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Convention Report

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  • Convention Report

    Got home from Tunica about two hours ago. Had dinner, had sex, couldn’t sleep. Here’s some stuff from me on it….. (the Convention!!!!)

    Huge thanks to Mark and Tina and the PSO staff and people who put it on.

    The people in our little school are GREAT. Great people and great poker players. I’ve done several big events with hundreds and thousands of people in them (bicycling-Ragbrai, softball tourneys, Corporate sports battles, triathlons, etc.), but this was the most fun with the best friendship I’ve ever had for four days. The camaraderie was incredible!!! Plan to make it for the next one. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY YOU DID!!!! You will get little if any sleep (ask Cardster), you will drink too much (ask WildBill), you will laugh until you cry and your stomach hurts (ask anyone who went), you will have some nasty satellite beats (ask me…LOL…f*&king 2 out DONKEYS), and you will make some very close friends…..

    I’ll echo what Wildbill said about the PSO 3-6 Holdem table on the first night: It was an absolute blast of an “ice-breaker”. Much thanks to PokerGoddess for setting it up! There must have been 25 PSO people standing around the table laughing, drinking, and having fun. People got up to chat and let other people play their seats. At one point I was playing someone else’s seat against someone who was playing my seat! But I shant forgive Hazyone for playing for me and re-raising pre-flop with 25o (but it was a great laugh when he showed it)….After about an hour of play, there was one hand that just killed me: early limper, a mid position raiser, BB re-raises, limper and re-raiser fold. NO FLOP SEEN. BB shows KK. Dealer (who is having some fun along with us) remarks “this is the tightest f*%(!#g 3-6 table in the world”. Well, except for Debonair’s AJ suck-out against PokerGoddess' KK when Debonair called all the way to the river to catch an A…..after all the sucking noises and laughter quieted down, he commented “well, I knew what I needed......". We laughed until we cried……

    PSO really has made an impact at the WPO. After the first day there were 57 satellites. PSO people won 12, chopped several others. I’ll repeat that: First Day: 57 satellites 12 PSO victories!!!!!!! Just incredible!!! One hint if you go to next years convention: Don’t play 7 PSOers to a satellite! One of the dealers remarked after one of them that it was the longest satellite he had ever dealt! And of course one of us won it! Just about everyone I talked to won or chopped a satellite (except me: Donkeys hit their 2 outers three times to knock me out with big pairs, and I played 4 satellites with mostly PSO people, and, well…..I was the fish in those, wasn’t I?).

    Congrats to Ricky Hard, SDKid, and Hammer1 for great in the money fishishes in the $500 Limit Holdem. 7 PSO people were left at 50 people. And I really think Hammer1 goes to the final table if not for a cruel twist of fate by the Poker Gods. He went out on this hand: The money is very shallow at this point, and the play resembles NLHE play: APaint or big pairs or don't play. Fold APaint to a re-raise pre-flop. Blinds are 1500-3000 and he has a slightly above average stack: about 40k. His play has been flawless and everyone is respecting him when he goes into a hand. On a break I heard one of the pros with a bigger stack asking who he was. (Side Note: PSO had 30-40 people crowded around his table...they finally had to go get the velvet ropes to rope off an area around his table). Hammer in SB. UTG raises, seat 6 raises, 7 calls, and Hammer re-raises from the SB. We all agree “there are only two hands he would do this with: AA or KK”. All three players take a while thinking before calling. Flop is J44. Hammer raises. UTG thinks a bit and calls. Seat 6 calls. Mark Napolitano remarks “I don’t like that call”. Seat 8 folds. Turn is a rag. Hammer bets. UTG folds. Seat 6 stands up grabs a big handful of his chips and starts re-raising. Right then we “get” what Mark meant. Mark saw it on his call and it took us a bit longer. Seat 6 is fearless and we “know” he has JJ, has flopped J/4 boat, and has put Hammer on AA or KK, and has trapped him. At this point Hammer is stuck and pot committed with only a little less then 6k left and has to put it in, and does. Sure enough Seat 6 turns over JJ and Hammer goes out 15th. Can’t tell you enough how great he played, and how unkind the poker gods can be sometime…..

    You cannot imagine how good some of the PSO people are live. Hammer1, RickyHard, JBH5000, RangerRick, Astro, Wildbill, Cardster, SDKid, DocH, Keycon and several others (sorry I’m not mentioning you….you know who you are!) are just incredible players!!! How good they are would just shock you!!! I now get just how lucky I am to get to play with these guys for $15.95 a month……

    The free drinks and the buffet were awesome! I ate at least three full meals and snacked everyday. And I lost 5 pounds?!?!?! The energy level you run on is so high that you just burn up calories.

