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O8 dry-pot, an "expert" view

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  • O8 dry-pot, an "expert" view

    From an exchange a while back on (my emphasis), with a reply from Badger, a one-time WSOP O8 bracelet winner, I believe:

    > Novice question :
    > On line limit O8 tournament, down to 7.
    > I have Ah3h5dQd on the button.
    > 2 limpers and an all-in tiny raise. I call, limpers call.
    > Flop is 48J rainbow . All check.
    > Turn is a 7, 4th suit. Checked to me.
    > Well, it appears only the all-in can have A2, so it seems to me I should get some return on my low and I bet.
    > Someone mutters "dry pot".
    > Does this have any meaning in O8?
    > In this hand only a river 6 gives me any chance to scoop and even then my
    > low might well be beaten by the all-in.
    > Why not bet out and try to earn something for my low?

    Dry pot has meaning in any game. Needlessly protecting an all-in player, especially at the late stages of a tournament, when you almost certainly can't win (this is far more common in Holdem than Omaha) is not a good thing to do. But...

    In your example you have AQ, which will certainly win high against the all-in player *sometimes*. He could have A239, A39Q. Beyond that, you are protecting your hand. It might come an ace to kill your low, allowing a 23 to win, but you lose to aces up by the all-in player.

    You definitely must bet here. Protect your hand, bet for value. (You also should have reraised before the flop if the tiny raise was a technical "raise" of half the bet or more.)
    Steve Badger

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    And basically, what he is saying is that it's all about tourney ev. Pure and simple. Act in your own self interest. Either maximise your chances of winning the pot/chips or of eliminating a player. Whatever is best for your tourney ev. The only no-no about dry pot betting is that you do not bluff with zero chance of beating the all-in, but that is also supported in terms of your own tourney ev. Besides, mistakes, or beats, aren't the end of the world. Why get worked up anyway.


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      AND THATS THAT :roll: