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  • Tunica

    First of all Berry, you are a fantastic speaker. The info you presented at Tunica was great along with your unique speaking style. I look forward to learning from you.


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    You are my new bestest favorite poker player!!!!! Still think we should take your show on the road! With your presentation and my expert "finger" skills....the sky's the limit.
    Have to just say to you, even tho I was aware of most of the information you presented, your style, delivery, and humor, makes an audience hang on your every word!
    Your were just great !! A real pleasure meeting you.



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      AWESOME. Thank You so much for making the trip to Tunica, for your wonderful presentation, and the extra time you spent with all us PSO folks. Looking forward to more lessons.

      Shane aka Jeff


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        Hi. I just returned from lovely Tunica. Thaks for the kind words. The PSO community is terrific and it was very nice meeting y'all.

        Goddess, I an kind of sorry I could not present anything you didn't already know, though I am glad you enjoyed the way I said it. If you will please make a list of the stuff you do not know, I will try to do a seminar on that. :-)

        Oh, I see, a very short seminar...

        I am glad you enjoyed my talk. I hope we do another next year.




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          PSO Seminar

          I too found your presentation and informal advice very helpful. I was able to average 4 big bets an hour (that's right, four) in a 10-20 holdem cash game Saturday evening by just correcting some of the errors you pointed out. A nice rush of cards helped also. I know I won't get that result all the time, but it did show me that as you said, it is necessary to "re-tool" and analyze my game from time to time. It was a privilege to meet you and I look forward to seeing you again. Maybe we'll meet at the airport again when I'm looking for Lou Krieger. Now THAT was luck.

          (Mark Vines)


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            Excellent Speaker

            What a pleasure to meet you. You could do stand up at the improv - great presentation. I'm even taking free cards now lol.

            Looking forward to learning from you.



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              You mean that wasnt Robin Williams? 8O

              Damn! Nolan promised Robin was up next and the guy was so funny, I thought it was him. :roll:

              How come I feel like I should be disappointed........... :?

              But Im not! :wink:

              Bob 8)


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                Thanks for your talk in Tunica, great job!

                Now, i've been reading some of doyle's super system, and find myself in a mental battle.

                Playing very aggressive style is something I hear alot about, however you also hear that basic solid poker wins the cash most of the time.

                When to be the guy on attack vs. the guy who can lay down a monster. I describe my game as one of few gambles, when i move i feel i have the best of it. But I find myself getting short stacked too often in this case, in tourneys. I know you play more ring games but was wondering if you could advise me on wheather my style is too tight for tourneys or not.

                Question for you #2.
                With the hands you play vs. the pros in your game how do you get action if you are playing the premium hands? I took that from you talk, if I'm wrong please explain.

                Thank you
                for your time

                Don Turley


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                  Reply to Astro

                  Hi, Astro: I tried to answer your question in the next thread: tight, aggressive thoughts.

                  Thaks for asking.