    The PSO tourney was just incredible. I’ll echo what Nolan Dalla said about the crowd around the final two tables: There was at least 150 people at anyone time. After the event, one of the floor staff came up to me and said he had never seen people clap for people and hug people when someone busted out and mean it like we did. Neither had I. For the record: I did not bust out MGPortes. Very first hand of the tournament ResIpsa did. Res made it 50 to go from UTG. All fold to MG in the BB. He looks at his cards to find every poker players' worst nightmare: AA in the BB on the first hand. MG makes it 300 more. ResIpsa calls. Flop comes AQrag. MG has flopped top a set of Aces!!!! He bets 50. Res thinks for a bit and calls. Turn is a J. MG bets 50 and Res think for a bit and calls. River is a rag and MG raises all-in. Res calls and turns over Kd10d for the nut straight and MG is absolutely crushed and goes out first!!!! Our roar was so loud that a floor person came over to make sure everything was OK!!! Res later said that if MG had raised more then he did pre-flop or post-flop, he would have folded. I got to understand a little later how MG felt when I went out 11th against WildBill with A7s when he called my all-in with QJ and the flop came JJJ…….

    The seminar was very good. Lou Krieger is a just a wonderful Host, and Barry Tennenbaum is an impish fellow who taught us 10 years of good stuff in 1 hour with a zillion laughs. Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher, and the rest of the Question and Answer Panel were terrific.

    Most of the big name pros are very, very approachable. Linda Johnson is a wonderful woman. After the seminar, she was playing a Pot Limit Omaha cash money game at 50-100 limits. I was walking by and stopped to watch. She noticed me, recognized me, and said “hi”. I asked if she didn’t mind if I stood and watched, as I‘m not very good at Pot Limit Omaha, and wouldn't mind picking up a few tips. She asked me why don’t I get a chair and pull-it up by her. 5 seconds later I’m sitting beside one of the worlds best Pot Limit Omaha players who spends the next 30 minutes showing me her hands as she’s playing them then discussing them with me after the hand is over. Go read her stuff on Omaha, wherever you can find it. She can play, and she can explain why! I had very warm and comfortable conversations with Scotty Nguyen, Eskimo Clarke, TJ Cloutier, and a half dozen others, and I think most everyone had some favorable interaction with some big names.

    But, everything considered, the best part was making some new close friendships with all the great people.

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    Bruno, had alot of fun meeting you bud, you are a great person and fun to be around. I can't wait till we all do this again.

    cya at the tables,



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      Well done Bruno.

      I guess Bruno and I are the only PSO'ers not to win a sat. I played 3. The first one was with Bruno and 4 other PSO folks ( won by the hazy one). The second one I did was won by keycon and the third won by Cardster. DAMN. I should have found one without a PSO person. Bruno is a great guy, and a great card player. In the PSO tourney, we were down to three tables, and I was a little short on the stack size, but doing OK. I was 2nd from the button and I had A-10 diamonds, Bruno in the BB, so I thought "I'll just go all-in and take this pot" All fold to Bruno, then he ponders for a little bit (not good for Shane) and calls (Oh Chit), then flips over A-K (HOLY CHIT). Well, He wins. The chips are counted down and I have ONE CHIP. I have one $100 chip and the ante's are $200. I bust out on the next hand of course.

      Lots of fun, poker, and poker. Did I mention it was a lot of fun?

      Shane aka Jeff


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        BTW, for those of you who weren't there, Bruno gives GREAT hugs :lol:

        It was wonderful meeting everyone -- I can't wait for our next convention.


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          Bruno Baby...U are the stone cold nutz!! I just adore him, and he is absolutely eye candy (the girls will know what I mean :wink: ). It was soooooo much fun, I can't even begin. But do know this...everytime we sit at the table or I hear ya on the broadcast, a great big smile will be on my face!!



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            Re: Convention Report

            Originally posted by Bruno
            Got home from Tunica about two hours ago. Had dinner, had sex, couldn’t sleep.
            lol. Which hand?

            PS. Who is Kathy Johnson?


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              Noodles wrote:
              lol. Which hand?
              I opted for the ol' "in 'n' out", for the record. My wife baked cookies all day, and her hands were a bit tired.....

              Noodles wrote:
              PS. Who is Kathy Johnson?
              Brain dead there, sorry. Meant to say 'Linda Johnson', assuming you know who she is? :lol:


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                was great to meet you and all the other PSO members ,Only being there Saturday didn't get to have as much fun as you and the other but...What a day!! I saw the magic happening!laughter,stories,(drinking stories)!sats won! The speakers at senimar where awesome! TJ Cloutier and the way he carries himself i believe it when he said "my name alone has 3 players beat when i set down at a table," errie and correct! What a atmosphere to play my 1st live game(got 3rd in $65 sat.when my KK :lol: against KQ was beat when a Q came on flop and 3rd Q was flipped up on river : MAN!!) JUST started saving today for next year!!! Iexpect no less than 200 members next year !great time 8) JON( E NO CHO)ENOCHS! HEHE!


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                  Bruno, you call that a convention report???

                  Just kidding of course! One last heckle for a while. It was a genuine pleasure meeting you. You are a class act! And thanx for letting me play your chips for a little while at the PSO 3/6 Free For All on Wednesday night. A high honor!

                  I'll be seeing you at the tables, and hopefully at next year's convention!!

                  Take care, dude!
                  -Bart M.


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                    hey great report Bruno.. we will miss ya here. It is still a lot of action and fun here at the moment. I played all night and got killed in every satellite I played. oh well..

                    A lot of PSOers are leaving or have left and that makes me sad.. all you guys were so much fun...

                    I just woke up.. hehehe 3pm here.. and am headed to watch wstwst win this tourny.. from what I could see most of the stacks at the table were pretty much even. Well a little more here or there but pretty even. In any case I gotta go run down and watch wstwst win.

                    I cant wait till we all get together next year...


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                      Originally posted by enocho
                      What a atmosphere to play my 1st live game(got 3rd in $65 sat.when my KK :lol: against KQ was beat when a Q came on flop and 3rd Q was flipped up on river
                      Must have been playing against Cockroach, LOL

                      Hey Bruno thanks for the compliment on my play. Coming from a great player like you it makes me feel really good. I've got a long way to go to be a really good player, but I feel with the people and resourses available at PSO we all can get there. Look at PSO results thus far at the WPO. It's astounding. Another 3 players cashed in the No-Limit event, with 1 at the final table. Go Wendell!, whoever you are. I just read Ranger Rick's post so now I know, GO WSTWST!

                      Bruno, I really enjoyed hanging out with you at the convention, your sense of humor and quick wit is incredible. I have never laughed so hard for so long as I did for the last 4 days. EVERYONE, DO NOT MISS THE NEXT CONVENTION, figure out how much fun you think you're gonna have and then multiply that by 100.

                      I'm trying to get up the energy to write a trip report myself, maybe later today.

                      Ricky Hard


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                        I am not sure, but I assume Bruno meant LINDA Johnson, not Kathy Johnson. Linda used to be the editor of Card Player Magazine, and now, still owns/runs Card Player Poker Cruises and is just an all-round wonderful woman and one of the finest representatives of poker that ever played the game. Not to mention one of the best Omaha players around.

                        and Goddess, uh huh..the eye-candy observation is RIGHT ON BABY...but not limited to Bruno. I am still grinning at those PSO hunks and how cute they are !!


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                          What a class act you are. I had been hearing your and Freddyboys browdcast and thought you guys where ok. But now, your unreal. Had one of the greatest times in my life there and still hurt from the loughter.

                          That was the bomb when the JJJ floped out there I was 4 feet from ya so I felt it to. Sorry had to lmao thou it was unreal.

                          Cant wait to play agenst you now that I know ya and really can't wait to meet again for some more A kicking time.

                          Your friend,
                          Dave (Cardster)


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                            What a atmosphere to play my 1st live game(got 3rd in $65 sat.when my KK against KQ was beat when a Q came on flop and 3rd Q was flipped up on river

                            Ricky Hard said:
                            Must have been playing against Cockroach, LOL
                            My Table image is DEAD!

                            Ricky I'm not going to live that one or a couple of other hands against PSO'ers down for a long long time. I think rather than trying to make excuses and long drawn out technical discussions on my play I'll rely on the overused catch all phrase...

                            I WAS PLAYING MY STACK!!


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                              I would like to say to you and everyone else that stood behind
                              me that night...Thank You. From the bottom of my heart thank
                              you for all of the support. As tired as I was it really helped
                              knowing I had supporters standing behind. I would be willing
                              to bet (no pun intended) that the other players didnt have that support. I am glad to have met you and everyone else. I have
                              been to the WPO three times. I have to say this time was by far
                              the best. Anyway good luck and I will see you at the tables.