able to play either before and wanted them switched round


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              when was this change made? I posted about it 1 hour be4 megan did?

              Why not rotate it every month? have the round 2 at sat 1:30 and sun 7:30 and annual sat 7:30 and sunday 1:30

              then next month round 2 sat 7:30 and sun 1:30 and the annual sat 1:30 and sunday 7:30

              and so forth. this way it inconviences everyone at least 1 per month


              • #8
                I don't like it from an UK perspective. At least before, someone from he UK could play in both if they really wanted to. Now that option
                has probably been taken away.

                For the UK, I would prefer the Sunday tourney to start at 1pm PSO time.

                Personally, I think they should probably have had 3 or 4 round 2 events on the weekend, with it being tougher to qualify from each.


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                  Nice idea aha. Something along them lines would be good.


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                      Tourneys starting Sunday evening are going to cause problems for me -- how about 4:00pm Central time, or thereabouts?



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                        How about 12-15 minute rounds instead of 20 minutes? Then the tourneys don't run as long but they're still less of a crapshoot than the 10 minute round ones.

                        And, yes I think moving them around from month to month is a good idea also.

                        Peace, Starrs LSOGC E2C


                        • #13
                          It´s great for me because i am always free from work on Mondays but not on Sundays :lol:


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                            I am personally one of the people that welcome this schedule change. Saturday evenings have allways been bad for me, this change now gives me more of an oppurtunity to play both the weekend events instead of just one. I can understand not everyone will be happy with these changes, however a little diversity in our schedule of main events is needed. Thank you PSO :lol:

                            Late, B~~~


                            • #15
                              Personally dont like the change living in UK, would be fairer to alternate times, doubt I will be able to make many of the new time slots