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Day One Report

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  • Day One Report

    I know that I said I was not going to start writing until I got home, but hey, since when do I ever do what I say I am.

    The First Day.

    Ready to drive down to Tunica, I pick up the Muzzey's only 15 minutes late. MuzzeyJ needs to pick up a prescription and we are off to Wal-Mart. After dropping her at the door, Jay and I suffer the first ggod beat of the trip. I am sitting in the no-parking zone, security comes over and, instead of being a butthead, says something along the lines of "the place is pretty deserted, you can wait here. Of course if a real cop comes, he WILL write you a ticket." No real cops showed, Jen comes back with her drugs, and off we go.

    Did I mention that Jen was only wearing underwear? She was. Of course it was a long-john shirt of Jay's but I'll bet her heart stopped at the first sentence of this paragraph. :lol: I had warned them prior to the trip that if they wanted to listen to anything but hippie music, they needed to bring it, and since they forgot, were forced to listen to my choices for 8 hours. Heh. If we hadnt spent the whole trip talking excitedly, they might have really had to listen, but they knew to keep me chattering and the music turned down.

    Arrived. Check into hotel. I want to check out poker action ASAP and head for the cardroom, but, as I get off the elevator, I run full force into Zipman trying to get on. I had been in town 5 whole minutes, I guess it was time to run into a pokerschooler. (Although not a new face, it proved that some people were going to be here)

    I check the cardroom, run into a few new people, who seem to be busy playing cards, and suffer my forst brain cramp of the week. Why hang with pokerschoolers and have fun when I can go next door and play poker. So I jump into a ram-jam 10-20 game. After playing a very tight 5 hands in 2 hours, I am up not quite a rack of chips (I only won 2 of the hands. That was some game.) But I was pretty tired, and thought to head back and see if any pokerschoolers had shown up. They had, with a vengence.

    Lots of people laughing, drinking and hugging. I meet 20-30 (and I am not going to mention many names yet, because the ones you leave out will come back to haunt you) but hey, laughing drinking and hugging are right up at the top of my list of things that are fun, so I fit right in.

    The highlight of Day One was the 3-6 game for pokerschoolers only that Pokergoddess (there I go mentioning names. Can I go one minute without breaking a just stated rule?) talked the cardroom into organizing? 10 people each bought a rack of white, 20 or so railbirds gathered up and the hilarity level reached overload. There was a lot of beer flowing, trash talking was the order of the day and there were so many bad beats, I would have sworn we were on line. :lol: No one could sit at the table for more than a few minutes without either having to search for a refill, or vent the previous input, but no problem, there was always someone ready to play the stack of the absent player. I played 5 different stacks in the game, never really played a hand but tipped the dealers well The dealers loved it when I got called in because they always got a few chips from the top of the stack. Oooops maybe I should'nt have admitted that 8O

    The real poker players in the room finally got a little weary of the laughter, jokes, and just the idea that there were people having fun in the room and began to try to get the floorman to do the impossible job of quieting us down. After the third or fourth request, and after my 10th or 12th beer, I decided to call it a day, and went to bed.

    I promise to name names in future reports, but we all know how good my promises are :lol:

    Day two, the Pokerschool tourney, will be up in a day or two.


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    Hi Bill and All.

    On Friday the 10th, a lot of PSO'ers went to Sam's Town to play in a Limit HE tourny. Start with 2500 chips, One rebuy of 5000 chips, limits start at 25-25 blinds, and 20 minute rounds. Started with 77 people and about 20 or so PSO'ers. PSO had 8 in final two tables. and Sailor Moe got 4th, keycon 3rd, and WildBill made a deal for 1st-2nd. PSO did great.

    I started at a table with keycon, New Jane, and Res Ipsa. Res came late to the table and asked "What kind of structure?" Jane causally replies "No-limit". Later on, Res is in a pot and makes a river bet. "500" he says as he tosses in a chip. The dealer says "200" as he tosses the chip back to Res. "No, I really want to bet 500" and he tosses the chip in again. Jane is about ready to die at this point. Anyway we all convince Res that it is a LIMIT structure. It was great fun playing in that tourney. keycon got on a big rush with 3 tables left and knocked out 2 all-in players two different times. The dealer assigned him a new screen name "Serial Killer". One of the players he knocked had just moved to our table and was playing his first hand. He had AA, but was no match for keycon.

    Shane aka Jeff


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      I'm still trying to toss that 500 chip in.

      Shane, give me a blue popsickle and I'll feel better.


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        Thanks for that memory, Jeff. That was a TERRIFIC day!! I remember when Res kept trying to put that chip in...LOL. That poor dealer was pretty patient.