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My apologies to all

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  • My apologies to all

    I would like to apologize to the table and people in the tournament (Poker Dollars 7 Stud) I had to leave suddenly. I re-injured my foot and could not get the bleeding to stop. Had to go back to the hospital to get stitches. I apologize for bailing out but did not see any recourse. So please do not be angry at me and i hope my actions did not slow you down too much. Thank you


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    That is a real bad beat, sweetie. Hope things improve..let us know how you are.


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      You have got to get that temper of yours under control. Just because you lost to an inferior hand, is no reason to kick the shit out of your computer and cause your foot to bleed. MY God " A TEMPER IS A VALUABLE THING, BUT DON'T LOSE IT"
      Hope you got all fixed up as good as new.
      babe60 :wink:


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        I cannot believe you would put a bleeding foot that needs stiches over poker. Where are your priorities woman?


        muck it


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          I am very sorry to hear that Gem!

          Hope you get better quickly :!:

          I want to add one thing: There are not plenty of people who always say hi to everyone and is so polite as you are.
          But you doesn´t need to be worried (i guess) that you have or will slow down the table when leaving.

          If you just leave without post and fold buttin pressed down you would only time out once and then need to get back to the game to time out after that.
          That means you will automaticly fold all your hands till you get blinded out.

          Take care :h:



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            Best Part Missing

            We're missing the best part of the story.

            What in the world does one do while playing Stud on a computer to seriously injure one's foot?

            Smacking a forehead flat or till you get headaches I can understand. But unless you're a World Champion kick boxer as babe60 implied, I'm drawing a blank.

            How can you leave us hanging like that, Gem56?

            BTW, hope you're all right now.


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              never a need to apologize for leaving a game, just hit post and fold and noone will ever know.

              emergencies happen.

              the only thing u need to apologize for is playing stud